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Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction: World Quest guide and secret achievements

Complete this quest to unlock the Hollow Soul

Inazuma has added various regions in Genshin Impact to explore and with these new regions, players have a lot of characters and open-world entities to interact with. While most of the world quests in Inazuma are easy to commence, some are secret quests and one such quest is Sinister Instruction. Completing the quest will unlock the secret achievement of Hollow Soul. In this guide, we will explain how to commence and complete the Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction quest.

About the Sinister Instruction World Quest

Not all World Quests are straightforward to find and start, some require players to do intensive exploration. The hidden quest Sinister Instruction is a prime example of such a quest. Though the quest is hard to find for the casual players, completing it is a walk in the park. The quest is time-gated, which means that players need to log in for 4 days in a row to complete it.

Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction guide
Washizu in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction quest location and how to start

To begin the quest, players need to interact with an NPC. They need to complete a procedure following which the quest will begin.

The NPC is located near the cliff at Serpent’s Head. One must use a teleport waypoint to reach the place in close proximity to Maguu Kenki. One must glide towards the location marked with the star. On reaching there, players will find a huge samurai sitting.

Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction guide
The quest location

The samurai, Washizu, is calm and harmless. All the travelers need to do is to talk to him and interact thrice with the Outsider Shrine right next to him. After praying, one must talk to Washizu again, he will instruct the players to return the next day. Travelers need to do this for a total of 3 days in real-time after the server resets.

Changing the time in-game won’t have any effect on the quest. Players need to wait for the server to reset. Also, one must remember to talk to Washizu after playing. Otherwise, players won’t progress further.

Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction guide
Players meet Washizu in the quest

Returning after a day, players will find an exquisite chest for days 2 and 3. Players must open the chest, pray 3 times and talk to Washizu. 

On the fourth day, Washizu acts differently. As soon as he sees the traveler, he will get aggressive and attack you. This marks the commencement of Sinister Instruction. Defeating him will grant the player Incomplete Notes and a tattered paper. Read the notes which will guide you in finding the samurai’s possessions in Higi village.

Quest reward: The samurai’s lost possessions 

The general location of the chest will be marked on your map, to reach there teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Higi village. On reaching the marked zone, one must go behind the house located at the southeast corner. Right between the two pyro torches, players will get the option to dig.

Genshin Impact Sinister Instruction guide
Completion of the quest

Pressing the button will spawn an exquisite chest. Opening the chest will complete the quest and the achievement Hollow Soul will be unlocked.

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