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Genshin Impact Inazuma update: Secret achievements to complete

In-depth guide to clear out all the achievements

In Genshin Impact, there are a lot of secret achievements that players can earn by completing various tasks during the Inazuma update. These range from something as simple as getting hit by lightning, exploring the world to defeating Azdaha without using a shield. These achievements grant players with Primogems, which is used to buy wishes. Since Primogems are hard to come by and can’t be farmed, travelers actively look to complete various achievements. The game also contains hidden achievements that only appear when you complete them. Without knowing they exist, players can find it hard to complete these achievements. With Inazuma, miHoYo has added more secret achievements and chests. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will unravel the secrets of the Inazuma, listing the secret achievements to make the life of the players easy.

Story Quest 

These are straightforward achievements that are awarded at various stages of the archon quest. Completing the quest will ensure that all the achievements are unlocked. There is a total of 10 achievements, with each worth 5 primogems.

World Quests and Exploration

There are a number of World Quests that need exploration as a part of the secret achievements in Genshin Impact, that have come with the Inazuma update.

They Shall Not Grow Old

Offer Dendrobium flowers near the tomb (Image from Genshin Impact)

While exploring Yashiori island, players will come across some tombs. On reaching near the tomb, players will get the option to offer Dendrobium flowers to pay respect to the dead. To unlock the achievement, one needs to find all six tombs and place the Dendrobium flower at each of them.

Yamada Go’s Wooden Mallet

It is similar to the squirrels that grant travellers gold in Liyue and Mondstat, Inazuma has a Bake-danuki that travellers need to follow to get rewards. Following them is easy as they make sounds regularly.

On approaching them, they disappear and then pop out at another location. They keep doing this multiple times until they turn into an object like a barrel or a crate. To complete this achievement, players need to see through this disguise 15 times. To finally catch the Bake-danuki players need to destroy the object. 

Just My Luck and Paimon’s Lucky Day

Genshin Impact Inazuma Secret achievements
Fortune Slip Box (Image from Genshin Impact)

One needs to interact with the NPC Gendou Ringo, he is sitting at a counter just to the right of the Narukami Grand Shrine. Players will be given a chance to draw one Fortune slip every day. The slips predict the fortune for the day and have various outcomes. But to get the achievements, players need to get a Great Fortune and Great Misfortune slip. Getting the slips is completely random. Therefore, keep trying your luck and draw the slips daily until he unlocks the achievement.

Who Let the Dogs Out and Underground… Overrated?

On Jiren Islands, to free the dog Toratarou, one must use the metal keys that are found on the island itself. Freeing the dog not only gives a person the achievement but also following the furry animal and you will get a precious chest as well.

For the second achievement, players need to use the treasury key obtained from Saimon Jirou from the Farmer’s Treasure World quest. This key will be used to open the front door in Jiren Island. This puzzle will be solved here by using the stone slates. On completing this, people will get a common chest and the achievement which will be unlocked. But the most precious reward will be the Amenoma Kageuchi blueprint.

You Can’t Help Your Feelings

The bottle that players found in Dragonspine near the Ruin Grader have finally come to use. On reaching the Statue of Two-Armed & Fourteen-Eyed God, interaction with NPC Hiromi will start a quest. One needs to complete the quest to get this secret achievement in the Genshin Impact Inazuma update.

Rest in Peace

Touching the sword hilts when having the electrogranum will summon samurai ghosts. Defeating ten of these will grant the players with this achievement.

Shocking…Positively Shocking

It will be analogous to the achievement of “Struck by lightning”. Getting struck by Balethunder will unlock this achievement.

Oh, the Humanity

On completing the Fate of the Fighters World quest, if the players clear four additional enemy camps, they will then unlock this achievement.

Kujirai Art, Temari Jutsu and Temari for Life

While traveling through Inazuma, players will find a kid name Kujirai. He can be found in Byakko Plain near Inazuma City. He will introduce you to a game that he plays called Temari. One must play with him, then bid him goodbye. 

