Contra Returns Advanced Guide with Tips and Tricks

Time to dominate the Arena again !

Contra is one of the most popular classic 30-year-old games which is well known for its nefarious difficulty. Surprisingly, the classic 1987 side-scrolling shooter game is back with an amazing 3D makeover. Yes, we are talking about Garena Contra Returns. Co-developed by Konami and Tencent’s Timi Studio Group, Garena Contra Returns puts you in control, once again, of members of the counter-revolutionary guerrilla group. Besides, this game stays true to its side-scrolling shooter roots. With its amazing HD graphics, new modes, smooth game controls, decent storyline, Contra Returns is a definite must-try for every gamer. Here is the Garena Contra Returns Advanced Guide with tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game and rank up faster in the game.

About Garena Contra: Returns

Developed by KONAMI and Tencent Timi, Garena Contra Returns, is the latest sequel to one of the oldest and longest-running side-scrolling shooter game. This game is available for both, Android and iOS platforms. The game features tons of exciting game modes such as story mode, PvP, challenges, boss battles, etc.  Players can choose from a variety of Contra Warriors to suit their unlimited style of play. It not only offers tons of new modes but also, the best HD graphics and 3D character model. With its well-designed story missions becoming progressively harder, players constantly need to upgrade their heroes to make it through all the levels without much hassle.

Contra Returns: Advanced Guide and Tips to remember

1. Selecting and upgrading a Hero

You have to keep playing and completing the story missions to unlock a hero. The more heroes with you, the easier it’ll be to win. Always try to go with an “A” ranked hero and weapon. Besides, you’ll also get “S” ranked heroes for free during events. Grab them & become the Contra Master. Besides this, upgrading hero and its skills are as important as choosing a hero to fight for a mission. If you have enough resources and want to upgrade, go with “A” or “B” ranked heroes. However, if you have tons of heroes already unlocked and you’re confused about which one to choose. Then, check out if these parameters are matching with your Hero or not :

  1. “A” ranked or “B” ranked
  2. Descent stats values in the hero profile
  3. High Power than other heroes

2. Increasing Fire Power is essential

Contra Return beginners guide

Now in this Contra Returns Advanced Guide, we suggest giving importance to Firepower. It always plays an important role during the course of the game. The higher the firepower, the easier it’ll be to defeat enemies and their boss. Firepower is the total power of weapons with you at a point in time. It includes the power of a main and sub-weapon as well. If your firepower is low, you will face difficulties in completing a mission. Besides, if you want to have an easier time during a stage, check your firepower if it is above the recommended firepower or not. Here are some ways by which you can increase your weapon’s firepower:

  • Upgrade weapons
  • Enhance
  • Evolving weapons
  • Weapon mods

3. Super Weapon is a game changer

Superweapons have the potential to turn the tide seamlessly. However, players can only use them once during the match. So, one should make sure to use a superweapon at the right time. It is recommended to use a superweapon at the end when engaging with the boss. Superweapons do lots of damage continuously by releasing rockets at a constant pace. There is no doubt, superweapons are awesome but at the same time, comes with a drawback. While using a superweapon, one cannot move from its place. Thus, it totally depends upon you whether to use them from a distance or not. In addition, you’ll be able to unlock more superweapons, by completing higher missions and increasing your level.

4. Complete Story missions for extra rewards

Completing story missions not only gives you resources for upgrades but also, increases your EXP. Story missions don’t have time limits. Thus, players can complete them whenever they wish to do so. As you progress through the missions and achieve certain milestones in the game, you’ll get new heroes too. Besides, players can also raid on levels on which, they’ve achieved 3 stars. Raiding a level will instantly fill your treasury with fixed rewards. Besides this, players can also find many resources that are required to upgrade weapons by competing in different chapters in the game.

5. Choose your primary and sub weapon wisely

Contra Returns allows you to go into battle with two weapons, a main and a sub-weapon. You will need a lot of items to enhance your main and sub-weapon which can be obtained from different chapters. These weapons are easily interchangeable through each stage and reminiscent of weapon varieties of previous Contra games. Each of the weapons will have its own benefits while engaging with aliens in the game. You will get “S” to “D” ranked weapons as you complete higher missions. However, the best approach is to initially focus your resources on any two “S” or “A” ranked guns. If you are new and want to know which one is the best weapon during the game, it’s recommended to hold your hands upon “B” and “C” ranked weapons.

