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Free Fire: The complete list of Fist Skins available in the game

Beauty and the Fist!

Free Fire is a mobile-based survival Battle Royale game that came out late in the year 2017. The game has a lot of beautiful skins available for almost anything. Be it the weapons, the backpack, the vehicles, the surfboard, etc. In a nutshell, most of the available objects that matter to the gameplay have got a huge variety of skins that are visually very pleasing to the eyes. The game recently came up with the concept of introducing skins for the fists available in the game. Though, unlike most of the other object skins, these fist skins don’t offer any perks or boosts and are solely to add materialistic value to the character’s appearance. Here we shall look into all the first skins that are available in Free Fire for players across the globe.

Best Fist Skins in Free Fire

1. Flaming Fist

Free Fire Fist Skins
Flaming Fist in Free Fire

This was the first fist skin introduced in Free Fire. It came in the Plinko event around October last year. The skin looks visually quite fierce and flaming. It’s a legendary tier skin with special animations.

2. Mighty Fist

Free Fire Fist Skins
Mighty Fist in Free Fire

This is the second fist skin that came out in Free Fire. This is quite a special skin in the sense that it’s part of the Free Fire and One Punch Man collaboration. The game comes up with brand new exciting events every month. The skin resembles the glove Saitama wears, the protagonist of the anime. The skin came in the Faded Wheel event this January.

3. Cobra Fist

Free Fire Fist Skins
Cobra Fist in Free Fire

The third to follow in line, the Cobra fist skin is, again, a part of a huge event in Free Fire that took place in February this year. The Cobra event offered a lot of goodies such as the Cobra Rage bundle, new themed emotes, etc. Talking about the skin, the fist depicts the fangs of a lethal cobra. Blood red-painted all over the fist, which renders it quite attractive. This skin was also released in the Faded Wheel event around the ending of February.

4. K.O. Fist

Free Fire Fist Skins
K.O. Fist in Free Fire

A part of the K.O. event held in April. This skin is quite different from the earlier ones in terms of possessing a totally different appearance and animations. The purple color shade coupled with the lightening effects gives it a very cool look. The skin was made available in the Faded Wheel shop, and surprisingly, didn’t cost much when most of the player base tried out its luck.

5. Mythos Fist

Another fist skin to unveil itself in the ever so expanding world of Free Fire is none other than the Mythos Skin. This skin is a part of the Redemption: New Dawn, one of the most highly anticipated events in Free Fire that gives out a lot of free in-game legendary tier items.

Free Fire Fist Skins
Mythos Fist in Free Fire

The skin is again, very contrasting aesthetically in comparison to the fist skins that came out earlier. It’s a blend of white and vibrant blue wrapped with the sparkling graphics of the Azure Dragon. It’s available for purchase in-game right now in the Token Tower event that also offers the Azure Dragon bundle as the ultimate reward.

6. Hailstone Fist

Free Fire Fist Skins
Hailstone Fist in Free Fire

This is rather one of the most awaited skins yet to come in the Indian server. Though, it’s available on a few other servers including the North America server. This skin is the polar negative of the OG Flaming Fist in terms of appearance. Chill light blue-colored skin with icy cool looks and a sound effect that differs from the other ones. The player base hopes the skin gets available across all the servers soon!

We hope you find this article on the Fist Skins available in Free Fire helpful. Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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