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Genshin Impact: The World of Aranara Quest Guide

Unlock and explore the true Vanarana by completing this quest!

The World of Aranara is the first quest in the Dream Nursery: Aranyaka Quest line in Genshin Impact where you will need to acquire a Bija to save Rana. The Aranara have been kind enough to offer you help in exchange for a few easy tasks in Vanarana. Here is a complete walkthrough that will help you in the completion of this world quest.

How to unlock The World of Aranara Quest in Genshin Impact

You will need to clear The Children Of Vimara Village, Into The Woods, and The Lost Child world quests before you can unlock this quest. Follow the below guidelines to start and finish the quest- The World of Aranara.

  • After the end of the previous Aranyaka quest line, you will unlock the new quest with a waypoint.
  • Head back to the Vimara Village and then talk to Grandpa Amadhiah. Ask him about the Vintage Lyre (Gadget).
  • Once you have obtained the musical gadget, summon the Waverider from a nearby summoning point and aboard it.
  • Follow the quest markers which are the green-flowing energy lines to the next location. You should use the boat as a means of travel instead of teleporting so that you don’t miss a few storylines.
Genshin Impact The World of Aranara Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Once you reach the shore, make your way to the isolated cave which is the entrance to Vanarana. There should be a teleporter nearby the cave entrance that doesn’t show up on the map.

How to take the Trial of the Phantasmal Gate

  • Follow the waypoint until you come across an Arch-like structure. These are called Phantasmal Gates and they are usually dormant and need to be activated. To awaken them you will need to play Arana’s song on the Vintage Lyre.
Genshin Impact The World of Aranara Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Once awakened, you can take the Trial of the Phantasmal Gate. In the trial, you will need to collect 15 Phatsmal Seeds and offer them before the timer runs out.

An easy way to complete the challenge is to go in the North-West direction from the Phantasmal Gate and follow the seeds and purple flowers along the way. Use the Four-leaf sigil twice on the path and then make your way back to the Gate.

Getting hit by enemies during the period will decrease the timer, you can either dodge the nemesis or lure them closer to the purple flower’s barrier which will make them ignore your existence. You can also use Electro on the Purple flowers to reveal more Phantasmal Seeds.

dendro trail
Image via HoYoverse
  • Next, follow the Dendro trail to a strange object nearby and play the Vintage Lyre in its proximity to reveal an Aranara.

Enter the True Vanarana 

  • Help the Aranara by completing three easy tasks which include defeating Fungi monsters in two locations and breaking a boulder. After that head to the higher location and defeat the Pyro Whopperflowers below the steep.
  • Return and once again use the Vintage Lyre in front of the Silapna and you will arrive in the true Vanarana.
  • Continue on the waypoint to meet an Anarana named Araja and after the meeting is finished, the quest will be concluded and you will unlock the next quest of the series ‘Children of the Forest’.

At the end of the World Quest, Araja will also give you a notebook that is the Forest Adventure Journal where you can find all your adventures in Vanarana and also navigate between various quests including the quest ‘Children of the Forest’.

The World of Aranara Quest Achievements

After the quest is finished you will unlock two achievements:

Genshin Impact The World of Aranara Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Portal of Marvels: Truly stepped into the world of Aranara
  • Perched Between Dream and Reality: Enter Vanarana in reality  

The World of Aranara Quest Completion Rewards

Completing the world quest will reward you with the following:

  • Adventure Experience x 400
  • Primogems x 50
  • Hero’s Wit x 4

That will be all for The World Of Aranara quest walkthrough guide.

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact The World of Aranara Quest guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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