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Genshin Impact Guide: How to beat Maguu Kenki with Tips

Tips to beat Maguu Kenki easily!

Maguu Kenki literally translates to Puppet Sword Demon who is a boss-type monster in Genshin Impact. Upon finishing the third act of the Genshin Impact 1.6 update event’s story quest, players can fight Maguu Kenki as he wakes up. Beware of the field commander as he is ready to dish out punishment after decades of sleep and rest. As Inazuma approaches, it is imperative to understand how to beat Maguu Kenki since not only does he drop ascension material for Kazuha but there is a high possibility that his drop materials will be required for the characters hailing from Inazuma. Here, we will guide you to beat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact.

How to beat Maguu Kenki


Maggu Kenki location
Maggu Kenki locations in Genshin Impact (Image by miHoYo)

Currently, Maguu Kenki is located at the central island of Golden Apple Archipelago and post 2.0 will be shifted to Inazuma.

How he reached Golden Apple Archipelago

Genshin Impact beat Maguu Kenki
Maguu Kenki (Image from Genshin Impact)

According to one of the echoing conch, the immigrants came here to the island after they stole it from their homeland.

Maguu Kenki’s attacks

To understand how to beat any boss in Genshin Impact, it is important to understand the enemies attack pattern, enemies weaknesses. Additionally, one must understand whether the enemy has any kind of resistance. For example, Lupus Boreas is immune to cryo damage. In this guide, we will look at the attacks of Maguu Kenki, which might help to beat him in Genshin Impact.

  • Mangu Kenki uses a combination of cryo and anemo attacks so some players may be under the assumption that he is immune to these elements. Rest assured he is not immune so can easily use your anemo and cryo characters.
  • Similar to Primo Geovishap, Maguu Kenki is immune to any damage while he gets up. Therefore one must not waste the elemental burst. Using skills will still generate particles so using the skill to charge your burst is advisable on characters who do not have their burst up.
  • He does not have any weak point as such so the best way to defeat him will be using a team with a balance of offence and defence. Healers/Shielders are always welcome in the team composition to make life easy.
  • He does not take any damage from ranged attacks so refrain from using a catalyst and bow users. Bow and Catalyst users can deal damage if they are in close range with the boss but using these characters in close range is a bit risky due to their HP and defence being low as compared to melee characters.
  • Maguu Kenki deploys phantoms which are clones. Attacking the clones does not decrease the health of the boss so it is best to ignore the clones and focus on the main body. 
  • Maguu Kenki has two phases, the second phase starts when his HP falls below 75%.

Phase 1 Attacks

  • When your character is in front of Maguu Kenki he will use his mask to attack. This attack is easy to dodge since it attacks is in a straight line and moves slowly. To dodge just move in any direction and if you feel you are late using dash will definitely guarantee not getting hit.
  • When your character is far Maguu Kenki will throw his mask and the mask will spin before doing damage. So move as soon as you see the mask approaching you/ spinning because the damage is AoE(cryo).
  • lai Stance: Maguu Kenki enters the stance formation and sheaths his sword to doe AoE slash. Runaway to avoid damage.
  • Whirlwind Slash: Enters Iai stance and charges for a while before quickly slashing around itself once.
  • Flowing Water: This attack involves three slow slashes. The attacks are very slow and easy to dodge either by dashing or moving in a direction perpendicular to the attack.
  • On reaching 75% hitpoints he will take out one more sword. This indicates he is about to enter phase 2. Run far away from him since the attack has a huge AoE.

Phase 2 Attacks

In phase 2, all phase 1 attacks become stronger and also there are some new attacks. Maguu Kenki spawns a clone (phantom) for some of its attacks.

Maguu Kenki attacks without phantom

Sword Flash

A lunging attack imbued with anemo is unleashed once Maguu Kenki’s attack pattern changes. Similar to Sword Flash, Maguu Kenki will approach you, dealing with anemo damage and following it up with a slash attack. Therefore, one must stay alert and avoid it by dashing or shielding. On rare occasions, instead of doing a follow-up slash attack, Maguu Kenki will instead use a Triple Sword Slash infused with Anemo and end it with a Mask Rush. It is recommended to move away from Maguu Kenki to dodge all of the attacks.

Triple Sword Slash

A stronger version of the phase 1 attack this time the attack is wider, infused with anemo. Therefore, dashing is a better way to avoid damage than just moving away.

Maguu Kenki will also occasionally do the attack which it does while entering the second phase. The key to identifying this attack is the same as before. One must start to run away once he takes out his second sword.

Maguu Kenki attacks with phantom

Iai Stance

Maguu Kenki enters the stance formation and sheaths his sword to do AoE slash. The player must run away to avoid damage. In phase 2, there are 2 versions of this attack. In the first one, the blue phantom stacks with the boss and does AoE damage. The boss does normal AoE damage while the phantom does damage in the shape of a doughnut. This means that the attack deals damage only at the edges and does not deal damage inside like a doughnut which is a hole in the centre. For dodging and doing damage, one must stand at the edge of the attack and then run in to do damage.

In the second version, the blue phantom spawns on top of the character. The boss himself makes the distance from us. The phantom has a bigger AoE. So, it is better to attack the boss and stay away from the phantom. Also, make sure that you are not in between the boss and the phantom because the phantom with its big radius of attack will hit you. Also, the range of the boss’s attack is indicated by a blue circle beneath him.

Maguu Kenki also spawns a green phantom that slashes once in the direction where it’s facing. The boss will also start his slashing attack once the phantom is done. The boss will shoot towards our character 3 times and dodge use a dash. The further away one is from the boss the easier it is to dodge.

It may be tough to visualize the attack patterns by reading texts. Therefore, this video below will help to understand the attack patterns.

In conclusion, Maguu Kenki is not a hard boss to fight. His attacks are straightforward, giving a lot of time to dodge, and unlike Hypostasis as he does not have any annoying mechanics to defeat him. The key to defeating him is dealing damage while preserving stamina to dodge his attacks. In case of low stamina, usage of I-frames is necessary.

Did you find our Genshin Impact Guide to beat Maguu Kenki helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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