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Free Fire KLA guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise KLA to her full potential!

Free Fire has a unique character ability feature that plays a significant role in gameplay. Characters become one of the important aspects of the game and players desire to unlock them for a better gameplay experience. Also, Free Fire keeps on introducing new characters in the game frequently. One of such characters in Free Fire is named KLA. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through his complete analysis and provide tips on using KLA effectively.

KLA abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire KLA guide
Free Fire KLA character

KLA is a martial artist, specializing in Muay Thai. As the story goes, one day, KLA mysteriously disappeared and was never found for years. But when he reappeared, he wasn’t the same mighty KLA. He was full of avenge and left no mercy on his enemies.

Free Fire KLA guide
KLA’s special ability: Muay Thai

KLA is very useful in a full rush/offensive team, where players rush straight on the enemy, not giving them time to think. KLA increases fist damage by 400%.

Best character skill combination with KLA you should try in Free Fire

When using KLA, there will be 2 major character combinations that you can use according to the general gameplay. These are Rush and Scout. Starting with the Rush gameplay first.

Rush Gameplay

 Kelly/Awakened KellyWhen rushing on the enemy, the player should have a speed advantage, Kelly has the ability to increase player speed by 6-8℅ whereas Kelly awakened, also not only increases speed by 6-8℅ but also increases max damage by 120℅.
Hayato/awakened HayatoWhen rushing to an enemy, the player also wants to destroy the enemy vest as fast as they can, which will lead to increased damage. Hayato has the ability to increase armor penetration by 18-20℅ whenever 10℅ of HP is reduced whereas awakened Hayato has not only 18-20% of armor penetration but also reduced frontal damage by 20℅ which will reduce the enemy’s damages significantly.
AlokWhen rushing, players will need an extra speed bonus and maybe a little bit of healing too. Alok will create an aura/ring around the player which will increase movement speed by 15% and heal the player with 5HP/sec. with a balanced cooldown of 45sec.

Scouting Gameplay

Laura  When scouting, players always want high accuracy when shooting/sniping. Also, increased accuracy helps in dealing with more damage on vests and helmets. Laura’s ability is to increase accuracy by 35℅
Hayato/awakened HayatoWhen scouting, the player also wants to destroy enemy vests as fast as they can, which will lead to increased damage. Hayato has the ability to increase armor penetration by 18-20℅ whenever 10℅ of HP is reduced; whereas awakened Hayato not only has 18-20% of armor penetration but also has reduced frontal damage by 20℅ which will reduce the enemy’s damages significantly.
ChronoWhen scouting/sniping, there could be a scenario where there will be no cover and the player will need to heal too. For the cover, Chrono will create an impenetrable field with 800HP. Enemies from outside cannot shoot inside and the same goes for the player who is inside the field. Chrono doesn’t look that much useful but for sniping, he is still the best active character out there.

Players can purchase KLA for free in the store with the help of in-game currency, gold which can be obtained after winning/completing a match successfully.

Tips and Tricks for using KLA in Free Fire

  • KLA is an offensive type of character so the best way to play KLA is to Rush on enemies and try aiming to head to one-hit enemy. But if the player hits the body, he can still 2 hit enemies easily.
  • He can also be very useful when player is rushing in enemy squad without any weapons in early zone/phase of the match.
  • KLA has ability to even it out with a one-shot kill at the enemy with level 5 helmet which is the top tier helmet in the game as of now.

Players when using KLA are preferred to go to the factory rooftop for hot drop as well as get easy 3-4 kills because of the melee damage bonus. KLA was earlier one of the best passive characters with a good background story and still is persistent with his fanbase on many servers.

Did you find our Free Fire KLA guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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