Gadvia Beginners Guide and Tips

Explore the mysteries of islands, sing songs, and tune in with soothing melodies!

Gadvia is a single-player, performance and music-based game developed by Han Chuang International Music where the players can explore, hunt, and discover interesting mythologies. Follow up on the detailed Gadvia Beginners Guide and Tips to receive awesome tips and tune in to the musical world of Gadvia.

The game begins with a story where a girl named Limnoreia, from the deep sea, drifts to the surface world embarking on a journey of the islands. The player’s goal is to collect materials and hunt for legendary animals and resources while singing songs. Singing heartwarming songs while tuning the perfect notes is the main aspect of Gadvia.

Gameplay Overview

Gadvia is a musical world where the players need to sing songs to accelerate their progress in hunting and exploration. Players can seek new charts and songs while hunting legendary creatures. Now coming to the gameplay of Gadvia, this game follows a fun gameplay for the players to enjoy. They need to sing a song to progress further and unlock all features inside the game.

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By singing a song, we mean that the players are required to tap the musical notes that fall or appear on the screen before or while they are touching the baseline. The song the players will select to play will run in the background. There are two major types of notes: circular notes and falling notes. Let’s discuss the circular notes first.

When the cursor shrinks and overlaps with the circular note, the players need to tap on the notes to achieve a perfect hit. For some circular notes, the players even need to drag along the line formed by the cursors. A special circular note needs the players to tap and hold it until the cursor disappears. They will tap and quickly swipe in the direction of the arrow. 

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Now moving on to the falling notes. When a note drops to the judgment line at the bottom of the screen, the players must tap the note or at the position of the falling note. For the second type of falling notes, the players must slide along the note’s path when it reaches the baseline.

For another type of falling note, they need to tap and hold the note when it reaches the judgment line and continue to hold it until the note ends. Lastly, when the orange circular or falling notes appear, they must follow the prompt and tap both notes simultaneously. Achieving a fully conveyed level for a song will ensure the players with points that further help them unlock the adventure mode.

Introducing the Basics of Gadvia

The Game Modes

Gadvia instils two major game modes:

Main Mode

Gadvia is a musical storyline-based game and hence the main mode follows the storyline format along with the convention of songs. The basic purpose of the players in the game is to sing a song by perfectly tapping on the notes that appear on the screen while it runs in the background.

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A song level should be fully conveyed to receive points and resources. Gadvia comes with three phases namely: Neritic, Photic, and Bathyal. Each phase starts from a certain difficulty level and each song has different patterns in which the note appears. After the song is over, the player’s performance along with ranks such as A, B, C, or D is displayed on the screen.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the second type of mode this game provides the players with. The basic purpose of this mode is to explore the different positions on the map and hunt down animals, materials, and ancient notes. Various hunting grounds are scattered around the island.

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The players need to assign characters to explore these grounds and find various creatures or encounter special events. While exploring the hunting grounds, the creatures found will drop off materials for the players to gather. The higher the advantage with the players, the shorter the search time required.


Characters are one of the crucial features of Gadvia. The players get to witness a lot of characters in the game, and each of the characters comes up with certain unique abilities and physical features. These attributes make them distinct and powerful compared to every other character.

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The game delivers four characters coming from different origins. The players can buy or unlock the character using in-game currency called Blue Crystals. Here is a list of characters present in Gadvia:

  • Si Galiwas
  • Sinan Solib
  • Si Mankal
  • Si Tsinapit

The Gallery section allows the players to view all the resources the players have unlocked or discovered in the game. These include Materials, Items, Equipment and Points. The players can unlock these resources by exploring in the adventure mode.

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Any of the characters in the game are assigned the task of exploring a particular island and hunting down legendary animals or materials from the lands. The players should keep a check on their progress and hunt down these resources for an exciting adventure.


The Tracks section inhabits songs for the players to purchase and get access. This section consists of two types of songs: Song Pack and Singles. The first one Song Pack, delivers a collection of songs just like an album.

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The players can get access to them in exchange for a certain quantity of Blue Crystals. Talking about the Singles, it is obvious that the players are provided with a single song which they can unlock in exchange for Moonstones. More availability of songs equals more progress.


Avatar is another special feature of the game where the players can enhance their profile using these portfolios. The game mainly comprises a total of nineteen avatars and the players can buy them using resources such as Coins and Crystals.

Image via Han Chuang International Music

In case there is a shortage of these resources, they can purchase them in exchange for the Blue Crystals. These can be obtained through the exploration of islands and fully conveying a song. Perfectly conveying a song will boost the points even more and the players can unlock more and more avatars.

Gadvia Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Finish off the Tutorial

We recommend the players finish the full tutorial as they will gain a better understanding of the game. The tutorial explains the two types of notes: circular and falling along with the techniques to tap and perfectly score in the song. The players must follow these techniques to sing a song perfectly. This will help them in gaining points and progress in the game.

2. Practice having a proper Aim

While singing a song, the most important factor for the players should be to have a perfect aim. The only task is to tap the note before or while they are reaching the judgment line. One miss would result in the players losing points. Therefore, the players should have a precise aim at all types of notes to fully convey a song and gain points to unlock a more interesting mode i.e. the adventure mode.

3. Concentrate on the notes

When the players decide to sing a song, the circular and falling notes appear from all over the place. Before the notes appear, there is an indication of the position of the notes appearing with the help of the cursor. The players need to be aware of the cursor and concentrate on the notes to tap on the correct position to tune it and perfectly convey a song. Concentration is the key to cracking this game.

4. Fully Convey a Song

After choosing a song, the players are required to tap on every note perfectly to hit the tune. Whether it be circular or falling, the players should concentrate and aim for the correct position to tackle the song. One miss from the players would cost them points. Fully conveying a song is important as the players earn points and achieving a certain level of points unlocks the adventure mode.

5. Complete Missions

There are several sets of missions for the players in the land of Gadvia. Some of them include exploring the islands to search for ancient music charts, hunting legendary animals, and collecting various resources, materials, items, and more from the Adventure mode. Completing the missions ensures the users with points and vital resources that can be used in unlocking characters, avatars, and more.

Final Thoughts

Gadvia is an intriguing music-based game that follows an adorable storyline of a girl coming from the depths of the sea. The players will be hooked from the beginning with the presence of soothing songs, exploration of the islands, and other features within the game. Therefore, keep up with the detailed Gadvia Beginners Guide to progress further. Also, check out the above-mentioned tips to perfectly convey a song and rise adventurously in the game.

That’s all from us for the Gadvia Beginners Guide! Did you find our Gadvia Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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