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Genshin Impact Dehya Story Quest Guide and Tips

New Story quest associated with Dehya in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact has released the new playable character Dehya along with her Story Quest in Version 3.5. Dehya is a 5-Star Pyro Claymore character who will be added to the Standard Banner after Version 3.5. She has already been shown during the Sumeru Archon questline and is a well-loved character. As a result, the story quest starts where it was left off in the other story after overthrowing the Akademia Sages. In this guide, we will be helping you navigate through the Dehya Story Quest: ‘Lionsblood’ Chapter: Act I with a thorough walkthrough and also share special insight and thoughts about her story quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Dehya’s Story Quest: Mantichora Chapter– ACT I ‘Lionsblood’ in Genshin Impact

To unlock and have access to Dehya’s Story Quest, players must:

Genshin Impact Dehya Story Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Part One: Shade upon Red Silk

Genshin Impact Dehya Story Quest part one
Image via HoYoverse


One day, the player and Paimon will stop by the Grand Bazaar.

  • Teleport to Sumeru City in Sumeru and head to the Grand Bazaar to start the story quest.
  • The quest will start off as the Traveler and Paimon talk amongst themselves in the place, Dehya and Dunyarzard follow suit shortly after and the group exchanges greetings.
  • Dehya then explains her situation with her own Eremite crew to the Traveler and Paimon, where you agree to follow her journey and help with her problems. Go to Caravan Ribat to learn more about the situation.
  • Dehya instructs that they need to stop a group of Eremites that are constructing a trade route in order to get a lead. Watch over the trade route and wait for your moment to ambush them.
  • After a short and hostile conversation between the Eremites and Dehya ends up in a battle, they shortly get apprehended which allows you to freely search the caravan. Intercept the caravan and search for clues.
  • Talk to Sattar and look for clues about the goods. The player and Dehya soon discover that the smuggled goods are funded by Dunyarzard’s father. Thinking about the possibilities of this discovery both of you head back to Sumeru City to talk to Dunyarzard.

Part One Quest: Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 400
  • Mora x 27825
  • Hero’s Wit x 3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6

Part Two: Annals of the Scarlet Sands

Genshin Impact Dehya Story Quest part two
Image via HoYoverse


During your investigation, you accidentally stumbled upon Dunyarzad’s father’s name. After discussing the matter with Dehya, she decides that Dunyarzad should be informed of all that has transpired.

  • Return to Sumeru City to talk to Dunyarzad. She will be located around the Grand Bazaar again.
  • After confronting Dunyarzard, she will ask of you and Dehya to head somewhere safe where nobody is eavesdropping on their conversation. Wait for Dunyarzad at the usual place.
  • The conversation leads to an NPC named Jawad who deals with Dunyarzard’s father’s finances and goods. Go look for Jawad outside the tavern at night as it is reported he usually resides there to have a drink or two.
  • Jawad will then reveal a location where the Eremites are gathering around to find King Deshret’s Relics. Go to the location of Dakan Al-Ahmar by following the Quest map. The location will be somewhere around the Sumeru Desert. While heading to the place you will encounter mobs along the way.
  • There will be puzzles and challenges along the way. Smash through all obstructions and then afterwards intercept with an NPC named Idrisi. He and his other crew-mates are Dehya’s father’s crew who are trying to avenge his death.

Part Two Quest: Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 550
  • Mora x 38100
  • Hero’s Wit x 4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 8

Part Three: Sincerity’s Facade


The truth is revealed. Dehya’s father has long passed. Still, his comrades in arms seek to avenge him. Before judgment falls, Dehya decides to lend them her aid.

  • Go to the hiding place of Deshret’s Relics by following the map. Once you reach the area, you have to enter their hiding place. At this point, there will be a Domain challenge just like any other Domain. Progress cannot be saved once you leave. Make sure you bring a good team in order to fight enemies.
  • Speak with your associates of the Eremits and Idrisi about the situation. Keep following the route and proceed deeper into the paths till you fight enemies mobs and the remaining members of Deshret’s Relics
  • Talk to Dehya about how to respond to the Eremites. Afterwards, go to the upper floors of the record room.
  • Once Dehya discovers the hidden sword that her father left her, a cutscene occurs. Afterwards, go back to Sumeru City to comfort Dehya about the whole incident at the Tavern.
  • Once you comforted Dehya leave for the Grand Bazaar for a moment to take in the information. Dehya will follow shortly after.

Part Three Quest: Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 700
  • Primogems x60
  • Mora x 53900
  • Hero’s Wit x 6
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 12
  • Guide to Praxis x5

In-Depth Review and Discussion of Dehya Story Quest ACT I

Dehya’s Characterization

When starting the quest, we as the players have already familiarized ourselves with Dehya as a pre-established character that was heavily involved in the Sumeru Archon quests. In the Archon Questline, we witnessed Dehya as a pretty well-tempered individual who sticks to her ideals and morals and has always advocated the representation of the Desert people, the very people that have been oppressed and shunned by the Forest people.

From the previous Archon Quests, Dehya was seen to be working as a personal Bodyguard for Dunyarzard. Even when she worked for the pay, she grows a sense of attachment for her client and it’s displayed very clearly when she sacrifices her own Claymore for Dunyarzard’s happiness. It just further shows Dehya’s true character, that despite having such a harsh exterior and appearance she has a kind soul who only wants the best.

Genshin Impact Dehya
Image via HoYoverse

The Story Quest let us dive into Dehya’s own origin being a Desert folk and an Eremite at such a young age. Her backstory is quite angst-filled with her father being a bad parent and her never seeing her own mother.

Story Plot

The story dived into more about the lives of the Desert people, especially about the Eremites. Dehya’s being an Eremite herself lets us into the backstory of how she came to be. She speaks out about her life in the desert with her alcoholic dad and the struggles of being an Eremite mercenary. It is quite admirable and brave to see Dehya in such a situation and the players can instantly get a read on her upbringing and the reason why Dehya acts like she is currently, tough and hard-hitting.

The story also shows us the life of Eremites and Dehya’s own crew in the flesh. We see a glimpse of their attitudes and personality while Dehya interacts with her friends and crewmates. Suffice it to say, it is quite refreshing to see such friendly Eremites seeing as how the game always held a sense of prejudice about the Desert people in the first get-go and tries to make the players antagonize them.

When Dehya comes to aid Dunyarzard back in Sumeru City, she suddenly tells the Traveler and Paimon that something is up within the Eremite crews and that she needs to leave for the Desert to immediately solve it. Apparently, a group of Eremites called the Al-Ahmer group or the King Deshret group sought to seek King Deshret’s tombs and discover hidden secrets in order to sell them for a hefty price. Dehya of course puts a stop to it in her own cool way. We also get to see an emotional moment between her and her late father who passed away years ago and it did pull on some heartstrings.

Final Thoughts

Dehya’s story quest was pretty interesting to witness as we get to see a more private and vulnerable part of her story and character. Dehya has always been an individual that stood out the most in the Archon Quests with her sense of bravery and humility to do what’s right, especially for the Desert people. The Story Archon has been quite satisfying and it will be interesting to see Dehya in any future Stories too.

What are your thoughts on the Dehya Story Quest in Genshin Impact Version 3.5 Update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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