6. Low on material for upgrades ? Dismantle unused stuff

On higher levels, it’ll become harder for you to collect resources for upgrades. Thus, select your weapons wisely. Here’s a golden tip for all of you. You can easily dismantle unused or low-ranked weapons in the weapons menu itself. Dismantling a weapon will reset its stats completely. If you are a dominator and always used to play with “S” or “A” ranked weapons, destroy other weapons. You will get EXP cards for extracting the weapons and Quantum chips for dismantling useless stuff. No doubt, it’ll be really become harder and harder with levels. Thus, dismantling and extracting unused stuff will help you to upgrade faster and survive in the arena.

7. Play Duo and together fight for “S” ammo

Contra Return duo

Fighting in a Duo is one of the best ways to get free rewards, resources, and gold. Not only this but also you can farm weapon fragments while playing the classic duo mode in the game. You can join another player and form a duo to do co-op missions and obtain better-grade equipment. One can also obtain Quantum Chips sometimes if he/she is lucky enough. Also, if you die during the match in duo mode, you’ll then need Revival coins to respawn again with a much greater energy buff and dominate the arena. To play a duo mode, either you have to invite a friend or you can use the auto search. 

8. Increase your level to unlock more modes

This game does offer tons of amazing modes but, the major drawback here is that you need a higher player level. If your level is below 20, you’ll not be able to enter most of the modes because of level restrictions. Also, the higher the weapon’s level grows, the more resources they need. If you are unable to play duo, PvP, or any other modes, now you get the reason. Here are some ways by which you can increase your level and unlock more modes and rewards :

  1. Earn EXP by completing story missions.
  2. Participate in events
  3. Complete daily missions and earn rewards.

9. Raid stages for EXP and enhancement materials

Contra Return beginners guide

If you want to get instant rewards on a single click, then you can raid on a previously completed mission. However, players can’t raid a mission if they’ve not achieved 3 stars on that mission. In short, players can only raid and collect rewards on those missions which are completed with 3 stars on them. Raiding a stage in story mode will cost you stamina. Players can find stamina either in-shop or can wait for regeneration. Besides, players can also claim their free stamina in the laboratory option. Moreover, raiding higher stages will offer you better rewards.

10. Join a Legion and fight in Legion events

Legion is an alliance or a clan where players can support each other and fight for the victory together. New players can’t join a Legion if their level is not high enough. Joining a Legion offers several benefits to players. Here are the things you’ll be able to use after joining a Legion:

  • Legion Shop – Buy weapon/hero fragments, EXP, and equipment cards from the Legion shop.
  • Participate in Legion events and compete with other Legions.
  • Collect rewards every day from Supply Depot.
  • Players can also donate coins and diamonds to Legion’s funds.

How to get new heroes and weapons

Here are some ways by which you can easily unlock new heroes and weapons in Contra Returns:

  • Open up chests.
  • Join VIP in the game.
  • Complete story missions.
  • Gather hero fragments from the events.
  • Visit the shop and purchase fragments at any time.
  • Join a Legion (Clan) and visit Legion Shop for fragments.

How to gain diamonds in the game?

Diamonds are the most premium in-game currencies in Contra Returns. Players can get it by completing daily missions, participating in timely events, fighting with the boss, and finishing boss challenges. Also, if you are on a higher level, you can get diamonds from PvP chests after playing PvP matches with opponents. Besides this, you should try to complete a stage with 3 stars, as every star counts in the game. Diamonds can be used for purchasing in-game weapons or hero fragments, stamina, and other stuff. Thus, wasting diamonds here and there is not a good practice at all. Moreover, you can also buy EXP cards from the shop in exchange for diamonds.


Contra Returns is the only Contra game, which features a wide range of game modes such as Endless, duo, PvP, Ranked, Boss challenges, etc. In addition, it offers HD graphics, a decent storyline, and exciting story missions. This game is all about dodging enemies, fighting them with a variety of characters and weapons, engaging with the boss, and save yourself from enemy attacks. In this guide, we have already covered all the basic tips and tricks, that a beginner must know. If you find it harder to progress in-game, visit this Garena Contra Returns advanced guide anytime to get a better understanding.

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