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Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to beat the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss

Tips to beat the new Overworld boss in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact has released two new Overworld Bosses, that were officially released back in the Sumeru 3.0 Version update, one of which was called the ‘Jadeplume Terrorshroom’. It was initially one of the first Overworld Bosses that Genshin Impact had released, which deals Dendro damage, as well as drops Dendro materials once it is defeated. Currently, the only playable characters that require the unique character Ascension Materials are both Tighnari and Collei. In this guide, we will be discussing the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss and its attack patterns, ways, and tips to defeat the boss in Genshin Impact. There will also be some advice on what characters and team compositions the players should be using in-game.

How to Find and Unlock the ‘Jadeplume Terrorshroom’ Boss in Genshin Impact

In order to have access to the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss, players have to unlock the Sumeru region part of the map.

Image via HoYoverse

Players need to head to the Vissudha Field located at Sumeru’s western area of the map, by either walking or teleporting to the nearby teleport that will automatically bring players close to the boss. In order to unlock the nearby teleport waypoint, players need to head towards the direction of the locked waypoint and run into a cave area. Upon reaching the cave, players should look up and they will see a portal above that will transport them directly to the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. They can now start approaching the boss to fight it. They must make sure they unlock the nearby Teleport Waypoint on the way.

Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom Boss: Quick overview

Description: The lord of fungal beasts lives in the heart of the woods and in the company of its kind. Fungi grow wherever it is damp and fertile. They can always adapt to adversity, and their spores can spread anywhere there is room. Given time, this proud-looking bird-like beast might evolve into something yet more magnificent.

Jadeplume Boss
Image via HoYoverse

Over many long years, this large fungal beast has morphed into a unique form. Its intelligence has already reached and perhaps has even surpassed real animals, and it will actively hunt prey to obtain sustenance. Its tail has a lovely jade plumage that seems very similar to that of the ancient sacred beast that the Spantamad School reveres. As far as the logic of mimesis is concerned, it seems quite likely that the two beings once walked the earth together.

Materials and Items dropped by the Jadeplume Terrorshroom

  • Character Ascension Material: Majestic Hooked Beak
  • Artifact Sets: Berserker, Instructor, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe
  • Ascension Gems: Nagadus Emerald Sliver, Nagadus Emerald Fragment, Nagadus Emerald Chunk, and Nagadus Emerald Gemstone

Genshin Impact: How to Defeat the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss

Genshin Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss
Image via HoYoverse

When it is hit by Electro attacks and Catalyze reactions, it will accumulate Activation or if it is hit by Pyro attacks, it will lose Activation progress. When it accumulates sufficient Activation, it will enter an Activated state. An activated Jadeplume Terrorshroom will unleash more fearsome attacks until it becomes exhausted. When it is not ‘Activated’, the Jadeplume Terrorshroom can be put into a Burning state via the use of Pyro, which will cause it to become ‘Scorched’. It will then spread spores around to create Fungi in an attempt to escape this status.

Normal State

When the Jadeplume Terrorshroom is in a normal state (without being hit by Electro or Pyro attacks) it will perform up to 3 different Attack patterns. 

Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss normal state
Image via HoYoverse
  • Melee Combo: Performs a 3 part combo attack that deals Dendro damage. While in this state the Jadeplume Terrorshroom will imbue itself with Dendro. Players are advised to stay in a mid-range around the boss when it performs its attacks. Easily time the attack and dodge them.
  • Barrage: The boss swings its tail and launches a series of projectiles that deal Dendro damage upon hit. The JadeplumeTerrorshroom applies Dendro to itself while projecting spores. You can easily dodge the ongoing projectiles of spores if you time it right.
  • Volatile Spore Cloud: The Jadeplume Terrorshroom creates a big spore cloud around itself that explodes and deals AoE Dendro damage. While in this state, the boss is imbued with Dendro. When the Jadeplume Terrorshroom violently shakes itself, you should take it as a cue to stray away from it on a mid-range level before it causes an AoE Dendro explosion.

Activated State

The Jadeplume Terrorshroom has a Fury Bar that can be filled if the Fungus boss is attacked with Electro or deal with Catalyze reactions such as Quicken, Spread or Aggravate. Dealing Catalyze reactions will accelerate the Fury Bar’s progress more. Once the bar is filled up, the Jadeplume Terrorshroom will enter a state called an ‘Activation’ state where it deals with 3 new sets of Attack patterns.

  • Rapid Pecks: Just like its normal melee attack combo when it was in its normal state, the Activated Jadeplume Terrorshroom will perform a combo attack that deals Dendro damage with each attack. Staying away mid-range is a good option to avoid rapid attacks.
  • Spore Rain: A more violent attack of the ‘Volatile Spore Cloud’ attack where it fires more rapid and series of spores that lock into the player for a longer period of time, dealing Dendro damage with each spore. Look to where the spores are locked and quickly sprint sideways to avoid the projectile.
  • Furious Charge: The Jadeplume Terrorshroom will charge at the player two times and deal Dendro damage upon hit. See where the boss is charging and quickly time your sprinting to avoid the attacks.
Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss activated state
Image via HoYoverse

It is highly advised to attack the Jadeplume Terrorshroom with Electro attacks and deal Catalyze reactions in order to reach its Activation state. Once the boss is in that state, with each attack it performs on the player, the Jadeplume Terrorshroom will collapse momentarily for a short period of time. At this time, its resistance to all Elements except Dendro is reduced to 0%. Players should take this opportunity as an advantage to deal large amounts of damage to the boss when it is in its vulnerable state and hence defeat it entirely.

Scorched State

If the Burning reaction (Dendro x Pyro) is inflicted upon the Jadeplume Terrorshroom while it is not in the activated state (Normal state), it will become ‘Scorched’. The boss will then shoot up 3 spores that will explode, dealing attack as AoE Dendro DMG and turn into Floating Dendro Fungi to assist in the battle. After this, the Jadeplume Terrorshroom will then return to its normal state. The Floating Dendro Fungi will already be in their Scorched state when summoned. A maximum of 4 summoned Fungi can exist simultaneously.

Genshin Impact Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss scorched state

It is recommended that players should avoid bringing Pyro into the party and inflict Pyro damage onto the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. ‘Scorched’ state will summon more enemies in battle and players may feel very bothered as you will have to defeat the additional small mobs as well.  If the player does not have any ranged characters it will prove to be very difficult to fight the small fungi as most of the time they will all be in a constant flying state.

Players don’t need to have a specific team comp to bring into the fight. Although it is highly advised to bring an Electro character that can constantly proc Electro onto the Jadeplume Terrorshroom while also dealing High amounts of damage. Also bringing some mid-range characters would be nice if players cannot perfectly time and dodge the onslaught of attacks of the boss. Avoid bringing Pyro characters especially if you do not bring a Shielder or dedicated with you as your character may be affected by the ‘Burning’ effect and take continuous damage.

  • Electro DPS/Sub-DPS: Fischl, Raiden Shogun, YaeMiko, Cyno
  • Healer: Kokomi, Kuki Shinobu
  • Dendro applicator: Tighnari, Collei, Nahida (To trigger Catalyze reactions).

That’s how you can beat the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss easily in Genshin Impact

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