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Free Fire: Rarities of character costumes and methods to obtain them

Follow easy methods to earn yourself a dazzling costume!

The character costumes in most Battle Royale games are purely cosmetics that don’t affect actual gameplay most slightly. This also counts for Free Fire, where most character costumes are worn purely for showoff that a certain bundle is earned or just for the fun of dressing up to a player’s desires. These costumes are mostly purchased with the premium in-game currency, diamonds with gold-purchased costumes being the second in line. In this article, we will sum up the various ways to earn yourself dazzling character costumes to wear anywhere while playing Free Fire.

Character Costume rarities in Free Fire

First to mention are the costume rarities which come in 5 color variations:

  • Red– Ultra Legendary
  • Gold- Legendary
  • Pink– Epic
  • Blue– Rare
  • Green– Uncommon
  • Grey– Common

Obtaining Character costumes in Free Fire

Using Paid methods


The Incubator is a popular slot machine that features rare skins from time to time. It requires evolution stones and blueprints of which can both be earned by spinning in the incubator, exchanging old blueprints for new ones. Evolution stones can also be gained through the Elite Pass and cumulative top-up. The incubator skins appear only for a set time, but make a return in a short time.

Elite Pass

Free Fire character costumes

The Elite pass, with a value of over 10000 diamonds, always has 2 skins unlocked through collecting badges. These skins are exclusive, meaning they will never return after the season is over.

Magic Cube

The Magic Cube Store is a special store requiring Magic Cubes to purchase premium items that were once purchased with diamonds. Gaining a Magic Cube requires 100 fragments which can be earned through special challenges, Elite Pass bonus chest, or in the Incubator as fragments. The magic cube store is known to refresh once Free Fire decides to, so do your best at obtaining these packages as soon as possible.

Web events

Web events are special events requiring but diamonds and sometimes luck to get a skin package. They always come with different names but always have the same aim: spending all diamonds on them. Popular web events include Mystery Shop, Hacker’s store, Lucky Wheel, Food Truck, and Shani’s Garage. Most have high discounts included, so make sure to have topped up enough diamonds beforehand.

Diamond Royale

Free Fire character costumes

Diamond Royale is a popular Luck Royale requiring either Diamond Royale Vouchers or Diamonds to be spent on. Diamond Royale’s have a set period including multiple bundles in their prize pool all decided through a luck system. The higher luck generated through spinning, the higher the chance for obtaining the Grand Prize.

Faded Wheel

The faded wheel is a popular time-limited luck Royale requiring just 9 diamonds to spin while discarding 2 unneeded prizes. While there is not always a costume as the Grand Prize, it is a good chance event to spend diamonds on.

Special offers

Special offers can appear after finishing a Classic or Ranked game. They always require real money and expire after 24 hours so the package should be purchased within this period or you’ll have to wait until it returns another time.

Using Free methods

Gold Royale

Gold Royale is a Luck Royale requiring either Gold Royale Vouchers or the common currency Gold to be used. Gold Royale’s have a set period including one package in their entire prize pool decided through a luck system. The higher luck generated through spinning, the higher the chance of obtaining the Grand Prize. Gold Royale can also be replaced with another similar Royale also requiring Gold, but have more bundles included.

FF tokens

The FF token redeem store requires FF tokens obtained through spinning in any of the Luck Royales or as compensation for excess bundles or pieces. The store has multiple bundles that are added after announced by Garena.

Challenge events

Free Fire character costumes

Challenge events are free events that appear from time to time, that have various names and challenges to obtain a free package worth diamonds. They are always time-limited, so be sure to participate in them the moments they are added. Some challenge events include Login events and exchange events with different names.

Gifting crates

Free Fire character costumes

If a helpful friend who is nearby can gift you cosmetic crates, then you’ll have plenty of bundles in no time. While crates don’t always 100% guarantee a set because of the luck system, having more of them will increase your chances of obtaining a full set.

Character-exclusive bundles

Free Fire character costumes

Some character has exclusive bundles which are able to be unlocked at their level 5 upgrade or after awakening them. While quite hard to get, they are amazing costumes to be worn with their characters.

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