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Free Fire: How to join Bot lobby and how to identify bots

Land in the world of Bots!

Free Fire is a top-grossing mobile game in the battle royale section. It offers any new player with a full bot match like any other warfare games such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, etc. This gives them a brief understanding of what they are getting into. After completion, they will be transferred to the lobby, where they’ll see a huge variety of options available. Selecting the second match, they will officially embark on the journey that is Free Fire. However, it seems that even the second match can contain bots. We have discovered a trick to join these matches every time and will be letting you know how to join Bot lobby in Free Fire. There are actually a few which we shall sum up first. Then we will explain the bot functioning which will help you know whether you are in a bot lobby or not.

Ways to join Bot lobby in Free Fire

First up are 3 such ways you can follow to join a bot match or a bot lobby.

1. Dress up as a new player

how to join bot matches in Free Fire

The first way is to dress up as a new player, as you will notice you sometimes get players selected that have similar clothing. This can put you in a bot match. Also, you can be matched with a low experienced player as some can contain camouflaged experienced players dressing as newbies.

2. Team up with a player having a brand new account

This gives a higher guarantee than others as it requires at least 1 brand new account to be teamed up with. This account could be a guest account as well. Playing in this duo gives you an almost 100% guarantee you will find mostly bots in your game.

How to identify a Bot in Free Fire

Now that you know how to join a bot lobby in Free Fire, up next are the characteristics or bot functioning that would help you identify bots in your lobby.

  • Bots could have bot names or actual player names.
  • The Bots can fire all weapons and run up to the nearest player before firing.
  • Bots don’t use grenades or other.
  • They run away after their HP has decreased. They run in a straight line but can turn around.
  • The bots scope to shoot and will always shoot right, even if turned in the opposite direction.
  • Bots can not do emotes.
  • Bots can and will attack each other if one is nearby.
  • The bots walk silently and seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes
  • Bots will always stand still when shooting.
how to join bot matches in Free Fire
  • The bots don’t use active character skills.
  • All bots run away from the closing-in safe zone.
  • Bots don’t ride vehicles.
  • All the bots can mostly be spotted in the open.
  • Bots do not carry pets.
  • Some bots can display a mediocre level of skill while others act as a new player.
  • Bots take over In Clash Squad and Clash Squad Ranked if the player disconnects.
  • All bots can move around freely in any mode.
  • Bots display behaviors such as jumping and turning slowly, whilst walking at a slow pace even if the impersonated player has a sprint boost skill equipped.

That’s all about how to join bot matches in Free Fire and every characteristic you need to know about the bots in Free Fire.

Have you got any other ways of getting into a bot lobby in Free Fire? Let us know in the comment section below!

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