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Genshin Impact Guide: Best Team Compositions for Yelan and Tips

The best party members for Yelan so far!

Yelan is the newest 5-star in the game yet. A hydro bow-wielding character, she is en route to being one of the best sub-DPS out there. Her ability to constantly apply Hydro onto enemies even while being off-field is one of her greatest pros. She is great support for characters that synergize well with Hydro characters like Hu Tao and Ayaka. In this Genshin Impact guide, players will be able to select their team compositions with Yelan in the mix.

Yelan constellations

Constellation 4 is especially useful as it increases the maximum HP of Yelan and the party when an enemy is hit with her Elemental Skill. This is extremely useful for characters, whose damage output scales with HP. Since Yelan herself scales from HP, her damage is also buffed. She is such an amazing off-field character that certain teams give an amazing damage output with her.

Best Team Compositions for Yelan in Genshin Impact

1. Best Yelan team comp

best yelan team comp

Though Yelan works very well as a DPS, she shines even more as an off-field Hydro applicator. For this reason, she is a good match for many other DPS characters that need to stay on-field, synergizing with the normal attacks and elemental reactions involving Hydro.

  • Yoimiya’s normal attack deals with powerful Pyro DMG. When paired with Yelan, she can make Vaporise take place, which exponentially increases DMG.
  • Kazuha has great crowd control and can bring down the enemies’ elemental resistance with his Burst while buffing Elemental damage.
  • Diona provides nice support for the team, as she provides a shield and her Burst heals and deals Cryo DMG to enemies at the same time.

Though this is one of the best out of all the team compositions out there, there are some more that come close to being the best.

2. Vaporize Team

yelan vaporize team
YelanHu TaoZhongliSayu
  • Hu Tao quickly moves between normal and charged attacks that deal with massive Pyro DMG when using them with her Elemental Skill. She is a strong Pyro DPS that works wonders on low health. Vaporise can happen with her, which further boosts DMG.
  • Zhongli is the best when it comes to taking attacks. His durable shield both protects you from all kinds of damage and strips away the elemental and physical resistance of enemies within his AoE.
  • Sayu is an excellent support that both heals and causes Anemo swirl reactions. By using her with a 4-pc Viridescent Venerer set, she can also bring down the elemental resistance of enemies.

3. Freeze Team

Yelan Freeze Team
  • Ayaka is one of the best DPS characters out there. Her Elemental Skill and Dash allow her to have Cryo-infused attacks almost always, and she can work very well with Yelan. This permafreeze team comp is one of the best team comp metas used in Genshin.
  • Diona’s shield and Cryo AoE Burst provide nice support. But, her most important role in this team is the Cryo resonance she provides along with Ayaka, which increases the Crit Rate by a significant amount. This also works in favor of Ayaka’s talents.
  • Kazuha, as always, is a great crowd controller with all his Elemental attacks. His Anemo swirls also work well with the permafreeze concept of this team.

4. Perma-freeze Team 2

  • Ganyu deals with DMG using her Elemental Burst, which reacts with Yelan’s Hydro Burst attachment to trigger a perma-freeze scenario.
  • Yelan is the sub-DPS on this team who provides off-field Hydro application.
  • Kazuha comes in the clutch in this team comp with his crowd control and the debuff to enemies by decreasing their Elemental Resistance.
  • Diona’s shield is a nice attachment when players are facing enemies with high attack power. It also helps recharge Ganyu’s, Elemental Burst. Secondly, the Cryo Resonance created with two Cryo characters in the team is very useful, as it significantly increases Crit Rate.

5. F2P Friendly Electro Charged Team

Genshin Impact Yelan team comps
  • Yelan deals powerful Hydro damage that provides resistance from attacks to the active character.
  • Beidou is the main DPS on this team. She can deal with Electro DMG periodically, which deals continuous Electro Charged damage to enemies. Her parry Elemental skill is also very powerful and handy to have.
  • Although Fischl is weak when it comes to dealing DMG, her elemental skill is useful in dealing with consistent Electrocharged DMG.
  • Bennett can boost the overall DMG of the team with his Elemental Burst, and also acts as the healer. Since the Pyro from his attacks is not too much, he does not disturb the Electro Charged reactions.

These are some of the best Yelan comps we have found to date. Tell us below which ones are your favorite.

What are your thoughts on the team compositions for Yelan in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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