Gangpire: Fire & Fury Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the legendary Gang Boss!

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a strategy building and fighting game developed by Joystix Limited. This game takes you to be the boss of a Street Gang, and fight other Gangs to become the ruler of a city. Here, we make your journey in Gangpire: Fire & Fury easier by giving you a good insight into the beginners guide throughout the game, and simple tips.

When you have mastered several areas you can build several buildings to maintain the continuity of the city, such as hospitals, training centers, malls, laboratories, mansions, barns, and buildings that are used to produce resources such as bullets, and silver, steel, and others. In addition, you can recruit street heroes who can help you carry out attacks on enemies, loot resources, and eliminate patrolling gangsters, so you can dominate the city and expand your territory.

Introducing the Basics of Gangpire: Fire & Fury


Here you are required to build all the available buildings, there are quite a lot you have to build, especially if your mansion is already high. However, to upgrade the Mansion, there are conditions that must be met, usually, the level of some of your buildings must follow the conditions listed.

Image via Joystix Limited

Therefore, it is very good if you can maximize the level of all buildings, because the higher the level of your building, the more productive the resources produced, in addition to resources, there are also many features that are unlocked, which makes you even more powerful in terms of city ​​and character of your hero.


In some cases, you are required to attack the boss of several gangsters in order to expand the territory, because if you can defeat the territory owned by the boss, you will get the territory he has, so the wider the city you manage.

Image via Joystix Limited

In doing battle, you will usually bring 3 heroes that you have, then when you fight the boss, then you can use the skills that your hero has to make it easier to fight the boss.

Gangpire: Fire & Fury Beginners Guide and Tips

1. Building your City

As mentioned above, this game is not about wars and wars, although the title of the game refers to it, here you are required to build your city as best as possible, whether it’s in terms of buildings, resource factories, as well as decoration.

Build your city
Image via Joystix Limited

In addition, you need to increase the level of each building, don’t let your mansion building reach a high level in order to unlock all buildings or to be able to attack enemies continuously, but you neglect other buildings. Because the buildings in this game are not just to beautify, but each has its own function that you will need someday for the survival of your city.

2. Master both Scenario and Strategy battles

strategy battles
Image via Joystix Limited

For this scenario battle, you will first fight ordinary enemies or subordinates of the boss, then when finished with subordinates you will fight the boss directly, and can use your skills directly as well because you are directly involved in the battle in it, but for a shoot or attack it is done automatically. This strategy battle is a battle that you can only watch from a top-down perspective because this battle is carried out automatically without the need to press or touch anything.

3. Learn the Skills of each of your heroes

Image via Joystix Limited

One of the things that are quite important in combat is learning your hero’s skills because, in battle, you can use skills to fight them. Because when the fight is mainly in this scenario, it will bring 3 heroes that you have, therefore you need heroes who can help each other such as heroes who are skilled in battle and heroes who can develop other heroes, such as recovering health points from colleagues. your team.

4. Upgrade your heroes

To be able to beat all battles, whether scenario battles or strategy battles, you need a hero with a high level or have good stats to beat him, therefore you need to increase your hero through hero rank, but you need some prestige to increase it.

Upgrade your heroes Gangpire: Fire and Fury Beginners Guide
Image via Joystix Limited

When your hero rank has changed each rank, it will open a new skill for the hero. The second is through the skill, here you need pieces from the hero, and then when your hero has been promoted to a certain rank, the new skill will be unlocked. It is very good at increasing the hero’s combat power.

5. Joining a Clan

A clan here is a collection of players who can help each other, there are many advantages that you get when joining a clan, such as:

Join the clan
Image via Joystix Limited
  • You can get boosts such as construction speed, research speed, and crew training speed whose speed adjusts to the Clan Gift Level
  • You can earn 1% task progress every time you help a clan member speed up the process of construction research and healing
  • Members can get clan rewards when members in the clan buy special packs or when other members beat Red Skull
  • There is a clan store, so members can use their loyalty points to buy items at the loyalty store, and can resell their items in exchange for loyalty points at the clan store

6. Complete all your Chapter tasks

The most important thing in playing Gangpire: Fire & Fury is completing the available chapter tasks. Why is that? Because this chapter task is related to the progress of your city. If you have difficulty or confusion while playing this game, don’t worry, all you need is to complete the Chapter Task.

Complete Chapter Task Gangpire: Fire and Fury Beginners Guide
Image via Joystix Limited

In addition, when you complete this chapter task, you will get several prizes that can be obtained, especially when 1 chapter is complete, then the prizes you get are very many, such as pieces of hero, gold, stamina, and prestige that you can use to improve your hero. you.

Final Thoughts

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a game that makes you have to have a balance between building a city and fighting to expand territory, building a city here means unlocking the features available when the building reaches a certain level, and to expand the area, you need troops and heroes that very strong to win.

That’s it from this Gangpire: Fire & Fury beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Gangpire: Fire & Fury beginners guide useful. 

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