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Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, and more

Genshin's new character Kaveh and his abilities explained!

“Empyrean Reflection” Kaveh is a 4* Dendro character who is really good at what he is supposed to do, unlike some other recent 4* characters. He has a rather unique attack animation while his skill and burst both have the ability to immediately explode Bloom cores for instant Dendro DMG. Not only that, he also has a self-healing mechanic which protects him from Bloom DMG. All of these factors combined make him a really interesting 4* character. In this Genshin Impact Kaveh guide, we will analyze how his abilities work and how to play him in a team. 

Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide: Abilities description 

Talent upgrade priority

Burst > Normal Attack > Skill

Normal attack: Schematic Setup

Normal Attack

  • Uses Mehrak to perform up to 4 consecutive attacks.
Genshin Impact Kaveh Abilities
Image via HoYoverse

Charged Attack

  • Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes.
  • At the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.

Plunging Attack

  • Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental skill: Artistic Ingenuity

  • Uses Mehrak’s mapping ability for offensive purposes, initiating a radial scan that deals with AoE Dendro DMG. It will also scan all Dendro Cores in its AoE and cause them to immediately burst.

Elemental burst: Painted Dome

  • Completely unleashes Mehrak’s energy and creates a cubic scanned space, dealing AoE Dendro DMG to all opponents within it, causing all Dendro Cores in its AoE to immediately burst, and granting Kaveh the following enhanced combat abilities for a specific duration:
    • Increases Kaveh’s Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack AoE, and converts his attack DMG to Dendro DMG that cannot be overridden.
    • All Dendro Cores created by all your own party members through Bloom Reactions will deal additional DMG when they burst.
    • Increases Kaveh’s resistance to interruption

These effects will be canceled once Kaveh leaves the field.

Ascension 1 passive: An Architect’s Undertaking

  • When DMG dealt by a Dendro Core (including DMG from Burgeon and Hyperbloom) hits Kaveh, Kaveh will regain HP equal to 300% of his Elemental Mastery. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5s.
Genshin Impact Kaveh Charged Attack
Image via HoYoverse

Ascension 4 passive: A Craftsman’s Curious Conceptions

  • During Painted Dome, after Kaveh’s Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks hit opponents, his Elemental Mastery will increase by 25. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s. Max 4 stacks. This effect will be canceled when Painted Dome’s effects end.

Utility passive: The Art of Budgeting

  • When Kaveh crafts Landscape, Building, and Courtyard-type Furnishings, he has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide: Abilities explained

Normal attack: Schematic Setup

  • Pretty normal physical attacks with a unique attack animation. Not the main focus of his kit.

Elemental skill: Artistic Ingenuity

  • When Kaveh prematurely explodes a Bloom core, the DMG dealt will be calculated based on the stats of the character who created the core, which is not necessarily always Kaveh. It could be the Hydro character or the other Dendro character in the team. The skill only generates 2 particles if it hits at least one enemy.

Elemental burst: Painted Dome

  • This turns Kaveh into an on-field Dendro main DPS. Casting this ability also prematurely explodes Bloom cores just like the skill, and the DMG calculation takes into account the stats of the character who created the Bloom core. In the description it says that he gains interruption resistance but it is actually quite useless, do not rely on it for avoiding knockback. 
Genshin Impact Kaveh Ascension 1 passive An Architect's Undertaking
Image via HoYoverse

Ascension 1 passive: An Architect’s Undertaking

  • Kaveh’s self-healing mechanic makes him really good for being an on-field driver for Bloom teams since he will not die from the Bloom self-DMG. Since the healing scales off EM, it is clear that this passive was designed for a Bloom-based team. For a Spread/Aggravate team, Kaveh will not be built with full EM and he will not be taking a lot of Bloom DMG in those teams in the first place. 

Ascension 4 passive: A Craftsman’s Curious Conceptions

  • This EM buff further favors his on-field Bloom enabler playstyle. He can gain a maximum of 100 EM this way. 

Utility passive: The Art of Budgeting

  • A pretty helpful passive for Serenitea Pot enthusiasts, but generally useless in combat or exploration. 

Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide: Playstyle

Kaveh can be used in only one way: as an on-field Dendro applier. His role in a team depends on what team he is being played in. But in all teams, he will take a significant amount of field time. His role in the team can vary between Bloom enabler or Spread/Aggravate enabler, but he will do it while being on the field. 

Image via HoYoverse

Overall, Kaveh is a pretty decent Dendro driver while he is on-field. His burst is the bread and butter of his kit, so he will need a lot of ER to be able to use it all the time. It is pretty refreshing to see a new 4* character who is good right out of the box and does not require constellations to be barely functional. 

That’s all for today’s Genshin Impact Kaveh guide, which discusses his skillset and different abilities. Let us know in the comment section below!

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