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Genshin Impact Yoimiya guide: Best weapons, artifacts and materials required for ascension

Tips to unleash the full potential of Yoimiya!

The new Genshin Impact’s new 3.7 update has released on the 24th of May, 2023. As the new patch 3.7 lands, it will bring the King of Invokations Grand Prix main event, a new character Kirara and a lot more TCG cards. Along with the new characters, some old characters like BennettXingqiu, Yun Jin, Yoimiya and Yae Miko will be coming out as a part of the rerun banner. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will talk about all you need to know about Yoimiya, her builds and the materials required for her ascension.

Yoimiya: Playstyle and skill-set of the character

Yoimiya, who is known as the Queen of the Summer Festival is considered the best pyrotechnician in Inazuma. She has a child-like innocence and enjoys social interactions with her peers. Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro Bow user, and her constellation is Carassius Auratus. The following are her talents, skills, and attacks.

Name / DescriptionType
Firework Flare-upNormal Attack
Yoimiya shoots up to 5 consecutive times with her bow.
Firework Flare-upCharged attack
Charge 1: Yoimiya fires a flaming arrow from her bow dealing pyro damage to enemies hit.

Charge 2: If Yoimiya continues to charge after the first one, she will fire up to 3 flaming arrows into her enemies dealing pyro damage on hit.
Firework Flare-upPlunge attack
Yoimiya fires a volley of arrows as she plunges on her enemies dealing damage as she hits the ground.
Teika EnshouElemental Skill
During this period, Yoimiya’s Normal Attack arrows will be Blazing Arrows, with their DMG boosted and converted to Pyro DMG. During this period, the 2nd Charged Level of Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up will not generate Kindling Arrows. When Yoimiya leaves the field, this effect will be deactivated.
Auros BlazeElemental Burst

Yoimiya shoots scorching rockets bursting with surprises that deal AoE Pyro DMG and mark one of the hit opponents with Aurous Blaze as her original creation, the “Ryukin Saxifrage” and jumps into the skies.

All Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts used by any party member other than Yoimiya that hit an opponent marked by Aurous Blaze will cause explosions that deal AoE Pyro DMG. When an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated during the length of the skill, the effect is passed on to another adjacent opponent, who inherits the remaining duration.

Yoimiya’s Passive

Genshin Impact Yoimiya guide
Genshin Impact Guide: Yoimiya Character
  • Blazing Match: Yoimiya has a 100 % chance of refunding a portion of resources used when crafting Decoration, Ornament and Landscape-type Furnishing.
  • Tricks of the Trouble-maker: Hits with Yoimiya’s Normal Attack during Teika Fire-Dance raise her Pyro DMG Bonus by 2%. This effect lasts 3 seconds and can stack up to 10 times.
  • Summer Scorch: Using Ryukin Saxifrage grants nearby party members (except Yoimiya) a 10% ATK boost for 15 seconds. ATK Bonus will also be added based on the number of “Tricks of the Trouble-Make” stacks Yoimiya has when using Ryukin Saxifrage. This ATK Bonus is increased by 1% for each layer.

Sets to farm for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

There are two recommended artifact sets to be farmed for Yoimiya. These two include the likes of ‘Crimson Witch of Flames’ and ‘Noblesse Oblige’. Both of these artifact sets are great on Yoimiya for different reasons. Noblesse Oblige would be better for a more supportive build for Yoimiya as it gives additional damage to the main DPS of the team. Crimson Witch of Flames, however, would greatly increase her supportive DPS capabilities with her pyro skills.

Stats to look on artifacts



Elemental Mastery
Crit rate
  Crit damage


Elemental Mastery
 Crit rate
 Critical damage


Elemental Mastery
Elemental Mastery
Crit rate 
Critical damage


Pyro Damage%
Elemental Mastery
Crit rate
Critical damage


Crit rate / Critical damage
Elemental Mastery
 Crit rate
Critical damage

Materials required for ascension of Yoimiya

In this Genshin Impact Yoimiya guide, the materials needed to ascend Yoimiya from level 1 to level 90 are as follows.

Character materials for Yoimiya
1xAgnidus Agate Sliver
9xAgnidus Agate Fragment
9xAgnidus Agate Chunk
6xAgnidus Agate Gemstone
46xSmoldering Pearl
168xNaku Weed
18xDivining Scroll
30xSealed Scroll
36xForbidden Curse Scroll
Experience414 Hero’s wit, 13 Adventurer’s XP, 22 Wanderers advice, and 1,672,000 Mora

Talent upgrade materials for Yoimiya

3xTeachings of Transience
21xGuide to Transience
38xPhilosophies of Transience
6xDivining Scroll
22xSealed Scroll
31xForbidden Curse Scroll
6xDragon Lord’s Crown
1xCrown of Insight

Best weapons for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Yoimiya guide
Best Weapons for Yoimiya

With Yoimiya being a DPS or a support DPS, character weapons with Elemental Mastery, Crit rate and Team buffs would be a great addition to her abilities.

  • Skyward Harp (5*)
  • Elegy for the End (5*)
  • Windblume Ode (4*)
  • The Stringless (4*)

Special Dish

As a Character Specialty Dish, Summer Festival Fish can only be obtained by preparing Tricolor Dango with Yoimiya. Players can get it through an in-game mail, which will be delivered on Yoimiya’s birthday.

With all that being said, we cannot wait for the addition of Yoimiya to the already great Pyro user line-up. She would be a great addition to the rosters in Genshin Impact.

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact Yoimiya Guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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would amos be good on yoimiya?


Would the viridescent hunt be good for dps Yoimiya??


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I’m going to use stringless as it boosts her teika fire dance dmg, is this right (dps)

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