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Girl Cafe Gun Beginners Guide and Tips

Manage your own cafe with the girls, and lead fair maidens into the battle!

Girl Cafe Gun is a visual novel-style role-playing game with extensive interactions and realistic motions. The stages in this game are frequently sprawling, with an abundance of corridors and open spaces, and frequently conclude with a gauntlet of enemies or, at times, powerful bosses. True to its name, Girl Cafe Gun is a game in which you’ll alternate between tending to your cafe and taking your girls into battle. These battles take place in an isometric perspective and in real-time, with both your characters and your opponents shooting at one another until only one side remains standing. If you’re new to this game, here is our Girl Cafe Gun beginners guide for tips that will come in handy as you progress through the game.

Gameplay Overview

Girl Cafe Gun is an action and adventure game. This is a 2D game with incredible graphics and sound effects that the player can enjoy. The game includes some bold scenes as a reward for playing, but these may be censored depending on the region in which the player is playing. This is a role-playing game in the anime style that utilizes live 2D technology. This means that players can expect spectacular gameplay in which they will face a variety of enemies while attempting to survive the archdemons.

Girl Cafe Gun
Image via Bilibili

This creates a genuinely interactive experience with the game, one that causes the player to forget about the outside world and become absorbed in it. The game begins with an outbreak that spreads across the globe, transforming humans into monsters. Those who survive the outbreak will have to fight and work together on Princess Island, a remote island.

Girl Cafe Gun Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Promote your character cards wisely

Promoting the character cards will increase the characters’ proficiency. The three primary categories for character card upgrades are enhancing, limiting, and breaking. These three are critical if the player wishes to battle opponents who are extremely powerful by nature. The Battlefield Database is the primary component of these three (BFDB). This is similar to how XP cards are used in other games to quickly upgrade the game’s players.

character card
Character card

Another critical point to remember is that the XP cards come in a variety of different types, each of which corresponds to a particular character’s type. The card can be used on other characters, but if it is used on the correct character, it will grant that player 50% more XP. Therefore, exercise caution when utilizing a character’s attributes. Enhancing is extremely simple, as the player only needs to play the game and various modes such as dungeons and other similar modes. It will provide the player with the Battlefield Database, which contains the game’s XP cards.

2. Team management is important

Teamwork is critical for battlefield victory. Any team should have a minimum of one and a maximum of three characters. Additionally, there should be at least three-assist

Certain characters offer bonuses for time-limited activities, so keep an eye out for them to improve your chances of winning on the field. Arranging the teams wisely can be extremely beneficial and may alleviate some of the difficulties that the player may encounter during the game. Proficiency in the game will indicate whether the team is capable of winning or whether it is time to upgrade the characters or replace team members.

Girl Cafe Gun team
Girl Cafe Gun team

The player should be familiar with the level of proficiency that each component of the team contributes to the mission’s success. The player should prioritize promoting the cards that are superior to the others. This can be accomplished by utilizing an automatic function that scrambles a team.

3. Complete as much tasks as possible

To keep the game exciting, the game assigns daily tasks to the player and rewards them for completing them. Daily tasks are refreshed each morning, and all options are restored the following day. Additionally, players can check the daily missions to determine their next objective if they are unable to locate it. Additionally, the player should check the mailbox from the terminal daily to obtain any unclaimed awards in the game.

Also, players can earn rewards for celebrating their birthdays in the game. Each character has a unique birthday that the player must commemorate. It is recommended that the player throw a party for the girls and give them appropriate gifts to encourage interaction.

4. Mastering your Weapons

The weapons are the most critical component in combating archdemons. Automatic rifles, grenade launchers, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles are all possible weapons. However, each weapon type is tailored to the card type of a particular character. Certain weapons are extremely rare, while others are readily available.

Girl Cafe Gun weapons

It is recommended that the player promotes all high-tier cards first, followed by lower-tier cards, as each tier has a different rarity for weapons. The information panel also displays the probability of character supply and weapon supply. Additionally, the player should deploy different soldiers on the battlefield based on the damaged color of the bullets.

5. Upgrading your Cafe

The player must gain popularity in order to upgrade the cafe. The more popular a player becomes, the faster their cafe will be upgraded and the more money they will earn in Coffee Coins. Additionally, upgrading the cafe rewards the player with Coffee Coins, which can be used to purchase various items in the shop. Additionally, it will increase the furniture limits and shop windows, all of which contribute to the cafe’s appearance. The player will gain popularity by satisfying customers, so strive to provide the maximum level of comfort possible.

cafe upgrade
Cafe upgrade

The Crystala is another vital resource in the game. This item is used to level up weapons and characters. This also contributes to the cafe’s maintenance and the development of weapons and character.

