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Free Fire: List of all available weapon attachments

Load your guns with these attachments and start firing!

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game with a diverse choice of weapon attachments to put on a variety of weapons. Each weapon will have increased efficiency and accuracy thanks to the attachments that are available in the game. Due to the number of available attachments, this guide will not only list their names but also their functions while also describing their usefulness during a battle in Free Fire.

What exactly are weapon attachments in Free Fire?

Weapon attachments are removable parts for certain types of weaponry to strengthen their capabilities to their finest. They come in different levels with different boosts per level and need to be picked up from the ground if not already applied to by the game mode the player chooses. 

Important! There is an auto pickup option available in the game!

*Navigate to [Settings] > [Auto Pickup] and turn on or off what to automatically pick up at a normal of fast rate.

How do weapon attachments function in Free Fire?

In Free Fire weapon attachments increase a bunch of weapon abilities ranging from silent bullets to better recoil and damage control. For most weapons, attachments are a crucial factor for smooth gameplay as their standalone versions are inferior compared to their boost version. Underneath we shall list all currently available attachments with a brief description of how they function and boost weapons.

List of available weapon attachments in Free Fire


Muzzle attachment

Once the muzzle attachment is equipped, it increases your weapon’s range to a small, medium, or large amount. The muzzle can be upgraded up to maximum level 3 with:

  • Level 1: A small increase in your weapon range
  • Level 2: A medium increase in your weapon range
  • Level 3: A large increase in your weapon range


Silencer attachment

Once equipped, the player’s weapon will not longer alert enemies on the minimap, nor make much sound when shooting. The silencer is a standalone version of itself and can therefore not be upgraded.


Magazine in Free Fire

The magazine increases the ammo capacity for the attached weapon and increases its reload speed from mediocre to razor fast. There are 3 levels which the magazine can be upgraded to:

  • Level 1: A small increase in weapon ammo capacity and x0.5 faster reload speed
  • Level 2: A medium increase in weapon ammo capacity and x1 faster reload speed
  • Level 3: A medium Increase in weapon ammo capacity and x1.5 faster reload speed

Double magazine

Double Magazine in Free Fire

Just like the normal magazine it increases the ammo capacity and increases any attached to a weapon’s reload speed. However, while it has the properties of a level 3 magazine when it comes to capacity, it holds its own with an x2 reload speed on all attached weapons.


The foregrip is a recoil reducer for all suitable weaponry. A very crucial attachment for weapons with high recoil as low recoil results in more accurate shooting. It can be upgraded up to level 3 with:

  • Level 1: A low recoil reduction for weapons 
  • Level 2: A medium recoil reduction for weapons
  • Level 3: A high recoil reduction for weapons


Bipod freefire weapon attachment

The bipod is an aid for balancing your weapon with the same properties of the foregrip of recoil reduction. While not always visible, it is supposed to appear when crouching or pruning. It is a standalone attachment and can therefore not be upgraded.


There are 2 variants of scopes currently available, one being zoom-in scopes and the other detecting enemy body heat (night vision).

 x2 scope and  x4 scope

x2 and x4 scope

These scopes act like a magnifier when scoped in, therefore depending on which of these scopes is picked up zooms in x2 to x4 the normal.

Thermal scope 

Thermal Scope in Free Fire

This scope has a body heat detector-type lens that, when scoped in, displays enemies as thermal images. 


Stock weapon attachment in Free Fire

The stock attachment acts as a stabilizer and movement speed improver when firing a weapon. It reduces recoil.  It has 3 levels of which:

  • Level 1: A slightly stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon
  • Level 2: A considerate stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon
  • Level 3: A highly stable weapon aim and movement speed increase when firing a weapon.

Advance weapon attachments in Free Fire

While the above-mentioned attachments are important, Free Fire has also introduced special attachments to the game for a few weapons. They are not required but extremely useful in combat and are a must-have if you wish to have an advantage over your enemy.

MP5 Electrical Booster

Advantage: “Boosts the rate of fire for the MP5”

MP5 Electrical Booster

An extremely powerful attachment for the MP5 that lives up to its name. It increases the already fast rate of fire of the MP5 even further.

M60 Spiral Charger

Advantage: “Improves damage and accuracy for the M60”

M60 Spiral Charger

This attachment is vital to the M60 as this LMG is strong but lacks accuracy. With this attachment implemented,it will deal more damage every 2 shots and less shots get missed.

VSS Ripper Bullet

Advantage: “Inflicted enemies will gradually lose HP”

VSS Ripper Bullets

A magnificent attachment to the VSS which inflicts bleeding on enemies shot with the now boosted VSS bullets causing them to lose few HP slowly.

M14 rage core

Advantage: “Turns the M14 into a fully automatic rifle”

M14 rage core

This attachment is a must-have for the M14 as its standalone needs to be fired manually and is inferior without it. Needless to say it increases the fire rate of the m14 turning it into a fully automatic rifle.

Kar98k Biometric Scope

Advantage: “Improves aim on the Kar98k”

KAR98K biometric scope

This is an important special attachment for the Kar98k providing a boost to the aim assist while scoping players. Aim precision is one of those special features that is useful for any weapon in the game.

Plasma Thermal Boost

Advantage: “Before overheating, the weapon rate of fire increases”

Plasma Thermal Boost

Quite the attachment for the only space gun in the game that uses energy as its source. This attachment increases the Plasma’s rate of fire when overheating at the sacrifice of a longer cool downtime.

AWM Armor Piercer

Advantage: “Higher shot damage to enemy armor”

AWM Armor piercer

An attachment fit for the highest damaging sniper to date in the game that does more damage to enemy armor and vests when equipped onto the AWM.

That’s all for Free Fire weapon attachments for now! Hope to have informed you enough to know which attachment to pick up next time. Don’t forget to drop your opinions on the guide in the comments!

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