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Genshin Impact: Best Team Composition for Bennett and Tips

Use Bennett easily with this guide!

Bennett is a 4* sword-wielding Pyro character in Genshin Impact. He was released all the way back in version 1.0. Initially, players underestimated his strength and utility, but over time he has received the appreciation he always deserved and now he is regarded as one of the best supports in the entire game.

How Bennett should be played for its maxed potential

Bennett’s pros include:

  • High ATK buff
  • Battery for Pyro characters
  • Easy Pyro application with his skill and burst
  • Cleansing debuffs with his burst
  • Versatile and universally useful

Any team that benefits from ATK buff will benefit from having Bennett in the team. The only characters that do not benefit from him are HP-scaling characters like Yelan or Nilou.

Genshin Impact Bennett guide
Image via HoYoverse

As an all-purpose support, Bennet can fit into many teams. Since he is not the main DPS, there is no such thing as “Bennett’s best team.” However, he is an irreplaceable core member of many top-tier teams, and we will discuss them below.

Best team composition for Bennett in Genshin Impact

1. National-core

The core of the National team

Buffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSEnabler/Off-field sub-DPS

The National-core was discovered to be one of the best teams for consistent high AOE DMG, which made it easy to clear difficult content for F2P players. Chongyun, with these three, formed the original National team. Chongyun has fallen out of favor since the release of Kazuha and Raiden Shogun, who have incredible synergy with National-core. 

The way National-core works is this: Xinaqiu and Xiangling can apply Hydro and Pyro while being off-field with their bursts. Their bursts also have no ICD This allows them to consistently vaporize every hit. Bennet buffs Xiangling’s ATK and acts as a battery for her. The 4th character can be anyone who can synergize with this core.

2. Bennett in National-core variations

Raiden National

Raiden ShogunBennettXianglingXinqiu
Battery/High personal DMG/Occasional overload reactionBuffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSEnabler/Off-field sub-DPS

The most powerful variant of National-core. Raiden Shogun offers high personal DMG as well as reducing ER requirements for teammates. She recharges everyone’s bursts so fast that it is possible to continue looping through them for eternity.  

Kazuha National

Grouping/Elemental DMG bonus/Enemy resistance shred Buffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSEnabler/Off-field sub-DPS

Another great variant of National-core. Kazuha offers much-needed grouping as well as boosting the elemental DMG bonus of teammates, allowing them to do more DMG.

Sucrose National

Grouping/EM share/Enemy resistance shred/ATK buff though TTDSBuffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSEnabler/Off-field sub-DPS

This variant does lack the elemental DMG bonus from Kazuha, but teammates gain extra EM from Sucrose, which increases their elemental reaction DMG.

3. Bennett in Tartaglia International variations

Targalia International is Tartaglia’s best team. It is a variant of National-core where Xinaqiu is replaced by Tartaglia. Tartaglia mostly acts as an enabler for Xiangling, while still doing high personal DMG with his Riptide mechanic.

It is possible to double-swirl with Kazuha, which would give the team both Pyro and Hydro DMG bonuses, further increasing the team’s DMG. But it is fine if players cannot execute the rotation perfectly, Kazuha would always infuse Pyro from Bennett’s burst. Even though it’s not as good as double-swirling, it’s still good enough.

With Kazuha

Enabler for Xiangling/HIgh personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSGrouping/Elemental DMG bonus/Enemy resistance shred 

This version of Tartaglia International is weaker than the version with Kazuha, but Sucrose is still an amazing buffer and a better choice than any other character. 

With Sucrose

Enabler for Xiangling/HIgh personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSGrouping/EM share/Enemy resistance shred/ATK buff though TTDS

4. Bennett in Raiden Hypercarry variations

The goal of Raiden Hypercarry teams is to stack as many buffs on Raiden as possible and switch to her burst mode. It allows her to dish out a lot of DMG up-front, especially with the initial slash. With longer-lasting buffs like Bennett’s and Kazuha’s, she can continue doing high DMG for the remainder of her burst duration.

With Sara

Raiden ShogunBennettSaraKazuha/Sucrose
Battery/High personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryBufferGrouping/Enemy resistance shred/Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/EM share (Sucrose only)

Sara was tailor-made to be the best buffer for Raiden. However, her buff duration is too short. Adding Bennet to the team increases the DMG of the initial slash (since both Bennett’s and Sara’s buffs are active) and allows her to continue doing high DMG after Sara’s short buff has ended. Kazuha and Sucrose provide the same benefits as discussed before.

With Fischl

Raiden ShogunBennettFischlKazuha/Sucrose
Battery/High personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryBattery/Off-field sub-DPSGrouping/Enemy resistance shred/Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/EM share (Sucrose only)

Fischl provides off-field personal DMG through Oz, and because of her 4th Ascension passive, she does even more DMG when Oz triggers electro-related reactions.

With Mona

Raiden ShogunBennettMonaKazuha/Sucrose
Battery/High personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryBufferGrouping/Enemy resistance shred/Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/EM share (Sucrose only) 

This team is good for nuke showcases since Mona’s burst buffs all DMG for a short while. This buff is really significant but since it’s a one-time buff, it does not benefit the remainder of Raiden’s burst duration.

5. Bennett in Melt Ganyu variations

Melt Ganyu teams can output high DMG but they are difficult to play. Bennett is an irreplaceable member in these teams.

With Xiangling

Enabler for Xiangling/HIgh personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryOff-field sub-DPSShield provides knockback resistance and enemy resistance shred

This is the easiest variant of Melt Ganyu. This requires her to stay in melee range of enemies to melt them. Xiangling’s own personal DMG is also pretty high. Due to the charged shot reliant gameplay of Ganyu, Zhongli is required to allow her to make it work in melee range

With Kazuha

Enabler for Xiangling/HIgh personal DMGBuffer/Healer/BatteryGrouping/Elemental DMG bonus/Enemy resistance shred Shield provides knockback resistance and enemy resistance shred

This variant provides the biggest DMG numbers but it is difficult to play. This team performs poorly in single-target situations compared to the previous variant and suffers from energy problems in general.

Sunfire Jean

This is a rather unique duo formed by the interaction between Bennett’s and Jean’s bursts. Bennett’s burst applies Pyro to the active character and Jean applies Anemo to the active character. This causes a self-swirl which causes DMG to nearby enemies. This is really good at shredding elemental shields. Jean requires to be built with EM to increase swirl DMG.

Applies Pyro to the active characterSwirls the Pyro applied by Bennet

While not exactly a complete team, Sunfire Jean can be used in conjunction with other characters to do further DMG. An example team is below:

BennettJeanRaiden ShogunXinqiu
Applies Pyro to the active characterSwirls the Pyro applied by BennetBattery/causes overload and electro charge Applies off-field hydro 

In this team, Raiden utilizes the off-field Hydro application from Xinqiu to cause further reactions using the Sunfire Jean duo.

Final thoughts

Genshin Impact Bennett tips
Image via HoYoverse

There are very few teams that do not benefit from Bennett in Genshin Impact. He is easily the best support character in the entire game due to his versatility. He can even be used as a 4th slot for any team that is lacking a member.

What are your thoughts about Bennett in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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