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Free Fire Solo Player Guide: Tips and Tricks to dominate every match

Be the Lonewolf!

Playing in the classic survival maps in Free Fire can be quite challenging for players both new and experienced. Surviving in the game is essential whether it be for gaining a lot of points, completion of missions or merely reaching a certain location before more players arrive. This Free Fire Solo Player Guide will give tips on how to survive for the longest and get that Booyah as a solo player!

How to become a good Solo player and win games in Free Fire

1. Set your loadout properly

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

Setting up a good loadout while also selecting a good character skill combination and eventual pet is essential. There are many advantages these provide later in the game. When the spawn lobby is entered, practice using an equipped weapon skin while waiting out the countdown to entering the plane.

2. Land quicker in the battlefield

It may not seem that big of a deal, but landing on the ground as soon as possible is of huge importance to survive. Players that land early have a chance to pick up a weapon and are even able to shoot down parachuting players. Landing quicker can easily be done with the below methods.

Turn on auto-parachute

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

Navigate to the Settings -> Controls and turn Auto-parachute on. Not to worry, the parachute can still be manually pressed, but auto parachute will ensure that gliding, falling and opening the parachute is done automatically once the lowest possible altitude is reached.

Equip Falco as your pet

Falco increases sky boarding speed up to 45% and skydiving speed up to 50% after the parachute opens. Its skill applies to all allies so only one ally needs to have it equipped.

3. Pick up the Pace

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

Once landed, looting the selected area is a top priority. If not enough loot is found or too many enemies are around pinpointing the next area to wander off to is a good plan. This is because enemies almost always use top gears against others.

4. Have a look all around while Looting

Having a glance all around while looting will provide extra protection against enemy headshots. Also, it acts as a warning, so run to the nearest hiding spot to avoid any further damages.

5. Get your defenses straight

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

Offense is important, but with no defense its nearly impossible to survive. Melee weapons have to ability to block bullets when the back is exposed and both Gloo Walls and Decoy Grenades have a defensive ability when spawned in front.

Additionally, equipping Robo as your pet will create a shield on Gloo walls, increasimg Gloo wall defensive power to its max.

6. Don’t stay put for too long where its unsafe

Unsafe areas include open fields, rivers, outside the safe zone, inside the danger zone, and player crowds. Camping may be a good idea, but its not advised to stay in an area where the Safe Zone will shrink soon. Move on to another safe location the moment the next safe zone is known (use an infobox if available) and beware of other camping enemies.

7. Do not run in a straight line

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

Running in a straight line will only heighten chances of being spotted and being easily taken down. Running zig-zag and jumping confuses the enemy on where to shoot and can really save your skin.

8. Watch out for hidden traps

Landmines and decoy grenades are one of the most overlooked traps in the game. However, stepping on a landmine causes severe damage, and falling for the decoy could open opportunities for any enemy to defeat you. Shooting on landmines or swiftly hopping over its area of effect will cause it to explode without delivering damage. Always be on the lookout for a green light, as this signifies an active landmine placed for knocking you out.

9. Don’t charge in when not necessary

Free Fire Solo Player Guide Tips

When two enemies are fighting each other, it may seem tempting to charge in. Also, you’d try to take both out or when footsteps are heard, to jump out and surprise. This tactic might work flawlessly in lower ranks, but when higher ranks are reached, it is an enemy’s way of luring other nearby players into their trap. Think of a good plan, sometimes the right moment will arrive on its own and the game does not require anyone to go on a killing spree to get a win in the end.

10. Take proper cover and get Booyah

When less than 10 players are left, its time to pull out all trump cards against thee enemies. Maneuver quickly, set up or leap to any cover ,heal up and keep some distance between your enemy. Push leftover players into a corner they can’t get out and strike. Only after everyone is eliminated is victory truly assured!

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