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Free Fire Max Craftland mode Guide and Tips

Tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay in the Craftland mode!

Free Fire never compromises the gaming experience when it comes to adding new elements to the game, such as more maps, modes, characters, and more. The game recently added Craftland mode in Free Fire Max, where players can design their map and invite others to visit and compete in it.

However, there are many additional aspects that players are unaware of, such as map code, Worktable, map subscription, etc. As a result, this article will assist you in learning everything there is to know about the Craftland feature in Free Fire Max.

Craftland mode in Free Fire Max

The Craftland mode allows players to be creative in building their map. Gamers will be given a small area with some default houses, boxes, trees, and other stuff like the clash squad locations. With a few simple clicks, payers can remove any item on the map, change its location or position, add new items available there, such as objects, buildings, interactives, triggers, and barriers.

Free Fire Max Craftland mode Guide and Tips
Image via Garena

Players can find this mode on the left side of the training mode in the mode selection menu. It features three different sections for Recommended maps, Worktable, and Room. The Recommended maps section shows the popular maps throughout the world. Players can also subscribe to the map or copy the code to paste it while creating the room and enjoying their favorite maps.

  • In Worktable, players can check their created maps and subscribed maps and customize them.
  • The Room section shows the Craftland rooms created by players. Players can join the rooms if the room creator hasn’t locked them with a passcode.
Free Fire Max Craftland mode Guide and Tips
Craftland Mode (Image via Garena)

However, players can only employ a limited number of objects, limited to 1000 units. In this style, everything has a set unit of measurement. Players can save and play on this map after completing the map by using the Craftland room card to create a room. On the other hand, Gamers are only allowed to develop and save one map for free. More maps can be added by paying 100 diamonds to unlock a new slot.

Additional settings for the Craftland mode

With the customized maps, players can also customize the game setting on their specific map. While configuring the map, players can access the mode editor by clicking on the preview modes option.

Free Fire Max Craftland mode Guide and Tips
Image via Garena

Map creators can set players’ range per team, number of rounds, and other such settings for different short map modes like Clash Squad and Team Deathmatch. Players can also alter general default settings for HP, EP, ammo limit, and so on.

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