You can find him at 6 different locations after completing the world quest and he will challenge you in a 3 round contest-winning which rewards you with precious chests. For the second achievement, a player must be invited game of the Temari in Co-op.

Thank You, Come Again

Collecting mysterious conches and giving three of these to Takashi will give players the chance to open one chest daily. While the rewards from these chests are particularly exciting, opening the chest for seven days in a row will unlock this achievement along with the blueprint of the new craftable bow Hamayumi.

Second Blooming

One of the items that players will get from opening chests at Takashi’s house is a bag of flower seeds. The drops are random, therefore, acquiring this might take a long time. After someone has got this item, it must be given to Hanayama Kaoru. She is found on the mountain surrounding Mikage Furnace, near a shrine on the northern side. One must return to help her planting flowers for two more days. One will get the achievement with some extra mora.

A Hollow Soul

Genshin Impact Inazuma Secret achievements
A Hollow Soul World Quest (Image from Genshin Impact)

One must pray at the Outsider Shrine where Washizu’s kneeling. He must return to the next day for a chest. After 3 days, one must fight him and trigger a world quest that leads to the final reward.

Guess Who

One must find out the real identity of Zhenzyu will unlock this achievement. This is done by completing the world quest of Yae Publishing House’s Invitation.

And I Would Walk 3000 More

Post completion of the world quest “Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away”, players must talk with Chouji on the next day and give him 12 crystal marrow. He will be seen two more times on Tatarasuna road and in Inazuma City.

Rise and Shrine

Finding all five shrines on Yashiori island will unlock this achievement.

A Doctor’s Odyssey

After completing the “Treatment on the Island”, place 12 Naku weeds for 3 days, outside Yasumoto’s house. One must return one day later for 3 days to collect exquisite chests for the first two days. On the third day, people will need to find three pieces of notes. This would give them clues about the location of a luxurious chest on Jakotsu Mine.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Secret achievements: Combat

If I Run Fast Enough… and In This Solemn Matter Let No One Interfere!

The first achievement is unlocked if Maguu Kenki is defeated without taking any damage from its Phantom (clones attack) while the second players need to avoid triggering his parry. To achieve this, one must need to understand his attack patterns for which we have a detailed guide.

Fine, I’ll Do It Myself

Defeating the primo geovishap without a shield to deflect its primordial shower is all you need to get this achievement. The two ways to do this are taking a tanky character or dodging the primordial shower as the geovishap gives you a lot of time to get of the shower’s range or I-frame the attack.

Core Breakthrough and Could All Uninvolved Machinery Please Leave Immediately?

For Core breakthrough, paralyzing all of the four sentinels is important. Therefore, defeating the mechanical array is the requirement to gain the achievement.

The second one is very time-consuming, as players must not kill those sentinels. A healer and a shielder are recommended as the fight will take a long time. Playing in Co-op will also reduce the complexity. All one needs to do is wait for the mechanical array to reabsorb its sentinels. One must not attack the sentinels as one might accidentally paralyze them.

Burned Yourself, Did You? and Smells like Animal Spirit!

Genshin Impact Inazuma Secret achievements
Image from Genshin Honey Hunter World

For the first achievement, players must let the pyro hypostasis get its shield back twice before defeating. While, for the second achievement, one needs to get hit by a charging bull, butterfly bomb and the diving fish attack. The easiest way to get the second achievement is to wait after engaging the pyro hypostasis and let it damage with its attack. One must bring a healer and some food, in case, the characters may get too much damage. After tanking those shots one needs to defeat the enemy.

Fight Fire With Fire and Ride the Lightning

Kairagi samurai (Image from Genshin Wiki)
Kairagi samurai (Image from Genshin Wiki)

These achievements are easy. One needs to defeat Kairagi samurai when their sword is infused with pyro and electro respectively.

What are your thoughts on the secret achievements to complete in the Inazuma update in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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