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Free Fire × One Punch Man Collaboration is all set to launch soon

Saitama bundles will be up for grabs!

Free Fire, in its pursuit to increase its standards and outreach, has been consistently pumping in exciting events one after another in the form of collaborations. After an excellent performance in the third quarter of 2020 by the parent company Garena, players have seen a lot of collaborations taking over the world of Free Fire. The ongoing collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo has also helped the Battle Royale game to raise the bar. He’s also been roped in as being the global ambassador of Free Fire. The earlier collaborations with Dj Alok, KSHMR, Ragnarok, and Money Heist all proved to be very successful. Today, in this article, we will look into what’s the next collaboration with One Punch Man has in store for the players of Free Fire according to leaks.

About One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a very popular manga franchise that has also got an anime adaption to it. It’s created by the artist ONE and published by Viz Media. The protagonist of the anime and manga, Saitama, is a very blunt, humble yet insanely powerful individual in terms of physical strength. Owing to this overwhelming strength, he’s now grown bored of obliterating the average evil threats, that too, with a single punch. As such, he, now, yearns to confront an enemy worthy of a full-fledged battle.

Free Fire × One Punch Man Collaboration

This upcoming collaboration is all set to arrive officially in-game by the end of this month. While looking at the leaks of this Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration, we can see it will offer a lot of exciting events with rewards based on the ‘One Punch Man’ theme. This collaboration will really appeal to the anime fans who also play Free Fire. Players have always been vocal about how much they would want to see their favorite brands and franchises collaborating with their favorite mobile game Free Fire. For the ones who aren’t into Anime or One Punch Man, in particular, this event will serve to be a great opportunity to get into the anime fandom.

Rewards expected from this Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration

A lot of signature premium bundles, emotes, and references to the anime will be offered in this upcoming Free Fire One Punch Man Collaboration for the players to grab. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the list of exciting rewards that await our hype:

1) Saitama Hero Bundle

Free Fire One Punch Man Collaboration

This is the signature yellow and white cape costume, Saitama, the hero, wears throughout the Anime. Though, to the non-anime fans or people who didn’t like One Punch Man, this bundle might not seem that attractive. But, to the fans of this Anime, this is literally treasure stuff of the highest order. A very premium bundle that the fans would love wearing in-game!

2) Saitama Pyjamas Bundle

Another familiar outfit for the fans to watch out for! It’s the pyjamas our hero Saitama wears when he’s at home, chilling and killing time doing absolutely nothing productive. This bundle is a very iconic bundle, anime fans would know. Well, again, to the ones who don’t like this anime, this might just seem another over-hyped, Gold Royale worthy sort of bundle.

3) Genos Bundle

Genos, the very devoted only disciple of Saitama, is a young and powerful hero who seeks immense power to be capable of fighting the much stronger monsters and other evil threats. He’s a cyborg and visually very sleek and appealing to look at! Even non-anime fans might want to try their luck to the best to grab this stylish Saitama bundle which definitely does justice with the appearance and subtle visual details of the character Genos.

4) New Weapons

So far, according to the leaks, an M4A1 skin and M1887 skin have been confirmed. Both the guns will be legendary and visually very cool to look at.

They are likely to arrive in the month of January. The M4A1 will be themed on Genos. Other items will be based on Saitama. Here are the attributes of the above-mentioned weapons:

a) Genos M4A1

Rate of Fire++

b) One Punch Man M1887

Reload Speed++

As you can see, both the weapons will prove to be really overpowered. The double-barrel shotgun, especially. The faster reload will successfully make up for one of the only vulnerabilities of using this aggressive weapon. In terms of appearance, as mentioned before, both of them look very stylish and rich in animations.

5) New Emotes, Avatar icon, Fist, and Gloo Wall Skin

New emotes free fire one punch man
New emotes

Besides the weapons, players and enthusiastic fans will also get to see two new premium and exclusive emotes referencing the anime. One of the emotes depicts the super-strong ‘Serious Punch’ that Saitama rarely performs in the anime and manga. An avatar icon has also been confirmed to come; the avatar displays the iconic clenched fist in all its might!

Free Fire One Punch Man Collaboration
Left to Right: Gloo Wall and Fist skins

Wait, this isn’t all! A new Fist skin of course! OPM fans would know that the event can’t be a comprehensive one without launching the fiery fist skin relating to the character Saitama in-game. In addition to this, a new gloo wall skin displaying our Hero Saitama will also be available in this upcoming collab.

Let us know your thoughts about the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration in the comments below!

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