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Free Fire: Top 5 best hot drop locations in the Alpine Map

Master and dominate the Alpine map as you go out!

Garena has kicked off 2022 properly in Free Fire as they have loaded a new update that includes an all-new map called Alpine. This map is all clad with snowy mountains and forests and is the first winter land map in Free Fire. Alpine has high altitude covered with snow along with low altitude areas which have less or no snow to give players more challenges with diverse terrain. After knowing a brief about what new map alpine is all about, we will now see the best drop locations from Alpine map in Free Fire and the best strategies to take while being there.

List of top 5 best loot locations on Alpine map in Free Fire

Free Fire New Age Campaign
Alpine map in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

1. Snowfall

As you can see from the name itself, this area is always snow-clad but is equally enriched with houses containing a lot of loot. However, this place also has high chances of the fight because of its high loot availability. So, for rushers, this area is best on the map. Snowfall can also give a high advantage. Snowfall area has a lot of covers that can help players to ambush enemy teams.

Players can enjoy close and mid-range fights in snowfall. This area also contains a zip line which can help in escaping from enemies or moving in the zone. Moreover, there are two vending machines that can easily help in reviving or getting better weapons.

Best strategies for Snowfall area

  • Rushers: Players can easily rush on enemy teams as there are many blind spots in snowfall area. But same can get backfired as there are many blind spots from where rushers can easily get sniped or ambushed. This area can only be an advantage for rushers with good backup support.
  • Snipers: This area can also benefit snipers as there is lot of place to camp. With a good support, teammates or a good scouting player, sniper can solo a squad too, thus leading a massive advantage to self’s team.
  • Supporters or Scouters: Supporters and Scouters with less experience can get easily knocked from third party. But a good scout player can alert team about when to escape or when to rush on team. A good support player can guard snipers from enemy rushers.

2. Militia

This area is basically a military area with loot dropped in an open area and also indoors. This place has a good quantity of loot for the midgame zone. However, to some players’ disappointment, this area doesn’t have higher ground except roofs.

Free Fire Alpine map best drop locations

This area also has a high chance of fight but not in starting but in midgame or endgame zone. Also, the Militia area has only one vending machine in the center and has limited cover houses with 2 zip lines for escaping from this area.

Best strategies for Militia area

  • Snipers: As there is only one vending machine in militia, camping in middle can be risky and beneficial at the same time; as enemies will come for looting or reviving which can help in squad wipes.

Here snipers will not need any support or scouting teammates as they can easily see the whole area from the center. Other teammates can rush on the enemy teams to wipe them with having perfect cover fire from snipers.

3. Dock

This area is based out of a ship dock with a lot of loot and cover. Dock has several containers as loot areas and cover areas. Moreover, there are many blind spots too from where the enemy can ambush.

Free Fire Alpine map best drop locations

Dock has major 3 loot areas which are: Two warehouses and The ship. All three areas have a great cover and decent loot for the squad. Although there is no high ground there are sniping areas spread across the map.

Best strategies for Dock area

  • Scouters: As there is a lot of cover, scouters can spot enemies looting or coming inside Dock. This can help rushers and snipers revealing enemy locations.
  • Rushers: As there are a lot of blind spots, rushers can easily solo ambush enemy squad without any cover fire. For being on a safer side, snipers can cover fire rushers which results in some squad wipes.  

4. Stadium

This area has multiple houses which have lots of loots inside. The houses have a specialty that the players can go in every roof by the tyres. But when players are on the roof there is a high chance of third-party attack.

Free Fire Alpine map best drop locations

Although there are no zip lines it has 2 bridges in its area. The area has two vending machines with very less sniping areas except for the roof (the roof is not safe for sniping because of a third party).

Best strategies for Stadium area

  • Supporters and scouters: Supporters have a good opportunity to give cover fire if there be any ambush on them or a guard sniper on roof. Scouters can help in detecting enemy location which will help in getting a kill or two as there are multiple houses, wiping a squad is pretty hard (because of covers and bridge escape).

5. Railroad

This area has 2 big stations for loot but for a major part of the railroad, loot is in an open area. There are 2 sniping areas from where players can cover the entire area. Also, the Railroad area has trains and containers full of loot but less area for cover.

Free Fire Alpine map best drop locations

Moreover, the Railroad area doesn’t have any zip line as an escape route but has few vehicles. This area has 2 vending machines in each station.

Best strategies for Railroad area

  • Snipers: They have a massive benefit because of height advantage as well as roof being blind spot. Snipers can also use marksman rifle for spamming/destroying gloo wall purpose. Snipers still can’t solo squad wipe as there is little camping area.
  • Scouters: Scouters can’t easily spot enemy as majority of railroad is open area. In addition, rushers can be helped by scouters by giving cover fire.

What are your thoughts about the best Drop locations of Alpine Map in Free Fire? Do let us know in the comments below!

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