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Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide: Best weapons, artifacts and materials required for ascension

All you need to know about Yun Jin, and the ways to unleash her maximum potential!

Genshin Impact is an adventure RPG released by miHoYo in 2020. In a short period, the game has become one of the most successful adventures RPG titles ever to have been released. Yun Jin is an upcoming four-star character in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. She is a Geo character with her choice of weapon being the polearm. Being a renowned opera singer in Liyue, she is very skilled in a number of crafts including both singing and playwriting among other things. She is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe. Her style is elegant, exquisite, and delicate, just like her personality. In this Genshin Impact Yun Jin guide, we will tell you everything about her talent, constellation, passive skills, best weapons, best artifacts, and materials required for ascension.

Yun Jin: Playstyle and skillset of character

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide
Yun Jin
Cloud-Grazing StrikeNormal Attack
Performs up to five consecutive spear strikes.   
Cloud-Grazing StrikeCharged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way. 
Cloud-Grazing StrikePlunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact. 
Opening FlourishElemental Skill
Yunjin may just be acting out fights on stage, but her skills with the spear are real enough to defend against her foes.
Press: Flourishes her polearm in a cloud-grasping stance, dealing Geo DMG.
Hold: Takes up the Opening Flourish stance and charges up, forming a shield.

DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin’s Max HP and has 150% effectiveness against all Elemental DMG and Physical DMG. The shield lasts until she finishes unleashing her Elemental Skill. When the skill is released, when its duration ends, or when the shield breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the charged energy as an attack, dealing Geo DMG.

Based on the time spent charging, it will either unleash an attack at Charge Level 1 or Level 2.
Cliffbreaker’s BannerElemental Burst
Deals AoE Geo DMG and grants all nearby party members a Flying Cloud Flag Formation.   Flying Cloud Flag Formation:   When Normal Attack DMG is dealt to opponents, Bonus DMG will be dealt with based on Yun Jin’s current DEF. The effects of this skill will be cleared after a set duration or after being triggered a specific number of times. When one Normal Attack hits multiple opponents, the effect is triggered multiple times according to the number of opponents hit. The number of times that the effect is triggered is counted independently for each member of the party with Flying Cloud Flag Formation. 

Yun Jin’s Passive Talents

  • Light Nourishment: When Perfect Cooking is achieved on Food with adventure-related effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.
  • True to Oneself: Using Opening Flourish at the precise moment, when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its Level 2 Charged form.
  • Breaking Conventions: The Normal Attack DMG Bonus granted by Flying Cloud Flag Formation is further increased by 2.5%/.5%/7.5%/11.5% of Yun Jin’s DEF when the party contains characters of 1/2/3/4 Elemental Types respectively.

Yun Jin’s Constellations

Constellation LevelConstellation NameEffect
C1Thespian GallopOpening Flourish’s CD is decreased by 18%.
C2Myriad Mise-En-SceneAfter Cliffbreakers Banner is unleashed, all nearby party members’ Normal Attack DMG is increased by15% for 12s.  
C3Seafaring GeneralIncreases the Level of Cliffbreakers Banner by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.  
C4Flower and a FighterWhen Yun Jin triggers the Crystallize Reaction, her DEF is increased by 20% for 12s.
C5Famed Throughout the LandIncreases the Level of Opening Flourish by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6Decorous HarmonyCharacters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.

Special Dish

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide
Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup (Image via Genshin Impact Fandom)
  • Name: Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup
  • In-game Description: Yun Jin’s specialty.

This sweet and sticky snack will somehow not affect the throat in any negative way. Therefore, it is Yun Jin’s favorite. The aftertaste is most elegant, not something one would get sick of quickly. This is quite a decent bit more than she would usually make for herself— but who are you to question her kindness?

Buff Effect: It decreases all party members’ sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for the 1500s. In Co-Op Mode, this effect only applies to their own characters.

