Game of Sultans Consort & Harmony Bonus Guide

In Game of Sultans Consorts are the most underrated thing but they can provide a huge bonus if used effectively. Consorts and harmony bonuses are so important that it can easily double up (or more) the attribute/power of your viziers. Therefore, your chosen vizier needs to have a connected consort or harmony bonus and it is highly recommended.

Selection of Game of Sultans Consort

Choosing your consort is a very important part of the game because it’s going to affect your game later in many cases like consort hall dual, you heir quality, and finally boosting the power of your main vizier. Most of the new players look for the most beautiful consort and end up choosing ‘Indirah’ but later on, they realize what mistake they have made. So, choose your consort wisely.

Game of Sultans Consorts

1st select your main vizier and then pick the consort who is connected to that particular vizier. For example, if you choose Davut as your main vizier then your chosen consort must be ‘Clara‘. If you choose Merzif as your main vizier then ‘Osilda‘ should be your main consort. And if you choose nay of Magnificient FIve or Outstanding Four viziers then you can choose any consort but in that case, the connected vizier will your 2nd best-chosen vizier.

Advantage of having a connected consort

The following picture will show you what is the advantage of having a connected consort or how much boost a consort can give to a vizier.

Consort’s Boost

So, we can see that Osilda has boosted the power/ability of Merzif by more than 100% (almost double) and now Merzif alone providing 13.6M gold/ levy. Therefore you need to choose your consort very carefully whether you want to focus on the economy or military. You may also like to note that, the books you give to the vizier, consorts boost the entire attributes of the vizier (including book attributes).

Harmoney bonuses also work in the same way for Magnificient Five or Outstanding Four. Every time you feed 10 badges to the vizier it increases a certain amount of attributes of the particular vizier.

Our Suggestion about Consorts

The rings and earrings (ornaments) you get, use them all to the chose consort. Don’t distribute the rings among all the consorts. The stronger your consort the more time you can spend in consort hall and no one can replace you. And the Elegance Perl/gem you collect from the consort hall ( painting/ study/ music room) helps you to increase the multiplying factor (0.5 –> 0.6 and likewise). Use your elegance gems to upgrade only the specialist skill of the viziers (like the military skill of Fazil, research skill of Evliya). Best

Most Useful Game of Sultans Consorts

We are going to provide a list of Game of sultans consort which will help you select consort for your game.

  1. VIP consorts [connected vizier]
  2. Osilda [ Merzif]
  3. Clara [ Davut ]
  4. Delorah [ Fazil ]
  5. Teri [ Ayas ]
  6. Halima [ Evliya ]
  7. Daphne [ Karaman ]
  8. Iris [ Hadim ]
  9. Ceren [ Kane ]
  10. Samina [ Semi ]
  11. Felicia [ Sinan]
  12. Fiona [ Zaganos]

Note: Bold:- is highly recommended, Italic:- is okay if you have chosen, normal:- better than many consorts (who are not listed) but no as good as the toppers of the list.

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