Grand Cross: Age of Titans: Beginners Guide and Tips

Activate the Titans, defeat monsters, and save the world of Skyna!

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is a strategy-based RPG developed and designed by Netmarble, where two saviors Eugune and Mio guide the players about the main functionalities of the game. The players are required to rebuild their territory after the enemies attack the Kingdom of Skyna. With the help of powerful heroes, the ultimate weapon Titan, treasured resources, and apt strategic skills, the players can battle enemies and expand their territory to establish a global triumph. Thus, let’s dive into this detailed Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beginners guide to learn about the basic gameplay. Also, follow up until the end to gain some valuable tips for beginners to achieve victory worldwide.

Gameplay Overview

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is an amazing strategical storyline-based game, featuring over 45 Heroes, and 11 Titans. With the help of these factors, the players need to defeat enemies and monsters and safeguard their territory. The basic gameplay of Grand Cross: Age of Titans requires the players to protect the land from monsters by battling against enemy troops.

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Every player is provided with a Territory that they need to rebuild after the attack of monsters. The territory is blocked by an unknown power. As the players progress through the chapter missions, the outskirts of the territory will be revealed and the players will be able to use the space. The castle is the main unit of the territory and it influences its growth. Territory buildings cannot be at a higher level than the castle.

The players have to deploy their trained soldiers and heroes keeping in mind their affinity in battle. If the Titan is awakened, it will automatically be deployed in battle. After a battle starts, the players need to set a path following which the hero and his/her troops will march forward. The deployed units will automatically fight the enemy units once the player starts the battle and win against them based on their skill sets and talents, without the player handling the control manually.

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The game will direct the players toward a red symbol on an unexpandable and captured land inside their Kingdom. On clicking upon the symbol the players will get an option to Start Battle. The players can start a battle after selecting a Hero and its troops.

Introducing the Basics of Grand Cross: Age of Titans

The Game Modes

Grand Cross: Age of Titans offers multiple game modes and each one of them requires the same gameplay. However, the rewards they receive might vary concerning different game modes.

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1. Kingdom Chronicles

Kingdom Chronicles comprises two storylines namely: Main Story and Side Story. The main storyline includes the basic development of the territory by completing missions and the side story includes gathering and discovering valuable resources, items necessary to awaken Titan’s skills, and many more. Chronicles are comprised of episodes and each episode contains missions. So, the players should complete certain episodes to unlock related content.

2. Arena

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Arena is another type of game mode where the players can compete with other liege lords in the Arena to score points and rewards. An Arena match can be unlocked only with Tickets. the players receive 5 tickets daily. While participating in the Arena, soldiers are given according to the number of units that can be deployed. Therefore, the players must win to score points and climb the ranks by accumulating them.

3. Demon Extermination

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This is another game mode where the players along with their alliance members challenge the giant Deilos to earn Demon Seals and other rewards. The players can participate in Demon Extermination twice a day. As the players accumulate against Deilos, their alliance rank will increase. Once the allotted time which is 7 days is up, all alliance members will receive rewards corresponding to their ranks and damage will be reset.

4. Decoration Contest

This particular game mode is a leisure mode where the players are required to participate in a championship. The basic need of the contest is to place the best decorations in their territory according to a given theme. The players can submit a well-decorated area and the user who wins the contest will receive an honor reward further useful in advancing one’s profile.


Titans are ancient weapons of Skyna that the heroes can pilot to boost their stats. The Titans require Durability and Energy to operate which can be restored through repair. The Energy of the Titan can be recharged by placing it at the Titan Hangar.

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The energy charge increases as the level of the Titan Hangar increases. The players can own a total of 11 Titans. This section enables them to view all the Titans they can witness in the game along with their basic specialities and unique powers that are executed in battles.


The players will witness a wide range of features within the Heroes section. Firstly, the players will be able to see different categories of heroes they can acquire throughout the game. Along with this main feature, the players can keep a check on all the skills and talents the heroes are capable of. Once all the skills of a particular Hero are unlocked, the awakening skill also unlocks providing a bonus while fighting monsters. 

Grand Cross Age of Titans gameplay
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They can upgrade the level of the heroes by clicking on a ‘plus’ symbol and advance them using EXPs. Each hero has a different faction assigned to them. These include Cavalry, Infantry, Archery, and Combat Engineer. These factions are important as they will help the players figure out the heroes and troops of soldiers commanded by them to be deployed on the battlefield.

Star Fragment

Star Fragment is the summoning medium of Grand Cross: Age of Titans that contains powerful magic. The heroes are called upon with the power of Mana stones and can be summoned using the Normal or Advanced Prayer Book, or in exchange for Gems.

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Summoning frequency increases with the level of the Star Fragment and the players get free summons after certain fixed intervals. There are mainly two types of summons: Normal and Advanced. The normal summons enables the players to own heroes up until a Unique category hero whereas the advanced summons provides them with the chance to summon Legendary heroes. 

