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Genshin Impact: Chasm Spelunkers World Quest Guide

Complete the Genshin Impact Chasm Spelunkers World Quest in minutes!

With Genshin Impact version 2.6 live, we are now busy with the quests and walkthroughs. It is a must for all the players to complete the Surreptitious Seven-Star Sundering World Quest, and then the players will get the Chasm Spelunkers World Quest. This is our step-to-step guide to help you complete Genshin Impact Chasm Spelunkers World Quest in a short time.

How to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest in Genshin Impact

Your destruction of the Bedrock Keys has now blown open the seal on The Chasm. We must now explore its depths. As part of the Chasm Delvers world questline, The Chasm Spelunkers is the third quest. You will visit the underground mines of The Chasm in this part of the questline.

Getting into the Chasm underground mines

chasm underground mines
Image via miHoYo

After removing the seal at the Chasm, teleport back to the site and talk to Yuehui. Teleport to The Chasm’s Maw Southwest Waypoint and glide northeast. After you enter the underground, head southwest to collect lumens par nearby and you will receive a new gadget, Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Uncle He’s whereabouts: Hunt for clues phase 1

Teleport back to the waypoint, cross the wooden bridge, and head southwest. Now, players need to battle it out with geovishap. Defeat your enemy and interact with diary fragment No. 1 on the wooden crate. 

Uncle He’s whereabouts: Hunt for clues phase 2

Teleport back to the waypoint, jump down and head southwest. Players will get treasure hoarders now, and they need to battle it out with the treasure hoarders nearby. After defeating the hoarders, interact with diary fragment No. 2 on the wooden shelf.

Uncle He’s whereabouts: Hunt for clues phase 3

Stand on the sprout rock and jump up to collect the lumenspar floating on the crane’s hook. After collecting the lumenspar, head southeast, and the players will get diary fragment No. 3. Interact with the diary fragment Number 3. Teleport back to the same waypoint and talk to Jinwu. Now, players need to jump down, head southeast, and enter the cave. Follow the pathway and collect the lumenspar that players may have stumbled upon along the way. Continue with the pathway and activate the waypoint.

After players reach the exploration team’s camp, the first area of the underground Chasm will be visible now. Head east and collect the lumenspar. Next, players need to glide east and collect the lumenspar located on a wooden plank. Continue east and look for Zhiqiong near the bridge. Glide east towards the lumenspar floating on top of the broken bridge. 

Meeting New People and Foiling Some Bandits

Now players need to glide southeast towards the lumenspar on the wooden platform. Next, head southeast to unlock the waypoint. Head to the quest location with the help of the quest navigator. Players can unlock the nearby waypoint to save some time from the exploration. 

Meeting New People and Foiling Bandits
Image via miHoYo

After unlocking the waypoint, players need to glide northeast towards the quest location. There will be treasure hoarders around, and players need to fight with the hoarders and defeat them. Save Clitopho from the cage to receive The Alchemistake achievement.  

Players need to head south with the help of the quest navigator towards the second occupied camp. At the second camp, players need to fight the treasure hoarders again and, after defeating them, interact with the giant cannon. Move east with the help of the quest navigator towards the storehouse with cannonballs. Players can unlock the waypoint at a higher platform if they wish to. The sub-quest Meeting New People and Foiling Some Bandits are now completed as players reach the gate. 

First Miasmic Contact

Players now need to teleport to the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel waypoint and move towards South using the quest navigator. Walk on the rope and go to the other side of the mines. Players do not need the Venti elemental skill to do this. Next, activate the waypoint and go up to the higher platform. The player will face many enemies along the way while moving east via the wooden bridge. Defeat all the enemies along the way. 

First Miasmic Contact
Image via miHoYo

Enter the cave now and investigate the site of the first anomaly. Players will find two abyss on the way, and they need to defeat them and take a photo of the anomaly. Head southwest towards the next quest location and players will enter a cutscene.

Teleport back to Ad-Hoc main Tunnel waypoint to complete the Chasm Spelunkers world quest. The total rewards for this quest include Adventure EXP ×200, Primogem ×30, Mora ×20000, Hero’s Wit ×2, and Lumenstone Ore ×1.

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