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Genshin Impact Radish Locations: How to farm and use them

A quick guide to farming Radishes in the game!

Genshin Impact is an open-world MMORPG that took the gaming world by storm ever since its release. The game amassed a huge amount of revenue and is still going strong even 1.5 years after its release. Farming everyday items are of key importance in the game. This guide covers everything about Radish, including locations where to obtain them and their various uses in Genshin Impact.

Radish in Genshin Impact: Overview

Radishes are not particularly useful, with their only use as ingredients for making certain powerup dishes. Nonetheless, these dishes always come in handy in a pinch.

Radish: Uses and utilities

Image via Genshin Impact Fandom
Image via Genshin Impact Fandom

Radish can be used as an ingredient in the crafting of 5 items:

  1. Radish Veggie Soup
  2. Fried Radish Balls
  3. Radish and Fish Stew
  4. Five Pickled Treasures
  5. Sashimi Platter

Radishes can also be bought from the stores in each nation.

Where to farm Radish and get them

The best way to farm any item in Genshin Impact is through the Teyvat Interactive Map. They are usually found planted on small farms and inside crates. Before going to Radish Farming, players must get 10 right from Chef Mao’s Wanmin Restaurant. For a price of 315 Mora per Radish, they can get 10 per day this way.

Chef Mao’s Wanmin Restaurant
Genshin Impact Radish Locations

This is the quickest way to get Radish every day and saves travelers the effort of going farming every day.

Best Radish Locations in Teyvat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Radish Locations
Mondstadt locations (Image via Game8)

The easiest place to find Radish in Mondstadt is in the vegetable gardens to the south of Dawn Winery. There are some radishes that can be picked up near the lone house to the southeast of the waypoint in Stone Gate as well. Players will get the most Radishes from garden plots scattered throughout the map and from fixed crates as well.      

Expedition Rewards

Certain expedition quests also give radishes to Travelers. One must choose the Guyun Stone Forest and Wolvendom quests from Liyue and Mondstadt respectively to earn radishes upon completion. The number of Radishes that players get from expeditions depends on the expedition duration, which is chosen. The longer the expedition, the more Radishes one gets!

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