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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Alhaitham and Tips

Team compositions for Alhaitham in Genshin!

“Admonishing Instruction” Alhaitham is an event-exclusive 5-star character released in the first half of Genshin Impact Version 3.4. He was one of the most anticipated Dendro characters and he is the premier Dendro DPS in the Genshin Impact roster. He has a very complicated and rewarding playstyle that makes him the best in his field. Alhaitham is great at triggering/enabling almost every Dendro reaction, and this Genshin Impact guide will discuss how to create and play with the best team compositions of Alhaitham.

Best Team Compositions for Alhaitham in Genshin Impact


CharacterAlhaithamRaiden Shogun/Kuki ShinobuNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerZhongli/Beidou
ReasonDendro main DPSElectro application (both)/Healing (Shinobu)Dendro battery (all)/Healing (Yaoyao)Shield (both)/Dendro resistance shred (Zhongli)/Additional Electro application and personal DMG (Beidou)

Spread is the reaction, which involves Electro + Dendro + Dendro. Electro needs to be applied to the target first. In Spread teams, Alhaitham takes the field for the longest time. Other characters’ skills and bursts should be used before switching to Alhaitham. Alhaitham should start by using burst, attack for 3s, use skill or charged attack, attack for 3s, use charged attack or skill, attack for 3s. Then the whole thing can be repeated, provided that his burst is back on time.

Raiden Shogun and Kuki Shinobu are both excellent at applying Electro while off-field. If Beidou is used in this team she will also bring her own personal DMG to the table as well as the Electro application. Please note, this team does not require more than one healer, so players should keep that in mind while building the team.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham
Image via HoYoVerse

Fischl is an amazing teammate for Aggravate teams because of her A4 passive, which deals with an additional instance of DMG when Electro reactions take place. However, this passive does not work for Spread because it is not considered as an Electro reaction, since Dendro is the element that triggers it. Therefore Fischl is not included in the list of potential off-field Electro appliers.


CharacterAlhaithamXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerNon-Electro/Pyro 
ReasonDendro main DPSHydro applicationDendro battery (all)/Healing (Yaoyao)Any character that does not interfere with the Bloom reaction

Bloom is the reaction of Dendro + Hydro. Since Alhaitham will be triggering Bloom on-field, an off-field Hydro applicator like Xinqiu and Yelan will be appreciated. The final slot can be anyone except any Electro/Pyro character because they would trigger Hyperbloom and Burgeon respectively. 

For example, Zhongli for his shield and Dendro resistance shred, Albedo for off-field Geo DMG and Sucrose/Kazuha/Venti for grouping. Sucrose could also provide an EM buff to the entire team. 

Nilou Bloom

CharacterAlhaithamNilouNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerKokomi/Barbara/Xinqiu/Yelan
ReasonBloom triggerBountiful Core generationDendro application (all)/Battery (all)/Healing (Yaoyao)Hydro application (all)/Healing (Kokomi, Barbara)

Nilou and his Bloom teams are restricted to Hydro and Dendro characters only. Alhaitham would be the perfect Bloom trigger for this team. Players can note that this team cannot function without a healer, so either Yaoyao or Kokomi/Barbara needs to be in this team. 


CharacterAlhaithamXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerRaiden Shogun/Kuki Shinobu
ReasonDendro applicationHydro applicationDendro battery (all)/Healing (Yaoyao)Hyperbloom trigger

Hyperbloom is the reaction Dendro + Hydro + Electro and it is one of the most powerful reactions in Genshin Impact at the moment. The Electro character is the one triggering Hyperbloom, so this character needs to be level 90 and needs to be built with EM. A healer is not required but Yaoyao’s off-field skill could help with Alhaitham’s burst uptime. Nahida will be a better option for the second Dendro character but she is not required. Alhaitham does not require Nahida to function, but she helps him reach a higher DMG ceiling.

Genshin Impact Nahida guide
Image via HoYoverse


CharacterAlhaithamXinqiu/YelanNahida/Yaoyao/Dendro TravellerThoma
ReasonDendro applicationHydro applicationDendro battery (all)/Healing (Yaoyao)Burgeon trigger

Burgeon is the reaction Dendro + Hydro + Pyro. This reaction is not necessarily the best but it is functional. The best Pyro character to act as a trigger for Burgeon is Thoma.  

Final thoughts

While Alhaitham has a rather complicated set of skills, he is a character that rewards skill expression from the player. He is the best Dendro DPS in Genshin Impact and only the second-best Dendro character behind the Dendro Archon Nahida herself. He has found a place in teams exploiting every type of Dendro reaction and he excels at all of them. His teams are also rather free-to-play-friendly since he does not require 5* teammates to reach his peak potential. 

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Alhaitham in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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