Also, focus on purchasing and upgrade the shop’s furniture as frequently as possible. This is because it will increase the level of comfort for both customers and staff members, which will have a direct effect on the characters’ mood or recovery rate, allowing them to return to work quickly. This will also increase the cafe’s earnings. Additionally, certain characters will grant bonuses if their mood remains at 0.

6. Joining a Clan

Girl Cafe Gun clan
Girl Cafe Gun clan

Clans provide a means of communication with other managers in the game. You would initially be a member of no clans. As a result, you’ll need to join or create one.

By joining a clan, you will be able to: receive daily bonuses, complete Clan Missions and claim rewards for your contribution and guild points total, participate in Dark Sphere Exploration and claim rewards, and use Combat Index to exchange for various goods in Clan Logistics.

7. Enhance affection for more profit

By interacting with girls, you’ll be able to view more of their Bio and ‘Shared Moments’ stories (in Bond), for which you’ll earn Earth Coins and other rewards. To become intimate with girls, you must first develop affection for them, which can be accomplished in different ways. Here are some of the ways to enhance affection:

Girl Cafe Gun affection meter
  1. Interaction – Each hour, you will be granted one chance to touch a girl’s head, which can be accumulated up to five times. This action is accessible via the Main Interface or the Girls’ Page, which can be accessed by touching the girls’ icon on the right in the Cafe’s Manage Shop section.
  2. Arrange training
  3. Send gifts
  4. Complete Daily requests – Each day, a random girl would make a random request, for which you would be rewarded. At the top of the Manage Shop section (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop), the game with active requests will be listed with a yellow ‘!’ mark in the top right corner (Main -> Cafe -> Manage Shop). By clicking on this girl’s icon, you’ll notice a moving bubble vying for your attention.  By clicking on the bubble, you can view today’s request. You can return to this page after completing this request to claim your rewards, which include 300 intimacies.

Rerolling in Girl Cafe Gun

The game already provides you with an infinite number of chances to score the unit you desire, which provides you with a significant advantage without the need for rerolling. However, if you want to score an additional unit or two, you’ll almost certainly need to reroll, which is made possible by the game’s resources.


Although the process is quite simple and straightforward, each attempt takes a considerable amount of time. The following is a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure:

  1. Begin the game by logging in as a guest.
  2. Continue through the story until you complete chapters 1-6, at which point you will receive a free summoning permit allowing you to perform an infinite number of 10x summoning until you are satisfied with the results.
  3. Using your ticket, recruit the units you desire.
  4. Return to the main screen, where you should receive a beginner’s welcome package containing 1,000 Earth Coins.
  5. Using these Earth Coins, attempt to recruit another powerful character by performing six additional summoning.
  6. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you can reload your progress by closing the game, deleting the app, and redownloading it.
  7. (Optional) If your internet connection is too slow to re-download the game, you can also restart it by logging in with a new Google account, though you must create a new one for each attempt.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 until you have obtained all of the desired characters.

Nonetheless, rerolling in this game takes a considerable amount of time, especially given that each attempt requires you to complete several levels. If you believe the effort is worthwhile, by all means, reroll. Regardless, you should be able to get a good start by summoning just one or two excellent units from the initial set of free character recruitments.

Other miscellaneous tips

  • To maximize profits, it is necessary to ensure that the cafe’s characters, or staff members, are rested. This is because employees may become exhausted as a result of their work, impairing their productivity. Initially, two bedrooms will be available for this use. Therefore, use the characters prudently and avoid depleting their exhaustion level.
  • To increase the players’ affection for the females, it is critical that the rooms are constantly crowded with females. Never leave any room unoccupied if the player wishes to progress quickly and with the girls.
Girl Cafe Gun
Girl Cafe Gun

  • Additionally, players can furnish the room to improve the girls’ and other characters’ moods.
  • The player will be able to expand the café’s staff as the café upgrades. Therefore, strive to satisfy customers to the greatest extent possible in order to extract the maximum amount of currency from them.
  • Coffee Coins are primarily used to pay the café’s bills, but they are also used to purchase the café’s furniture.


In terms of gameplay, it is well-balanced and thrilling, particularly during boss fights. Customization and selections are sufficient for characters. The game is visually appealing and plays reasonably well. It contains a good number of visually appealing characters. Above all, the performance is outstanding, as is the storyline. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward but enjoyable. We have encountered no errors or issues of any kind. Unlike other gacha games, the UI is not confusing, but you can get lost if you are not paying attention.

Girl café gun is an exciting game with an engaging storyline and distinctive characters that will captivate players. Because the game is still in its infancy, numerous updates with numerous interesting features and modes may be introduced over time. Meanwhile, new players can benefit from the information provided above and learn how to play this game like a pro. Last but not the least, players can refer to this Girl Cafe Gun beginners guide at any time to learn the basics and progress much faster in the game.

That’s all for today’s Girl Cafe Gun Beginners Guide. Did you find our Girl Cafe Gun Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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