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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE: The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips

Crush the Raptures with the Ultimate Team!

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is an immersive sci-fi role-playing game from SHIFT UP where you must choose, manage, and gather NIKKEs with different combat specializations to put together the finest team possible. Experience amazing battle effects and cutting-edge shooting action with controls that are both straightforward and intuitive. In this article, we’ll give you our Goddess of Victory: NIKKE The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips to help you better comprehend the game’s Team-building method, as well as a few team composition examples.

How to set the perfect Team Composition in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

1. Understanding Nikke Roles

In the post-apocalyptic world of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Nikke’s are a diverse bunch, each possessing unique talents and abilities. Categorized into three distinct roles that are Attacker, Defender, and Supporter and they play a crucial part in assembling the ultimate team. To achieve perfection in your squad, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental roles of Nikke’s.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Team Composition
Image via Level Infinite

A flawless team necessitates a skilled Supporter, capable of healing and boosting teammates, a dependable Defender who can shield and safeguard the group, and an adept Attacker, ready to unleash devastating blows upon the enemies. In this complex and treacherous world, mastering the art of Nikke selection is the key to survival and Victory.

2. Burst Types

In NIKKE, understanding the Burst Meter is important for team building. The Burst Type of your characters plays a vital role in shaping your strategies. As you engage in battles and attack the enemies, the Burst Meter gradually fills up, granting access to your character’s ultimate ability, the Burst Skill. However, there’s a twist to this mechanic. The Burst Meter is divided into three distinct phases: I, II, and III. During each phase, only characters with a matching Burst Type can utilize their unique skills.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Team Composition
Image via Level Infinite

Neglecting to employ a skill of the corresponding type during a Burst phase will stop your progress to the next one. To overcome this challenge, it’s essential to assemble a team that boasts all three Burst Types, enabling you to reach the final 4th stage known as Full Burst.

Time is of the essence in the Burst Phase, as you only have a fleeting 10 seconds to trigger a skill; failure to do so means starting the Burst Meter from scratch. Additionally, the cooldown of Burst Skills varies greatly among characters, with some having longer cooldowns (40 seconds) and others with shorter ones (20 seconds). Swift cooldowns for Burst I and II characters are particularly advantageous, facilitating more frequent transitions into Full Burst mode.

3. Team Formation

In the heat of battle, your team composition can make all the difference. You’re allowed to bring five characters to the fight, and if you opt for the Auto-Skill feature, precision in team selection is key. The game’s AI diligently assesses your team lineup from left to right, prioritizing Burst I characters, as they kickstart the burst. Should your squad lack Burst I characters, the Auto-Skill mode remains dormant.

Team Formation
Image via Level Infinite

This compels you to diversify your team with at least one character from each Burst Type if you wish to ever attain Full Burst mode, a state achieved after utilizing the formidable Burst III skill. A crucial point to note is that if a character finds themselves on cooldown, incapacitated, or stunned, they’ll be bypassed, and the next character of the same Burst Type will step in to perform the skill.

Additionally, keep an eye on the cooldown durations of your characters’ Burst Skills when assembling your team. Relying solely on characters with lengthy 40-second cooldowns may lead to prolonged waits before you can unleash the Full Burst’s might. So, choose your team wisely and navigate the battlefield with strategy and foresight.

4. Understanding the Elemental Types of Nikke

In the game Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, every character is associated with one of the five elements available, which include Fire, Wind, Electric, Iron, and Water. However, when compared to the importance of Burst Types and Weapons, these elemental attributes might seem less significant, as they only provide a modest 10% damage boost.

Image via Level Infinite

Yet, it would be unwise to underestimate their role, for that extra 10% damage increase can often make the crucial difference in conquering challenging stages or defeating formidable bosses. In the heat of battle, even a small advantage can be the deciding factor that saves us from certain defeats.

5. Weapon Type

Next to burst types, weapon types are the second most important aspect to consider when building your team. There are many reasons for this: range, area of effect damage (AoE), single target damage (ST), burst gauge generation, and rate of fire. Range plays a crucial role in your strategy as it’s essential to equip the right weapons for the range of enemies you are facing. Some enemies are closer, while others are further away, and weapons receive a range bonus when hitting enemies within their effective range, granting additional damage.