Artifacts sets for Yun Jin in Genshin Impact

In this Genshin Impact Yun Jin guide, we will provide details for all the artifact build sets for Yun Jin in the game.

Buffer / Support Build

Yun Jin’s kit is focused on providing support, where her skills scale with Defence. With that in mind, her best slot pick artifact should be 4pc Husk of Opulent Dreams. This artifact not only has a 2pc bonus of 30% DEF increase, it also has stacks that provide Geo DMG Bonus and more DEF% increase, overall the best choice for her.

  • Husk of Opulent Dreams
  • Set Bonuses
  • 2-Piece Bonus: DEF +30%
  • 4-Piece Bonus.
  • A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions:
    • When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s.
    • When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s.
    • Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus.
    • When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.

Yun Jin benefits from three stats mainly DEF%, Geo DMG Bonus%, and ER%, Therefore, the priority should always be these three stats. These stats can be provided through artifact main stat, substats, or from set bonuses from different artifact sets.

If one cannot have 4pc Husk of Opulent Dreams, then the player can go for two options. One of them includes the likes of a 2pc hybrid. It can be either 2pc Husk of Opulent Dreams and 2pc Emblem of Severed Fate or 2pc Husk of Opulent Dreams along with 2pc Archaic Petra. They are obviously inferior to 4 pc of Husk of Opulent Dreams but will work for now, as players can farm more for her. Even without 4pc Husk of Opulent Dreams, 2pc Hybrids are good enough for her to provide solid buffs. 4pc Archaic Petra is also somewhat of a viable choice. However, maintaining the condition for the said artifact to provide buff is quite difficult, so it is not recommended.

Artifact Stats Priority

Min maxing is very important, so one shouldn’t have too much of any one stat or there will be diminishing returns and wasted potential. If you feel like you have bought Defence. Therefore, he must focus on Energy recharge or vice-versa, same goes for crit stats but they are tough to max out.

Desired Substats: DEF% = ER% > CR% AND CD%

ArtifactMain StatSub Stat Priority
FlowerHPDEF%> ER%> CR%/ CD%
PlumeATKDEF%> ER%> CR%/ CD%
SandsDEF%DEF%> ER%> CR%/ CD%
GobletDEF%DEF%>ER%> CR%/ CD%
CircletDEF%DEF%> ER%> CR%/ CD%

Sub DPS/ Main DPS Build

Her kit is focused on support. So, the main DPS build will not be very good and is not recommended at all. However, if players want to make her deal more damage then build her with a focus on cirt stats.

The Artifact sets should be more or less the same, with 4pc Husk of Opulent Dreams being the best set but artifact priority will change a bit.

Desired Substats: CR% AND CD% > DEF% = ER%

Artifact TypeMain StatSub Stat Priority
FlowerHPCR%/ CD%> DEF%= ER%
PlumeATKCR%/ CD%> DEF%= ER%
SandsDEF% / ER%CR%/ CD%> DEF%= ER%
GobletGeo DMG Bonus%CR%/ CD%> DEF%= ER%
CircletCR% / CD%CR%/ CD%> DEF%= ER%

Flower and Plume are the easiest to farm for good sub-stats. As for the sands it depends on what you need more, DEF% and ER% are the choices, don’t go for ATK% as she doesn’t scale with it. For Goblet, Geo DMG Bonus is the most obvious choice for her, for increased dmg. For Circlet, Crit Rate will be very good for her if she has a Favonius Lance, as it needs crit procs for the passive to work. If she has Deathmatch equipped, then Crit Damage should be the way to go.

ER% requirement for Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a Geo character with a high burst cost. This makes it difficult for a lot of support characters to provide her with enough energy. With that being said, she will need at least 170%- 180% ER% in total, depending on the weapon and the overall team. A weapon like Favonius Lance will be good enough for her. But if someone uses Deathmatch, then that requirement will increase depending on the team but it should be close to 190%-210% energy recharge, test your team out when she arrives to get a correct estimate.

