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Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event: Eligibility, overview, rewards, and more

Grab amazing rewards during the event!

Of Ballads and Brews is the biggest event that will happen in Version 3.1 of Genshin Impact. The event is about weinlesefest that’s held in Mondstadt every year. The event will last for 20 days and will end in the first half of version 3.1. Get rewards like primogems, refinement materials, Adventurer’s EXP, and a 4-star weapon polearm Missive Windspear. 

Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event: Eligibility and Overview

Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event overview
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Following are the requirements to unlock Of Ballads and Brews event:

  • Adventure Rank 21 or above 
  • Completion of Archon quest “Prologue: Act III Song of the dragon and freedom 
  • Completion of story quest Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I – The meaning of Lupica.
Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event how to start
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To start the quest head over to Mondstadt and talk to Katherine it will start a cutscene. After the end of cutscene, players will be asked to go to the Knights of Favonious to attend the Grand master’s expedition letter. After completing the Sounds from Afar event quest players will be rewarded with: Primogem, fever points, mora, and Adventurer’s Exp. Completion of the above quest will unlock the other parts of the event. The event is divided into 4 parts : 

Autumn Crisis event 

Genshin Impact Autumn Crisis event
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During Autumn crisis: Expulsion players must expel forest boars in a certain area and players can only use their Normal attack to do so. The Expulsion of different species of boars will grant different numbers of points and once the time is over, they will all be added to the player’s overall score.

Autumn Crisis event
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The players will also get buffs as different items may appear in the hunting area. For example, traps can expel all forest boars within a certain AoE.

Highwind Trials

Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event Highwind Trials
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During the high wind trials, players may use buffs provided by sublime anemograph to challenge powerful opponents. Players can obtain 3 sublime anemograna at any one time, and buffs received from them will differ based on the number of sublime anemograna a player has obtained. A buff that takes effect in one area will not take effect in other areas.

Highwind Trials
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Each challenge area has 5 enemy camps. These camps will have wind currents that will allow players to reach the next camp quickly. The final camp of each stage will have a boss enemy that possesses different characteristics and buffs.

Charity and Creativity

The event will unlock on 30/09/2022.

Fecund Blessings

The event will unlock on 1/10/2022

Genshin Impact Of Ballads and Brews event rewards
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The event also features an exclusive event shop for exchangeable tokens known as Festive Fever players need to complete the different challenges mentioned above to receive Festive Fever.

What are your thoughts about the Of Ballad and Brews event in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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