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Garena Free Fire: 5 Best Loot Locations in Kalahari map

Free Fire introduced the Kalahari map permanently with the February Update. Although, for the time being, it’s available in classic mode only. Today, we’ll be looking into the best loot locations or the best places to loot in this Kalahari map of Garena Free Fire.

But before that let’s get to know what sets this map apart from the other maps:

  • Smaller playable area. This will make sure the matches don’t stretch out for too long.
  • More terrains as compared to ‘Bermuda’ and ‘Purgatory’. Having a lot of terrains ensures higher drops and consequently, far greater fall damage.
  • More covers and shelters. Less open areas to spray. Implying, players will have to scatter out to kill or move enemies out of cover. More locations for campers to strategize upon.

Best places to loot in Kalahari map

1. Refinery

kalahari map refinery
Kalahari map refinery

The refinery is one of the most popular places to land into and it can be considered as the best place to loot. It is preferred by rushers and campers alike. Plenty of ammo and weaponry scattered, usually, all over the place. There’s a ZipLine close by the place and an armor upgrade kit as well. Hiding spots and covers are there as well.

2. Command Post

command post in kalahari
command post in kalahari

In this place, you’re bound to engage in battle real soon. But that doesn’t stop players from landing down here. It’s so because of the heavy loot scattered around in the houses and tents. An armor upgrade kit is available in this location, as well.

3. The Sub

The Sub in Kalahari
The Sub in Kalahari

It’s a unique location in this map. Has got plenty of resources beside an armor upgrade kit near the tents below the wrecked Submarine. The only drawback for rushers in this place is that of the elevation. The entire place or rather the submarine rests upon a plateau. Many players fall off this submarine to their untimely death.

4. Santa Catarina

Best loot locations in free Fire kalahari
Santa Catarina in Kalahari

Another unique place in this map. It’s a wrecked vessel here. There’s a good hiding spot below the vessel’s floor, in the captain’s cabin. Enough resources are available for the initial stages of the game. There’s more to loot in the structures nearby if enemies haven’t already been there. The aesthetic of this location is quite visually appealing to the eyes. An armor upgrade kit is usually available in this place.

5. Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge in Kalahari, Kalahari Loot locations
Stone Ridge in Kalahari

Usually, a quiet place with good basic loot to set players up for face-offs. Climb up the stairs and you can get yourself a few kills by intervening in battles going on elsewhere. There’s an armor upgrade kit not that far out from the ridge down the left, sometimes.

Hope you find this article useful to recognize the top loot locations in Kalahari map.

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