Image via Level Infinite

Rocket launchers, however, do not benefit from this range bonus. Conversely, there’s a range penalty that reduces damage and hit rate when targeting enemies outside of the weapon’s range. This penalty is more severe the further away enemies are from the weapon’s range.

Area of effect (AoE) and single target (ST) damage also matter, as battles often feature a mix of weaker foes and stronger enemies, and certain weapons are better suited for each scenario. Lastly, understanding burst gauge generation is crucial, as different weapon types generate varying amounts of energy per hit, affecting your overall burst uptime.

Sample Team Compositions in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Burst I x1 + Burst II x2 + Burst III x2

Liter (Supporter) + Biscuit (Defender) + Laplace (Attacker) + Poli (Defender) + Drake (Attacker)

This team showcases a strategic mix of Burst abilities, with a single Burst I, two Burst II 40-second cooldown Nikke, and two powerful Burst III Nikke. In this well-balanced lineup, Liter takes on the crucial role of the sole Burst I initiator, while Biscuit and Poli act as the Burst II generators, triggering their abilities simultaneously to maintain pressure.

Burst I x1 + Burst II x2 + Burst III x2
Image via Level Infinite

Meanwhile, Laplace and Drake serve as the team’s last burst initiators, unleashing their potent Burst III abilities in perfect synchronization to create devastating effects. This coordinated approach ensures a dynamic and effective combat strategy for the team.

Burst I x2 + Burst II x1 + Burst III x2

Dorothy (Supporter) + Centi (Defender) + Modernia (Attacker) + Privaty (Attacker) + Rapunzel (Supporter)

In this team composition, we have a strategic mix of Burst I, Burst II, and Burst III Nikke characters. Dorothy takes the lead as a Burst I, initiating the Bursts, and when the team requires healing support, Rapunzel steps in as another Burst I.

Rapunzel does have a longer cooldown, but this is mitigated by having Dorothy as a backup, ensuring that the team’s Burst abilities are always available. What makes Dorothy a valuable asset is her remarkably short cooldown, which makes her the ideal choice for this team’s tactics.

Burst I x2 + Burst II x1 + Burst III x2
Image via Level Infinite

Moving on, Centi, the sole Burst II Nikke, takes on the role of initiating Burst II, followed by either Modernia or Privaty to unleash the powerful Burst III when needed. In a 2-1-2 team setup, a character like Centi with a 20-second cooldown for Burst II is essential for a smooth Full Burst cycle, ensuring consistent and powerful burst damage.

Burst I x1 + Burst II x1 + Burst III x3

Liter (Supporter) + Centi (Defender) + Modernia (Attacker) + Harran (Attacker) + Privaty (Attacker)

In this unique team composition, we feature a combination of single Burst I and Burst II Nikke, but what sets this squad apart is the inclusion of three formidable Burst III Nikke. This composition excels in dealing massive damage to enemies and efficiently clearing content in the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE game modes.

Leading the charge are Liter and Centi, serving as the primary initiators for Burst I and Burst II, respectively. A crucial aspect of this team setup is the reliance on Nikke characters with low cooldowns, such as Liter and Centi, for Burst I and II abilities, ensuring the team functions seamlessly.

Burst I x1 + Burst II x1 + Burst III x3
Image via Level Infinite

When using auto-battle, the game typically cycles between the first two Burst III characters on your team. Therefore, the third Burst III character should function as a support to benefit the team without relying on a burst skill. Privaty is an excellent example, as her burst skill provides a substantial attack boost, reload speed improvement, and maximum ammo for the entire team during a Full Burst, making her a valuable addition.

Final Thoughts

In a world where problems and adversaries constantly evolve, the key to success lies in your ability to remain flexible and adaptable. The ideal composition of a team should be a reflection of your personal preferences and the specific challenges you are up against.

With that in mind, our comprehensive guide, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips, provides invaluable insights on crafting the perfect team for your needs. By diving into this resource, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the game’s optimum team composition and equip yourself with the knowledge to conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

That’s all from us for the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips! Did you find our Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Team Composition Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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