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Garena Free Fire: 8 Quick Tips and Tricks for the beginners

Good performance comes with experience. Its nearly impossible to perform very well at the first try if you do not know about the game. Garena Free Fire is not an exception here. Here in this article, I’ll share 8 quick tips and tricks that will help you to sail through in Garena Free Fire.

1. Land according to your game style

Firstly, Land as soon as possible and get whatever you get around you. If you want to play aggressive, land in a highly popular place. If you want to play more survival type, then land in a place where people do not generally go. Less crowded places will help you to gather more loots without fighting many people.

2. Know about guns

You should do a little research about guns. Although players get to know about the guns as they play but it is really important. The faster you get to know guns, the quicker you improve. Check guns that suit your play style. It is better to pick up a mid to long-range weapon with a short-range weapon like a shotgun.

3. Move during combat

When in combat, make sure to move around. This will make it hard for your opponent to hit you easily. And obviously it will increase your chances to kill your opponent without getting killed.

4. Don’t be afraid of Gloo Walls

Gloo walls are not very hard to penetrate. When an enemy puts up a Gloo way, don’t be afraid. Just keep firing at the Gloo wall and it will take down a Gloo wall within 5-10 seconds. Most of the players do not expect the opponent to break the wall, they expect the other player to rush. So breaking the wall can help in catching them off guard.

5. Avoid Oil Barrels

Always try to avoid going near oil barrels. Sometimes snipers wait patiently to blow it for an easy kill.

6. Know when to use Throwables

Throwables can be very handy sometimes. Even if the opponent is able to avoid the damage of grenades and flashbang, it makes them move from their spot. This helps in knowing their location.

7. Use vehicles as a shield when needed

If someone is firing at you, and there is a vehicle around you, use it as a shied by hiding behind. But make sure you run when it’s about to blow.

8. Learn from mistakes

Always have a good attitude. Please avoid trash-talking if someone kills you. Learn from mistakes and try to improve. Once you start doing this, it will make the game more enjoyable for you.

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