Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Beginners Guide and Tips

Survive in this deadly ice!

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice is an award-winning game set in a frozen 19th-century world, that is coming soon to mobile devices. It blends strategy and survival elements, immersing players in a world plunged into chaos by an ice age. In this Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice beginners guide, you’ll learn how to navigate the game effectively

Originally announced for mobile in 2021, it’s now in early access in select regions through a partnership with NetEase and Com2uS. Follow the last survivors as they brave the Arctic, relying on a crucial Generator for survival. Explore, endure, and discover redeem codes for in-game rewards along the way.

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Gameplay Basics

I have learned that the main gameplay mechanics of Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice incorporate survival and strategy as the name of the game. You’ll manage resources like food and coal to keep your people warm and fed. Assign jobs wisely to gather resources and keep your settlement running smoothly.

Frostpunk Beyond the Ice mobile announced
Image via Com2uS

The generator is crucial for warmth and power, so make sure to keep it fueled and maintained. As you expand, you’ll encounter new challenges and survivors to help. Adaptability and smart decision-making are key to keeping your community alive in this icy world.

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Manage your Survivors properly

In my journey through Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice, I’ve realized how crucial it is to manage our survivors effectively. With just eight workers to start, I’ve learned to assign them different tasks, like gathering resources, to keep our community running smoothly.

Frostpunk beyond the ice survivors
Image via Com2uS

If things get tough and some survivors leave, I’ve discovered that focusing on building a beacon tower through research helps bring them back and rebuild our town.

2. Trade and get coins

Trading with other survivors has become a vital part of how we thrive as a community. When we trade things like food and wood, we get coins that help us grow. It’s like a cycle: we give what we have extra of, and we get what we need in return.

Frostpunk beyond the ice trading
Image via Com2uS

But, I’ve learned that we have to be careful not to give away too much. By keeping track of what we trade and setting limits, we make sure we always have enough resources to keep going. This way, we can invest in making our community even better when we need to.

3. Utilizing Dispatch

I’ve discovered the importance of sending out expeditions to explore and gather crucial resources for our community. These missions let us bring back things like food, coal, and other necessary items from places nearby.

Frostpunk beyond the ice dispatch
Image via Com2uS

Yet, it’s not all straightforward. I’ve realized that every time we leave our town, there are risks involved. It’s like a balancing act – we have to think about the potential rewards of getting more resources and finding new survivors, but we also need to be mindful of the dangers outside our safe haven.

4. Managing Food

As our community grows, making sure we have enough food has become one of our main concerns for staying alive. I’ve realized that if we run out of food, things could get really tough for us.

Frostpunk beyond the ice food
Image via Com2uS

So, I’ve figured out that it’s important to keep our food production steady. We don’t want to make too much or too little. If we keep it at a normal level, our survivors stay happy and strong, and we avoid the problems that come with not having enough to eat. It’s all about finding the right balance to keep our community thriving.

5. Keeping tents heated

Ensuring our tents stay warm is crucial for our community’s health and happiness. In the freezing world of Frostpunk, having shelter and warmth is essential for survival.

Frostpunk beyond the ice tent
Image via Com2uS

I’ve made sure to focus on upgrading our tents so they can hold more people while keeping them warm and cozy. This way, we prevent frostbite and make sure our population keeps growing strong. It’s all about making sure everyone has a safe place to call home in this harsh environment.

Final Thoughts

Starting out in Frostpunk has been an amazing experience as the game’s mix of strategy and survival is engaging, and every choice feels important. From managing resources to looking after our community, each decision shapes our journey. Frostpunk isn’t just a game; it’s a test of our ability to adapt and care for others in challenging times.

What are your thoughts about the Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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