Best weapons for Yun Jin

Yun Jin’s entire kit is focused on supporting and providing a buff to other main DPSs. With that in mind, her best weapons will be those with an ER% substat. It is primarily Favonius Lance or the Catch. She has a high ER% requirement for her burst’s uptime, so ER% weapons are the way to go. If players have got enough Energy recharge from other sources, then Deathmatch is also a viable choice. Skyward Spine is also a good choice for her, but Favonius Lance is superior to most weapons as it provides a lot of energy particles due to its passive. Therefore in this guide, we will provide the details for the best weapons for Yun Jin in Genshin Impact.

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance
  • Base ATK– 565 (Level – 90)
  • Substat– 30.6% Energy Recharge

Weapon Passive: Windfall                                                                                                                      

CRIT hits have a 60% chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles. This will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. It can only occur once every 12s.

Skyward Spine

  • Base ATK– 674 (Level – 90)
  • Substat- 36.8% Energy Recharge
Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide
Skyward Spine

Weapon Passive: Blackwing

It increases CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. This effect can occur no more than once every 2s.


  • Base ATK– 674 (Level – 90)
  • Substat– 36.8% Energy Recharge

Weapon Passive: Gladiator                                                                                                                     

If there are at least 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 16% and DEF is increased by 16%. If there are fewer than 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.

Materials required for ascension of Yun Jin

In this Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide, we will look at the materials required for the Ascension of Diona from level 1 to level 90.

Ascension LevelAscension Materials
Level: 0-201x Prithiva Topaz Silver, 3x Damaged Mask, 3x Glaze Lily, 20k Mora
Level: 20-403x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, 2x Riftborn Regalia, 15x Damaged Mask, 10x Glaze Lily, 40k Mora
Level: 40-506x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, 4x Riftborn Regalia, 12x Stained Mask, 20x Glaze Lily, 60k Mora
Level: 50-603x Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 8x Riftborn Regalia, 18x Stained Mask, 30x Glaze Lily, 80k Mora
Level: 60-706x Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 12x Riftborn Regalia, 12x Ominous Mask, 45x Glaze Lily, 100k Mora
Level: 70-80+6x Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, 20x Riftborn Regalia, 24x Ominous Mask, 60x Glaze Lily, 120k Mora

Talent Upgrade Materials for Yun Jin

In this Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide, the following materials are required to level up 1 talent up to level 10.

Level TargetMaterials Required
Level 1
Level 23x Teachings of Diligence, 6x Damaged Mask, 12500 Mora
Level 32x Guide to Diligence, 3x Stained Mask,  17500 Mora
Level 44x Guide to Diligence, 4x Stained Mask,  25000 Mora
Level 56x Guide to Diligence, 6x Stained Mask,  30000 Mora
Level 69x Guide to Diligence, 9x Stained Mask,  37500 Mora
Level 74x Philosophies of Diligence, 4x Ominous Mask, 1x Ashen Heart, 120000 Mora
Level 86x Philosophies of Diligence, 6x Ominous Mask, 1x Ashen Heart, 260000 Mora
Level 912x Philosophies of Diligence, 9x Ominous Mask, 2x Ashen Heart, 450000 Mora
Level 1016x Philosophies of Diligence, 12x Ominous Mask, 2x Ashen Heart, 1x Crown of Insight, 700000 Mora

Best Characters to pair with Yun Jin

Yoimiya is by far the best character to pair with Yun Jin, as her kit is heavily focused on dealing damage through normal attacks which Yun Jin buffs a lot.

Ayaka will also work with her, as she also deals a lot of dmg through Normal Attacks when on the field. Ningguang, Childe, Eula are some other characters that can be great for her and bring out her true buff potential.

Characters like Raiden won’t work with her as Raiden burst skill dmg is counted as burst dmg and not normal attacks, so no benefit. Another character is Itto whose main source of dmg is through charged attacks so he won’t work that well either.

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