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Free Fire: Top 10 best Katana skins in the game

Get the best Katana skins for yourself.

Free Fire offers a wide variety of weapons, while most of them are guns, one of the categories is Melee weapons. This category of weapon is usually used when players get out of ammunition while having close-range combat or at the beginning of the match till they haven’t found any weapon to fight. You can use five types of melee weapons in Free Fire one of which is the Katana. Katana in Free Fire is amongst the well-known weapons used by players to show off, as it got some cool, legendary skins, to use as a melee weapon and much more.

Katana Stats in Free Fire

Katana is a melee weapon without ammo. Katana has a damage of 66 and a high accuracy. The weapon has a melee range along with a slow rate of fire. This weapon can also be used as a shield to protect the wearer from behind. Here are the details of this weapon in free fire:

  • DAMAGE: 66
  • RATE OF FIRE: 32
  • RANGE: 5
  • ACCURACY: 10

Location of Katana in free fire

In every match, loot is randomly placed across the vast map. Hence there is no fixed location where you can get it. However, the availability of Katana is more in high loot areas where there’ll be more players to combat.

List of best Katana skins in Free fire

1. Clandestine Impulse Katana

blade of blood katana
Image via Garena

The Clandestine Impulse Katana is a cool and futuristic-looking genre of the Japanese sword. The skin comes in a blue, red, and silver color. The weapon also carries a red lightning aura around it.

2. Blood Moon Katana

blood moon katana
Image via Garena

The Blood Moon Katana in Free Fire comes with beautiful red and black skin with a yellow hilt and handle. The blade’s sheath is also attractive. This Katana’s skin carries a red Smokey aura around the side of the blade.

3. Blade of Blood Katana

blade of blood katana
Image via Garena

The blade of the blood katana’s skin is probably the only weapon that may take down the devil itself, (according to its bio). This skin comes in a black and red along with a blade shaded with the same aura at some parts.

4. Spirited Overseers Katana

spirited overseers katana
Image via Garena

The spirited overseer’s katana skin is simply unique. The sword’s blade has a mixture of dark and light Orange along with the handle colored gold and black. This skin also has a mild petal animation around the blade side.

5. Kendoka Katana

Kendoka katana
Image via Garena

The Kendoka katana’s skin is the most wanted and preferable skin available in Free Fire. This is an awesome-looking skin of Katana that comes with a black, white, and orange-colored Sword. The weapon carries a large flaming aura covered around the blade and has a fierce look.

6. Cyber Bounty Hunter Katana

Cyber Bounty hunter Katana
Image via Garena

This Cyber Bounty hunter Katana skin appeared in the Summer spin Free Fire special event featured from 23rd of July to 28th July 2021. This skin comes with purple and mediocre pink skin on the handle with a lightning aura around the blade.

7. Black Honour Katana

Black honor Katana Free Fire skins
Image via Garena

This skin was launched through an event in Free Fire on 14th January 2022 named Spacespeaker Top-up event. This Black honor Katana skin has got deadly outlook as it is totally black in color with a bit of golden robe design on the handle and a little on the blade that gives a thunderous aura.

8. Faithful Edge Katana

Faithful Edge katana Free Fire skins
Image via Garena

This Katana skin was featured in the game through the Flame wings flip event on  6th May and lasted till the 12th of May 2021. Players need to flip the card and if Lucky can attain the Katana in the first spin or else can buy the whole set for 400 diamonds. This Faithful Edge katana skin comes with pure green faith color and white bandages on the handle with a green aura around the blade of the katana.

9.  Indigo Burn Katana

Indigo Burn Katana Free Fire skins
Image via Garena

This Katana skin arrived through an Indigo Burn top-up event on the 6th of October 2021. Two items were available under this namely: Angel wings backpack skin, and Indigo Burn Katana skin. This katana skin has a blue-colored blade with a blue flame aura around it.

10. Snow Doom Katana

Snow doom katana skins Free Fire
Image via Garena

This is one of the good skins of Katana available that you should not miss to own. This Skin was featured from 1st to 14th of January 2022 in the Free Fire community through a faded wheel event. This Snow Doom katana skin comes with a Deadly red color with a Chinese flower design on the cover along with a smokey white-red aura around the blade of the Katana.

How to use the Katana in Free Fire

As a melee weapon, Katana is not Very useful during combat in free fire, where there are a lot of different weapons that can easily kill opponents in long and short-range. Unless you have no other weapons available or you are out of ammo, you can probably choose this melee option to fight other players.

Katana still has its uses in the game, however. Since it has a high movement speed, players can carry this weapon to increase their speed while running. You can also use it to finish a knocked-out player instead of wasting ammo.

What is your opinion about the Free Fire Katana skins? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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