Territory Development

This section allows the players to construct new structures within the territory to advance in the game. There are mainly two types of construction shops inside the Kingdom namely Building Shop and Decoration Shop.

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The players are obliged to build important structures like a Castle, Embassy, Farm, Sawmills, Artisan’s House, and many others in exchange for certain resources that will help them in training, research, resource production, and various other aspects of the game. The players can also purchase decorative items for the extra enhancement of their territory. 


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The players can view all kinds of resources and rewards they have received throughout the game from this feature. This includes basic resources such as gems, food, wood, and stone, speed-up items, Buffs, items required for upgrading the Heroes, and other miscellaneous items such as Prayer Book, Star Shards, Stamina Recovery potion, and more. The players are required to use these resources in various activities to boost their morale and progress in the game.

World Map

The World Map is a separate section inside Grand Cross: Age of Titans, unlocked after the completion of chapter 7 where the players can view the location of their territory around the world. Mostly, the players are advised to position their Castle and territory near their alliance members to safeguard their Kingdom. 

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The world map is an excellent source for gathering resources in case of a shortage. The players just have to search for some gathering nodes related to a particular resource, recruit a hero and its troops to gather them, and return to the Castle. In addition, the players can search for Monsters to attack. Each monster has a certain level and killing different monsters will provide the players with varied rewards and resources.


This feature unlocks after the player completes chapter 8 of the main storyline mode and portrays the clan feature of Grand Cross: Age of Titans. The players can join an alliance to receive aid from other members and finish tasks at a much higher rate when building, researching, or healing.

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Alliance members can be one of four ranks, R1 to officer (R4), with each rank granting access to additional features. The player who creates an alliance becomes the alliance leader(R5). This section mainly liberties the players to launch rallied attacks with alliance members to destroy monster fortresses and become victorious. 

Game Pass

The in-game pass of Grand Cross: Age of Titans is called Larie’s Travels. This pass operates on a seasonal basis and unlocks simultaneously for all Liege Lords in a given Kingdom. There are two types of in-game passes in Larie’s Travels namely: Free and Premium.

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When this season starts, the players can acquire Premium Souvenirs which can only be purchased using real-time money. In the case of ‘Free Pass’, completing missions to earn EXP will level up Larie’s Travels, unlocking greater rewards for the players which they can access without any fuss.


The feature with the Roll icon is a section where the players are assigned various tasks crucial for moving ahead in the game. The players will get to witness three types of missions namely the main chapter mission, daily missions, and alliance missions.

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Among these, the chapter missions should be the prime concern of the players as completing all the tasks will take the players to the next chapter and each chapter will have its specific missions. Completing these missions will provide the players with the necessary resources, and other rewards beneficial for the overall progression.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep Training your Troops

The players must regularly train their troops, whether Cavalry, Infantry, or Archery. This will boost their damage-dealing capacity and will prove to be more efficient during battles. Upgrading them will also increase their skills and can hand in an excellent support system to the Hero commanding and leading them to eventually defeat enemies effortlessly.

2. Keep a Regular Check on Artisan’s House 

The Artisan’s House is an important building in the territory where the players can keep check on the construction, upgrade queues, and overall development of the Kingdom. There are always some buildings, structures, or decorations the players need to construct to unlock new features or other attributes. This will eventually pave the way for the overall development of the player’s profile in the game.

3. Do not Neglect your Castle

The Castle is the main unit of any territory and hence it is very important to level it up. It is common for the players to neglect the castle once the World Map feature is unlocked. But, we advise the players to not do so and to pay equal attention to the castle as well as other significant structures inside the territory, and as a result, they will advance swiftly towards their victory.

4. Study your Hero Talent precisely

Hero Talent is nothing but their potential and the effect the Heroes have over the enemies during the battle. Every hero has two categories: one affecting the troops commanded by them and the other one enhancing the overall capacity across the globe. All the heroes in Grand Cross: Age of Titans uniquely combine both aspects establishing a powerful position on the battlefield. Thus, the players are advised to recruit apt heroes for specific tasks in the territory based on their talents.

5. Research new Technologies

In a non-stagnant world like this, it is a bonus development to research new technologies. The players can so do with the help of the Research Building. The players are recommended to explore the complex research tree to unbolt advanced technologies vital to their adventure in the Kingdom. Conducting research enables the players to enhance their troop soldiers, resource production, Hero’s skills and powers, and other factions of the game.

Final Thoughts

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is an excellent RPG game gaining prevalence in the gaming industry. The in-detail walkthrough of the game, the finest set of Heroes, unique in-game features, and many other distinctive factors will provide the players with an adventurous and graphical experience within the game. Therefore, keep up with this informative Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beginners Guide and Tips to effortlessly work your way through Skyna.

That’s all from us for the Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beginners Guide! Did you find our Grand Cross: Age of Titans Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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