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Free Fire Orion Guide: Abilities, Character combination, and more

Tips to utilise Prion effectively in the game!

Free Fire, the renowned battle royale sensation, continues to captivate players with its diverse roster of characters and their unique abilities. In this guide, we delve into the mechanics of Orion’s ability, the Crimson Crush, unpacking its nuances, advantages, and disadvantages. Whether you’re new to the character or seeking to optimize its potential, this article has you covered.

Free Fire Orion Guide: Abilities

Orion’s Crimson Crush ability adds a fresh dynamic to the game’s mechanics. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how it works:

  • Crimson Energy Conversion: Equipping the Orion character transforms your energy bar. The traditional 200 EP bar is swapped for a new resource called Crimson Energy, with a capacity of 300 EP.
  • Ability Activation: Activating Orion’s ability consumes 150 Crimson Energy (equivalent to EP), allowing you to initiate the Crimson Crush effect.
Orion's Crimson Energy Conversion in Free Fire
Image via Garena
  • Dual Phases: The Crimson Crush ability can be divided into two distinct phases:
    • Phase One – Damage Immunity: Upon activation, for 3 seconds, you’re immune to enemy damage. However, you can’t attack foes during this phase.
    • Phase Two – Life Absorption: If an enemy is within 5 meters, Orion’s Crimson Crush ability absorbs 45 HP from the adversary. This stolen HP is added to your health bar, providing a tactical advantage.
  • Cooldown and Cancellation: Orion’s ability doesn’t have a traditional cooldown but requires sufficient Crimson Energy to activate again. If needed, you can cancel the ability prematurely by using the designated cancel option.

Free Fire Orion Guide: Advantages and Disadvantages of Orion’s Crimson Crush

Understanding the pros and cons of Orion’s ability is essential for strategic decision-making:


  1. Damage Immunity: Orion’s Phase One shields you from enemy attacks for 3 seconds, allowing tactical repositioning or preparation.
  2. Utility Against Explosives: Orion’s ability safeguards against explosive damage, including grenades and landmines.
  3. No Fall Damage: Falling from a height won’t inflict damage while the ability is active, enabling seamless traversal.
  4. Vehicle Immunity: Orion’s Phase One prevents damage from incoming vehicles, providing an advantage in vehicular combat scenarios.
  5. Counterplay: The ability to absorb HP in Phase Two counters enemies who take cover behind structures or vehicles, forcing them to reveal themselves.
Free Fire OB39 Update
Image via Garena


  1. Crimson Energy Dependence: Initiating Orion’s ability requires Crimson Energy (150 EP), potentially restricting usage in prolonged matches.
  2. Limited Duration: The 3-second duration of the ability’s Phase One can be a double-edged sword in intense battles.
  3. Inability to Attack: During Phase One, you’re unable to attack enemies, limiting offensive actions.
  4. Proximity Requirement: To activate Phase Two’s life absorption, enemies must be within 5 meters, restricting its effectiveness in longer-range encounters.

Free Fire Orion Guide: Best Team Compositions and Tips

Pairing Orion with complementary characters can elevate your gameplay. Here’s a suggestion for an effective character combination:

  • Miguel: Consider using Miguel as your first passive character. His ability to grant 200 EP upon eliminating or knocking down an enemy synergizes well with Orion’s requirement for Crimson Energy. This aids in swift ability activation.
  • Dasha or Kelly: Opt for either Dasha or Kelly as your second passive character. Their movement speed boosts are invaluable for navigating close-range engagements—where Orion excels.
  • Jota or Ford: For your third passive character, choose between Jota or Ford. Both characters offer HP recovery benefits that support Orion’s survivability, making you more resilient in battles.
Characters Orion Can CounterCharacters That Can Counter Orion
A124: Orion’s ability to absorb HP can counter A124’s EP consumption, nullifying her energy-based advantage.Hayato: Hayato’s armor-piercing skill can be detrimental to Orion’s defense, reducing the effectiveness of his Crimson Crush ability.
Steffie: Orion’s ability can withstand Steffie’s ability to reduce damage taken, maintaining an edge in encounters.Laura: Laura’s accuracy-enhancing skill can make it challenging for Orion to land shots during his ability’s Phase One.
Maxim: Orion’s ability can counter Maxim’s damage output, allowing him to survive and retaliate against the relentless onslaught.Moco: Moco’s tagging ability can negate Orion’s Phase One by revealing his position, making him an easier target for enemies.
Alvaro: Orion’s Crimson Crush can counter Alvaro’s damage amplification ability, giving him an advantage in head-on engagements.Kapella: Kapella’s healing abilities can partially neutralize Orion’s HP absorption, limiting the impact of his life-stealing mechanism.
K: Orion’s ability to mitigate damage can counter K’s EMP damage, allowing him to remain formidable in combat.Wukong: Wukong’s camouflage ability can make it difficult for Orion to track his movements during his Crimson Crush’s Phase Two.

Final Thoughts

Orion’s Crimson Crush ability introduces an intriguing playstyle to Free Fire. By mastering its mechanics and understanding when to activate it, you can seize the advantage in battles. With careful planning and a balanced character combination, you’ll harness Orion’s potential to its fullest, claiming victory on the battlefield.

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