Game of Sultans strategy guide towards the resource management

There are four basic resources or powers in ‘Game of Sultans‘ viz. Military (war power), Research (gold levy rate), Prestige (soldiers levy rate), Political (grain levy rate). But how to manage these resources perfectly so that you can grow faster than others. You will see few VIP0 players are growing their power better than VIP players. Hence, there must be some special recipes and I am going to reveal it to you. Let’s read out the details game of sultans strategy once forever. In case you have not read our previous article related to this topic click here Viziers training strategies below.

Common payers think they should only focus on the military vizier or military power but in practice that’s not the actual case. In the beginning, he/she will feel great but with time he/she will be lagged behind. So, let’s see, on which resource we should focus the most.

The Best Game of Sultans Strategy

This example will clear all your doubts. Let’s consider two players, ‘Player 1‘ and ‘Player 2‘. Consider both the players produce 100m gold daily from the levy. On Day1, ‘Player 1’ upgraded his research vizirs ( 20 levels ) and ‘player 2’ upgraded his military viziers (20 levels ).

As player one upgraded his research vizier his gold levy increased by some amount and now his daily total levy is 105m. Whereas ‘player 2’ still at 100m daily total levy. On Day 2, ‘player 1’ again upgrades his research vizier by 21 levels (has he got 5m extra gold) and ‘player 2’ upgrades his military viziers by 20 levels (as he has the same amount of gold).

The daily total levy of the player 1 is now 110m and that for player 2 is still at 100m. On Day 3, ‘player 1’ decides to upgrade his prestige vizier and ‘player 2’ to the political vizier. ‘Player 1’ will be able to upgrade his prestige vizier by 22 levels (as he has 110m gold) and ‘player 2’ will be able to upgrade his political vizier as 20 levels (as he still has 100m gold).

On Day 4, ‘player 1’ will produce more soldiers than ‘player 2’ as he was able to upgrade his prestige viziers by 2 extra levels. So, ‘player 1’ will clear moe castles in campaign mode than ‘player 2’.

Hence, the ‘player 1’ will grow faster with every passing day than ‘player 2’ and eventually, this will reflect on the leader boards.

From the above example, I believe, you already understood where to focus the most and where you don’t need to care. The more gold you produce the more strong you become.

Research Power (Priority – High)

Gold Levy

Research/Gold (gold levy) is the resource where you need to focus the most. Truly, the economy is the backbone of an empire. Produce gold and everything will go as you want.

Military Power (Priority – Medium)

This is the battling power of the empire and the priority is moderate. It will be upgraded on-demand for war and various events. The most convenient or simple way to know how much you should upgrade the military power is you must be able to kill the campaign boss with all your viziers in one go (without using PvE seals). and at the same time, you should be able to use up all your soldiers generated from the levy.

Prestige Power (Priority – Medium)

soldiers Levy

As you can see the priority is moderate or same as the military power. This is important because you need to complete the campaign to get foreign envoys as well as the diamond and sultans XP. So, you just need to keep an eye on prestige. In case if you are really crazy about military power then you can give prestige slightly lower priority than military.

Political Power (Priority – Low)

Grain Levy

You don’t need to care about political power, just make sure you don’t get run out of grains and that’s it. Once you have one of the outstanding four (O4) and strong Merzief, it will be taken care of by them. You don’t really need to worry about political power or grains.

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What i had observed, after players have reached 150M in empire power, research power won’t be required as much as in early stage, in generating gold income. At this stage, good military and prestige powers will help. Campaigns are getting harder, and getting some strongholds in vanquish will get some vanquish chests, with a chance of getting fearless medals. And of course, weekly union wars are totally dependent on attack damage, only military attributes is included in your vizier’s damage; political power is still important, it can improve union hit points for union war, War of Supremacy and for soldier… Read more »


To complete 50 vanquish normal castles each time you need 70 mil soldier levies. Meanwhile to level 10 viziers to level 400 in a month you need 160 million levies. Heir tutoring demands 66 mil levies for 20 heirs to the top 5 envoys or 523 mil levies for 30 heirs. As heirs can provide a significant increase to your attack power (up to 3 to 6 billion) it is as important as vanquish.

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