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Free Fire Kapella Patch: Complete Patch Notes

Speculations have it that yet another massive update is incoming down the coming months. Innovation is at its pinnacle with the Devs since around the end of last year. Free Fire has been regularly releasing patch updates. The upcoming Free Fire Kapella Patch is currently pending user feedback and bug removals before coming out globally. So, without any further ado let’s get to the exciting part:

What’s coming in the Kapella Patch

1. New Characters: Kapella and Lucas

Free Fire is all set to introduce two new characters in the game in the new Free Fire Kapella Patch. Kapella, an artist and Lucas, a soccer player. Kapella’s skill is all about HP and a little more effective in squad matches. The name of her skill is ‘Healing Song‘. The skill increases the effects of healing items and reduces ally HP loss when knocked down. She isn’t a legendary character, implying, her skill is not going to be character exclusive. Lucas, on the other hand, is going to be a legendary character. He won’t come along with the update patch, though. A little later on, probably. Consequently, much information isn’t available about his skill but it’s likely to be a boost to the physical attributes. Though, for the time being, it’s, apparently, a sprint speed increasing skill different from that of Kelly’s old self.

Free Fire Kapella Patch
Kapella in the all new patch

2. New Weapons, Throwables and Skins

Several new armory weapons are coming along with this patch. Let’s take a quick look at them:

a) Thompson Gun

It’s an SMG. The thing is that this gun can be considered to be an alternative for the infamous m1887. That shotgun is known for its insane range and firepower. The Thompson Gun matches the expectations of those wanting an SMG that can endure the fight against an m1887. Special emphasis should be put on the fact that this gun has got an insane range, just like that of m1887. Plus, it’s safe to assume, that this gun won’t get any ‘special skins’ so as to put the ‘P2W’ players on top of the pile. But, it’s different from the m1887 in the sense that it supports attachments excluding an extended magazine. The gun comes with 42 bullets per magazine that can’t be extended further. Although, you are free to attach the Thompson with a muzzle, silencer, foregrip, bipod or stock.

Thomson Gun in Free Fire Kapella Patch
Thomson gun

b) Shield Gun

Garena is showcasing its creativity to an applaudable extent with the introduction of this gun, in classic, of course, as of now. So, this gun, as the name suggests, basically comes with a pre attached shield. This shield, although, is not very durable but strong enough to block initial enemy shots COMPLETELY. That’s right! You can’t inflict damage to an enemy before taking out the shield first. As one would expect, the gun deals low damage to opponents. But, of course, no other gun can protect you from an headshot, even for once.

c) Sniper Gun

A new sniper gun is also coming with this patch. As of now, no solid evidence is available about its attributes.

d) Smoke Bombs and Grenade Skins

Many players awaited this release since the last year. The smoke coming out of this bomb will mess with your visibility, to a considerable extent. Throwing this grenade will be totally similar to bursting those smoke containers but at your desired location. Although, this bomb will be available in clash squads matches only, for the time being. Quite understandable, the Devs want to further test it out and improve on it before rolling this out in classic and ranked matches

Apart from this, gloo wall skins and grenade skins will be made available in the store. These skins are, purely, for the aesthetic appeal only. No skin provides any sort of damage boost or such.

3. New Pet: Ottero

A new pet that is immensely cute and adorable is going to drop along with the Free Fire Kapella patch. The pet is primarily, focused on HP, as almost everything else has been in the recent updates. Its skill DOUBLE BLUBBER recovers some EP along with HP when you use treatment gun or med-kits. Quite a handy skill!

