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Genshin Impact Fayz Trials Event Guide and Tips

New event coming in Genshin Impact!

Fayz Trials is a brand-new upcoming event coming in Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact. This event will task players with fighting against enemies, under the effects of the Fayz Potion. This potion will stop time, allowing players to target enemy weaknesses and defeat them before they have a chance to attack. Players must be sure to take part in Fayz Trials and earn some fantastic rewards. In this guide, we will discuss the eligibility criteria and some basic tips and tricks for players to maximize their gains from the Fayz Trials event in Genshin Impact.

Fayz Trials Event: Eligibility

The event will run from the 8th of September, 2022 to the 26th of September, 2022, and will offer exclusive rewards for those who participate.

The Fayz Trials event is a great way to test your skills in Genshin Impact. To unlock it, one needs to reach Adventurer Rank 20 and complete Prologue: Act 3 – Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Once they are done with that, players are all set to enter the event.

Fayz Trials Event: Gameplay Details

In this event, players are only restricted to using the Trial Characters provided by the challenge. These trial characters are already equipped and players are unable to change their loadout. When they drink a Fayz Potion, they will enter into a Time Dilation Mode which essentially pauses time for both the player and his enemies. This allows them to survey the battlefield and strategize their moves, while the enemies are frozen in place.

During Time Dilation, players will enter a mode similar to using a Kamera. They can capture as many enemies as possible, during Time Dilation to defeat them quickly and spot weaknesses. However, Fayz Potions are powerful and rare items.

To be able to use it during the challenge, players must collect Faze Tinctures, which is an energy that is spread throughout the map. Finding and collecting these tinctures would not be easy, but the Fayz Potion provides a significant advantage in battle.

To drink a Fayz Potion, players must collect energy called Faze Tinctures to be able to use it, during the challenge. Some enemies have Golden Weaknesses that can be seen by using a Fayz Potion. Players should view them to collect more Fayz Tinctures.

It is to be noted that various enemies throughout the game have Golden Weaknesses that can be seen by using a Fayz Potion. Viewing these weaknesses allows them to collect more Fayz Tinctures, which in turn, can be used to create powerful potions and upgrade the gear.

Event Rewards

The rewards for the event are not properly clear, as of now. Players will be near the event day, we will update this list soon. At present, here is the list of rewards that are up for grabs.

Image via Genshin Impact fandom
  • Primogems
  • Mora   
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Character Ascension Materials

That’s all for now on the Fayz Trials event. Players should be sure to check back often, as we will update the event with more info to be disclosed soon.

What are your thoughts on the Fayz Trials Event Guide in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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