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Free Fire Clash Squad guide: 5 Tips to dominate this ranked mode

The ranked format of the highly popular Clash Squad mode in Garena Free Fire has gone live! This came along with other updates in the Kapella Patch. This new and improved clash squad will offer players the kind of stiff competition and challenge there were looking for. So, without any further ado, let’s head to this Free Fire guide to find out how to win in Clash Squad: Ranked.

Winning Tips and Tricks for Free Fire Clash Squad: Ranked

1. Realize what’s your role

First and foremost, realize what kind of a player are you. The strategist? A rusher? Sniper? Back Up man etc. There are plenty of roles to choose from. While, this step isn’t that crucial for the first round, it gets really important to decide on this in the subsequent rounds. Otherwise, you’ll feel lost and left out and won’t be able to show your best performance. So, plan your strategies based on the roles you get.

2. Taking the designated positions

Once you’re role is set, figure out as to which position around the map, initially, would serve the best for this particular role you’ve been assigned. For an instance, suppose you’re the cover fire/support man in the first round. Best thing would be to pick up an M500 and a mushroom. The ideal positions to set yourself into as the match begins would probably be around those areas that are based at a safe distance from the enemies.

Why so? As the M500 offers decent range and enough fire power, it’s best to take out enemies from long range, while your teammates are already engaged with them. The enemies, in the heat of the battle, won’t be able to notice you inflict some solid damage upon them from far out. Though, this strategy, like almost every other strategy there is, has a flaw. If the enemy manages to close in on you, wielding a G18, you’re done! The M500’s rate of fire will let you down in close range against the G18’s rapid fire shots. So, it’s really important to familiarise yourselves with the positionings.

3. Learn how to use the Smoke Grenade

free fire smoke grenade
Master the art of using Smoke Grenade

The smoke grenades have become a very important feature of this mode within a very short period of time. The speciality of the grenade is “Auto Aim Lock won’t work inside the mist while it lasts”. Now, inexperienced players would buy this grenade and hope to bewilder the enemies for a good portion of the round. This is where the experience pays off! Pro players, knowing, that the fog created by this grenade lasts for 25s, would use it for rather other crucial purposes. The following mentions What to use the Smoke Bombs for:

a) To revive your teammates

The smoke grenade can really help you revive your multiple knocked down teammates. Just throw a smoke grenade where they are at. Wait for the fog to set in, and without any further ado, revive your teammates while the enemies figure out where you are. When multiple squad members are down nearby, it’s better to ask them to come closer to each other and form a cluster so that your task with the smoke grenade gets easier.

If the enemy team is using this trick to revive their teammates, you can throw a barrage of the usual hand grenades to make it somewhat difficult for them to do so.

b) To rush into enemy territory

More often than not, camping is what either team does when the zone hasn’t begun to shrink. So, if you plan onto employing a rush gameplay, throw a smoke grenade in front of the enemy to evade incoming damage.

In Pochinok, these grenades can help you rush upstairs of the double door houses.

c) To get back into the zone shrinking

Once the zone starts to shrink, it becomes eminent for players to abandon cover and head towards a safer spot at the cost of exposing themselves to enemy sprays. So, throw a smoke grenade before heading to the center or a relatively safer spot. This way, you’ll evade major damage and still stand a chance to win the round.

But then again, if the enemy is using this trick as the zone shrinks, the usual hand grenades and random sprays into the mist might just kill him for sure. Afterall, the smoke grenade can only do so much; disables auto aim lock and not make the enemy hiding in the mist immune to random sprays.

4. Kar98k Biometric Scope: A total game-changer

kar98k biometric scope free fire
Kar98k Biometric Scope

It might interest the snipers among others to note the following statement. Kar98k, now, comes pre-equipped with the Biometric Scope in clash squad modes. We already mentioned this above but just can’t give enough emphasis to it. It’s so as the Kar98k becomes a total beast with this attachment. Usually, deals a damage between 60 to around 180. Enough to knock down multiple enemies real quick from far off. You can even bag quadra kills with this sniper gun, accompanied by a short range gun.

Contrary to the above scenario, if your teammates have been knocked down by a sniper, best thing to do would be to use a smoke bomb and gloo walls to secure your grip back into the match.

5. Team Communication and Understanding is important

Clash Squad: Ranked tests the strength of your teamwork to the extreme. While against inexperienced players your might bag plenty of double, triple and even quadra kills. But, when it comes to the best balanced teams playing against each other, teamwork certainly counts. Communication, among others, matters when it comes to the efficacy of putting up teamwork gameplay. As long as the teammates act as a part of the team, the tempo of the communication can help you stay alert and hold your grip over the match.

What you can do as your part for the team

Don’t act recklessly. Respect your teammates’ determination and eagerness to win. Don’t rush too much, especially if the rest of the squad isn’t their to beck you up. Don’t depend entirely on your teammates. Prioritize reviving your teammates over looting and spraying when the odds are already against your team winning. Don’t lose sanity or get carried away too much in the heat of the moment. Follow the strategies your team comes up with. Though, there are substantial precedents for players not to follow the team plan sometimes and edge your way towards the glory of being a true Hero!

Bonus Information – The Updated Store

While, this one isn’t really a point of the guide, it’s still something you should be very well aware of to do well in Free Fire Clash Squad mode. Afterall, money gets you the good stuff and can, possibly, get you the irrelevant stuff as well. Read further to know what’s going on with the store!

free fire weapon store

In the Kapella Patch, the Clash Squad Store has been updated, yet again. This time, the pricings have been worked out in a manner which makes it difficult for players to carry both a short-range and a long-range gun, simultaneously, right off the start. The XM8 and M1014 are now costlier than what they were previously. The Kar98k now comes pre attached with the Biometric Scope. There’s a new throwable available; Smoke Grenades! Priced at $300. Each player can only carry one of these grenades every round. We’ll take more about its use in the next topic. Considering, the tight pricings, it’s really important to have a clear mind on what to buy and whether to save some money for the next rounds or not.

Here’s a short table on the weapon replacements:

Previously Available:Now Replaced With:
Flash GrenadeSmoke Grenade
The weapons on the left column are no longer available in Clash Squad modes

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