Ottero the new pet

4. New Game Modes

Two, or rather three, new game modes are awaiting the players to try them out. One is ‘Squad Rank’ and other is ‘Kill Secured’. One more mode called the ‘Gun King’ mode is likely to be introduced later on, once the update patch comes out. Let’s find out a little more about these modes:

a) Squad Rank

So, this is just your clash squad with its own separate ranking system. If you win, your rank increases else decreases. You can only buy two gloo walls and one smoke grenade per round.

b) Kill Secured

Based on the TDM format, in this one you have to kill and make sure to collect some token that spawns on loot boxes post killing someone. All of this, just to secure your ‘kill’. If the enemy collects their token after respawn the ‘kill’ goes to their team. So, it’s like you have to kill enemies and make sure you or your teammates collect those tokens to secure the ‘kills’. Else, the enemy might just steal your ‘kills’.

c) Gun King

As the name suggests, in this mode you’ll have to prove your overall expertise over all sorts of weapons. So, basically, in this mode after a certain number of kills with a specific weapon, the weapon will be switched with another one. It’s like a cycle of weapons, you to kill a certain number of enemies with each weapon to stand a chance to achieve ‘Booyah’.

5) Other Gameplay Changes

  • Clash Squads can now be played in Kalahari Map.
  • Minor graphics changes to DJ Alok’s skill.
  • Addition of ‘free third eye’ feature. This will help the players a lot. As now you wouldn’t have to restrict your movements to check out on your surroundings.
  • New blimp and in-game events. This blimp will airdrop battle essentials such as gloo walls, med-kits and common weapons with ammo.
  • Now you can ride pillion on bikes. If you’re fond of bikes, this feature will likely make you happy. As now two people can travel in a single bike.
  • Introduction of the unique 3D home-lobby. Now, your character won’t just stand still but also move around when you are at your home lobby.
  • New match lobby. Yes, the match lobby will change as well. The new lobby is set on the backdrop of a sporting beach.
  • New emotes, backpacks and gun skins to come as well. Might interest to note here, new XM8 skin will also feature in this update. Speculation has it that it might be a ‘legendary’ skin.

Well, that’s almost everything covered with the upcoming ‘Kapella Patch‘ in Free Fire. Now let’s move on to the advanced server section.

Free Fire Brasil has invited players all over the world to try out the upcoming update for bug hunting and feedback. So today, we’ll look into how to download and install Free Fire OB21 Advanced Server.

What is the Free Fire Advanced Server?

Free Fire Advanced Server is the place where you can test the news that has not even been released in Free Fire yet! You will be able to help find and report bugs on the Free Fire Advanced Server and give suggestions on game news

Free Fire Brasil

So, this is basically the players exploring what’s coming globally before everyone else. You’ll be testing new features and game improvements.

How to download Free Fire OB21 Advanced Server?

First things first; Facebook login is imperative for interested people to play in this server. Second off, the advanced server is available for Android only.

  1. If you fit the prerequisites, you can click here to get started on with the registration process.
  2. Once the website opens, click on the FB login window. Translate the page into English through your browser plugins, if failing to comprehend the text.
  3. Post completion of the FB login procedure, a page will open asking for information
  4. Fill in your name in the First Box. Take note, it isn’t asking for your in-game username but your real name. Fill in your email in the second box and your contact number in the last box. Don’t forget to put the international code of your country before entering your phone number.
  5. More often than not, an error message like this might get displayed. So, press the back button for two-three times until you get the option to “Download” the apk.
  6. Chances are there that this page might not open and the error message keeps getting displayed every time. In that case, repeat from step 2. Once the download link shows up, download it. There! You’ve downloaded the Free Fire OB21 Advanced Server.

Other useful information to go through before installation

Installing Free Fire Advanced Server won’t affect your main game or the account linked with it, at all. It’s like installing a separate game with the same name. Here’s how it’ll look in your screen:

download free fire ob21 advanced server

It’s interesting to note here that the claim “Free Fire giving free diamonds” is actually genuine and credible. All you have to do is report bugs in the advanced server to get free diamonds.

Get yourself some diamonds!

Schedule for Free Fire OB21 Advanced Server

Registrations have commenced in the following format:

Open Registration

First Round20 March – 24 March
Second Round25 March – 2 April

Open Advanced Server—Not working?

The advanced server will activate within 25th March to 2nd April. The exact date of activation depends upon the player’s region. Before the server activates for your region the following message will get displayed if you try to play Free Fire Advance:

So, don’t sulk in the corner thinking the game isn’t working for you. Anyway, we hope you’re as excited as us for the upcoming Kapella patch update in Free Fire!

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