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Genshin Impact: Best team compositions for Noelle and tips

Create the best team with Noelle!

Noelle is a 4-star geo claymore wielder in Genshin Impact, the 4-star geo character made her appearance again during the first phase of version update 3.2. Noelle’s ability to shield as well as heal the on-field character is great for many support and offensive team compositions often seeming as the consistent backbone of the team. In this Genshin Impact guide, players will be able to select their team compositions with Noelle in the mix.

Best team compositions for Noelle in Genshin Impact

1. Electro Charged team comp

Noelle Fischl Xingqiu Beidou 
  • Overall stable team composition 
  • F2P friendly as all the characters are 4 stars 
  • With lots of Elemental versatility, players can easily break the enemy’s shield without much effort
  • Taser-charged team of small enemies generally unable to even move
  • Duel shields from both Noelle and Beidou will keep the active character safe and deal damage without breaking poise
Genshin Impact electro charged team comp
Image via HoYoLab

Electro Charged team cons

No effective healer is available in the team Xingqiu and Noelle may provide some but this is weak against enemies who skip shield damage while attacking (eg: Rifthouds).

2. Mono Geo team comp

Arataki Itto Gorou Zhongli Noelle 
  • Best team composition for Noelle so far
  • Highest damage potential composition so far 
  • As all the characters are of the same element they are both complementary and supplementary to each other i.e team won’t run much into energy problems.
Genshin Impact mono geo team comp
Image via HoYoLab

Mono Geo team Cons

  • Lack of team elemental versatility, players might run into shield-breaking problems 
  • Expensive team composition as most of the characters are 5 stars
  • Again no effective healer available in the team Noelle may provide some as her healing is based on RNG but this is weak against enemies which skip shield damage while attacking (eg: Rifthouds)

3. Triple Geo team comp 

Noelle Albedo Fischl Gorou 
  • This team composition is a mixture of both, not as good as the first two mentioned above 
  • Stable team comp can be used when players don’t have other characters 
  • F2P friendly team
Genshin Impact triple geo team comp
Image via HoYoLab

These are the best team compositions we have found up to date.

What are your thoughts about the best team compositions for Noelle in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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