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Genshin Impact Version 3.0 update: New Elements, Characters and more

The open-world adventure RPG Genshin Impact Version 3.0 update will go live on August 24 as announced by worldwide interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse. The next addition, Version 3.0 “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings,” adds Sumeru, the fourth of the game’s seven major countries, as well as the Dendro element gameplay, the final component of Genshin Impact’s seven-element system.

With a brand-new series of elemental chain reactions, the Dendro element will be playable for the first time in this update

The vast Sumeru region, west of Liyue, is split primarily between two ecosystems: the rainforest and the desert. Players will be able to investigate the deep rainforest and numerous cities tucked away in it once it is released, including Sumeru City and Port Ormos.

The most prominent historical institution in Sumeru, known as the “Nation of Wisdom,” is called the Akademiya and was established by academics who supported the former Archon Dendron, the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. The Akademiya has taken control as the state’s ruling body since Lesser Lord Kusanali succeeded the previous Dendro Archon 500 years ago, making her the youngest of The Seven. This has turned knowledge into a resource that is rigorously managed.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 update
Image via HoYoverse

Due to a fresh run of chemical chain reactions, it will be possible to play the Dendro component for the first time. Burning, Blooming, and Catalyzing are the three primary reactions the Dendro element can start when combined with the Pyro, Hydro, and Electro elements, respectively. Bloom and Catalyze can change into new reactions while fighting.

One or more Dendro Cores will be produced by the Bloom reaction when Dendro and Hydro come into contact, causing delayed explosive Dendro damage. These Dendro Cores can either cause the Hyperbloom reaction, which transforms Dendro Cores into Sprawling Shots capable of tracking down adjacent foes, or the Burgeon reaction, which increases its AoE Dendro DMG.

The Catalyze reaction, which comes from Dendro and Electro, can cause the Spread or Aggravate reaction, which increases the damage that afflicted targets experience from the next Dendro or Electro strike. It can also apply the Quicken effect to those targets.

In addition to Dendro characters, the four-star Electro support character Dori will also join the game

Plants and creatures with Dendro traits can undergo a variety of polymorphic changes in the Sumeru jungle when they come into contact with the Hydro, Pyro, and Electro elements. Monsters can change their attack patterns or states, and they can also drop varied items, whilst some plants and mushrooms have beneficial properties.

Meanwhile, a greater range of fauna may thrive in humid tropical environments. To defend their home, Shroom-Kin has developed into a unique species known as the Fungi. The Jadeplume Terrorshroom, the new boss foe, is a kind of fungus with a strong animalistic mentality that may become highly territorial and combative. The Electro Regisvine, a new Boss foe, is also waiting for travelers in the depths of the forest.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 update
Image via HoYoverse

The list of playable characters will also include dendro characters. Players who take on the role of the Traveler have the opportunity to recruit two Dendro archers as well as acquire the power of Dendro at the Statue of The Seven in Sumeru. Tighnari, a five-star personality, is a sweet-natured young researcher and Forest Watcher.

Tighnari is an excellent choice to start chain reactions based on the Dendro element because both his Charged Attack and Elemental Burst may inflict damage over several phases. Collei, a student of Tighnari, will be entering as a four-star, and for a brief period of time, players can sign her up for free by finishing the Graven Innocence, 3.0’s primary seasonal event.

More optimizations and features will be implemented with the massive expansion to enhance gameplay

The four-star Electro support character Dori will join the game in addition to the Dendro characters. Dori is a mysterious trader in Sumeru who carries a claymore. Her Elemental Burst can aid adjacent team members to regain health and energy. During the first half of the update, Tighnari, Collei, and Zhongli will be accessible in the Event Wishes, followed by Dori and replays of Ganyu and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

The significant expansion will also introduce other improvements and features to improve gameplay. The Boon of the Elder Tree, Ultra-Hot Burner Lamp Test Model, and Fishing Line Stabilizer are three new gadgets that can be obtained to simplify wood farming, cooking, and fishing. To further enhance the vividness of Teyvat, colored shadows are also used.

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