Grand Cross: Age of Titans: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Unbolt all in-game resources swiftly!

Resources are one of the crucial elements inside the globe of RPG. These elements are tapped for diverse in-game activities including summoning Heroes, training the soldiers, and enhancing the overall territory. Due to the extensive usage of these sources, the players should have profound information about all types of resources. Therefore, we present a detailed piece on all the substantial assets the players get to Resources in Grand Cross: Age of Titans and how to unlatch them without any fuss. 

Grand Cross: Age of Titans comprises two types of resources. The first one is the Paid Resources:


Grand Cross Age of Titans Gems
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Gems are the most premium form of currency in the Kingdom of Skyna. Gems are utilized in a wide range of activities and so are required in bounty. This currency is mainly used in summoning Heroes to lead the troops and fight against the enemies. They can also be exchanged to obtain other natural resources such as Food, Wood, and Stone.

Natural Resources in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

The second category of resources includes Natural Resources:

1. Food

Food is one of the three main natural resources used in the territory. These are required to boost the healthy functioning of the Kingdom. Food is mainly produced in the Farm building and is efficiently used to construct new buildings, level them up, train troops such as Cavalry and Infantry, and other in-game activities.

2. Wood

Grand Cross Age of Titans Resources
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Wood is another type of natural resource in the territory used in the smooth functioning of the Castle. It is mainly produced in the Sawmill building. Wood is required in bounty for the formation of new buildings, upgradation of structures, and training of different classes of troops.

3. Stone

Stone is the last form of natural resource found in Grand Cross. These resources are required for the swift operation of tasks and other activities in the Kingdom. Stone is mainly produced by the Quarry building. The main utilization of Stones includes building structures in the territory and purchasing decorations for the Kingdom.

How to earn Resources easily in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

1. Completing Chapter Missions

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The players will witness some very important missions assigned to them in the main storyline chapters. Through these mission completions, the players can gather vital resources such as Gems, Food, Wood, XPs, and other valuable items that will eventually pave the way for their progress in the Grand Cross.

2. Exploring the World Map

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While exploring the World Map, the players will find several gathering nodes for different types of resources. All the gathering nodes work in the same manner. To obtain resources, the players need to employ a hero and their troops and send them toward the resources. The hero will thus collect resources over time and eventually restock them in the Castle.

3. Participating in Events

Grand Cross offers players the chance to participate in exciting events that are comprised of adventurous challenges and rewards. The players can get special bonuses and significant resources. These rewards can be further used in territorial activities to expedite personal growth. Hence, the player needs to stay consistent and handle their event participation to yield maximum rewards.

Final Thoughts

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is an out-of-the-ordinary RPG game that has established its foot in the mobile gaming industry. Along with other features in the game, exclusive resources are a necessity in case of utmost demand. In conclusion, we highly recommend following up on our Grand Cross: Age of Titans earn resources piece to attain knowledge about the esteemed resources and how to earn them readily.

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