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Girl Cafe Gun Character Tier List for September 2021

Best characters to pick in the game

Girl Cafe Gun is an Action RPG with 2D interaction and combat. It’s based on the story of the Lonus Outbreak, and you’re tasked with combining characters and bringing girls together to fight the Archdemons. You can even open your own cafe. There are currently only 12 female characters in the game. The girls do have a variety of dresses, or forms, which range from common to extremely rare. We’ve put together an up-to-date Tier List to assist you in the game and outshine others easily. Selecting a character from the vast array is difficult, which is why our tier list plays an important role. You can run and customize a beautiful cafe with a large roster of adorable characters in this one-of-a-kind game. Our Girl Cafe Gun tier list for September 2021 will tell you which characters earn three and four stars.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List for September 2021

The Tiers are as follows:

  • S Tier – The most ideal and well-suited characters and weapons, capable of overcoming almost any obstacle.
  • A TierExcellent characters to have during difficult battles.
  • B Tier – Characters that are enjoyable to use and slightly above average.
  • C Tier – These are fine characters that should be used sparingly.
  • D Tier – Using these characters in difficult or even moderate battles is not a good idea.

The tier list is given below:

Strong (S)Moon – casual
Shi Wuxia – Tactical equip
Lidda – maid
Water of destiny
Frontline warrior
Directional cannon
Laser pistol
Good (A)Irene – Tactical equip
Yuki – Tactical equip
Cornelia – Party dress
Moon – maid
Shi Wuyou- maid
Ekistere – valentine,
The Hive
Star beacon
Ruthless healer
Hell’s fang
Guiding star
Gravity compass
Fiery thorns
Cruelty maker
Beam rifle
Fair (B)Grainne – casual
Lida – maid,
Yuki – maid,
Rococo – Maid,
Cornelia – casual
Irene – maple
Shi Xiaozhen – maid
Juno – maid
Lida- casual
Shi Wuyou – casual
Precision Rifle
Ruthless rifle
Wolf of nomads
Wraith of jealousy
Weak (C)Grainne – Training suit
Lida – tactical equip
Ekistere – Casual Rococo – casual
Pale Dragonbreath
Abyssal hammer
Deadly blaster
Double justice
Galaxy star
Very Poor (D)Ekistere – maid
Grainne – maid
Red lotus, Artemis
Girl Cafe Gun Tier List for September 2021

Girl Cafe Gun: Top 5 best Character picks for September 2021

1. Moon – Casual

moon Girl Cafe Gun Tier List September 2021
Moon in Girl Cafe Gun

Moon is one of the most powerful characters in the game, capable of easily eliminating the majority of enemies on-screen simply by holding down the fire button. This is because her passives boost her damage and critical rate, allowing her to inflict more damage with her basic attacks. Additionally, her active skill temporarily increases her damage and critical rate, significantly increasing her destructive potential.

2. Lida – Maid

Lida exemplifies what a great support player should be in this game. She possesses abilities that do not do much damage on their own, but they set the stage for her allies to inflict pain when certain conditions are met. For instance, her active skill deploys cutters that deal continuous damage to the enemy while also inflicting a significant amount of stagger damage. This skill is capable of easily breaking the enemy, exposing them to further damage from the rest of the team.

Lida in Girl Cafe Gun

This is bolstered by the fact that her passives both increase the squad’s stagger damage and the damage dealt with the enemy while they are staggered. Additionally, she is capable of dealing up to 50% additional stagger damage and 18% additional damage, has superior performance at efficiency and centralized output data drill levels, and has superior performance at efficiency and centralized output data drill levels.

3. Shi Wuxia – Tactical Equip

Shi Wuxia
Shi Wuxia in Girl Cafe Gun

Shi Wuxia is almost the polar opposite of Moon in her Tactical Equip form. This is because, while Moon relies heavily on basic attacks, Shi Wuxia possesses an absurdly powerful active skill that deals up to 56 instances of damage to the closest target, with each instance dealing up to 41% damage. This devastation is amplified by her passives, which increase her damage when she deals with multiple consecutive hits while also amplifying damage dealt with staggered targets. These characteristics make Shi Wuxia (Tactical Equip) an excellent choice for dealing with bosses and other difficult adversaries.

4. Cornelia – Casual

cornelia Girl Cafe Gun Tier List September 2021
Cornelia in Girl Cafe Gun

Cornelia’s AoE damage is quite good in this version, owing to the countless explosions she constantly throws. These explosions not only deal significant damage, but they can also significantly stun enemies, exposing them to additional attacks. Additionally, one of her passives causes her to deal stagger every 5 seconds to nearby enemies. This effectively means that her mere presence can aid in the destruction of foes, transforming her into an excellent support DPS character.

5. Irene – Tactical Equip

Irene in Girl Cafe Gun

She excels at targeting a large group of enemies, particularly those in close proximity. With destructive potential nearly equal to that of Moon, Irene in this configuration is an excellent addition to any team, especially if you’re short on the damage. Not only that, but Tactical numbers will increase slightly each time this character card is enhanced. She is truly a cheerful and kind idealist who desires the salvation of all and is willing to sacrifice her own life for the sake of others.

Final Thoughts

As with many of the other best gacha games available, determining which Girl Cafe Gun character is the best can be difficult. This was the complete tier list for all of Girl Cafe Gun’s characters. Thus, you now have not only a tier list featuring some of the best units in Girl Cafe Gun, but also an idea of what to look for in a unit and what to avoid when building your team in the current meta.

This list is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players as a guide for which cards and weapons to promote. The tiering system is based on our personal observations of the game. Above all, we would recommend that players consult a Tier list before selecting a character in Girl Cafe Gun.

Did you find this Girl Cafe Gun Tier List for September 2021 helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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You have Maid Lida listed twice – once as Lidda – Maid in Strong, and once as Lida – Maid in Fair.

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