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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: The Complete Gacha System Guide

Draw and test your luck!

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase have recently launched a new immersive gacha mobile game globally called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. It’s a captivating collectible card game (CCG) that combines elements of MMO and RPG gameplay. Players get to experience life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they are sorted into one of the four houses, attend classes, engage in wizard duels, and embark on adventures in the mysterious Forbidden Forest.

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, besides its enchanting universe, there is a vast collection of cards and spells available to players. Each card possesses distinct qualities and purposes, shaping its role within a particular deck. Obtaining these cards predominantly relies on the game’s Gacha system. In this Harry Potter: Magic Awakened: The Complete Gacha System Guide, players will have great knowledge about the certain differences between the available Gacha Systems in the game.

Magical Studies Guide

As you progress through the initial stages of the game, you will encounter various characters in the main storyline. Once you complete the initial parts of the tutorial, the Gacha system which is known as the Magical Studies will become available, allowing you to unlock additional cards. The game also provides you with a certain number of free pulls, ensuring that you receive cards without spending any in-game currency, which is a convenient feature.

Magical Studies Enrolment Deal

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened incorporates the Gacha system, and one of its components is the Enrolment Deal found in the Magical Studies section. To participate in Gacha pulls, players need to use Ruby Keys as the primary currency. The Enrolment Deal specifically highlights Ron Weasley as a Mythic card, which players can obtain with a guaranteed chance within their first 30 draws.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Enrolment Deal
Image via Warner Bros

Moreover, players have the option to exchange Gems for Ruby Keys, allowing them to decide whether they want to utilize their valuable Gems in hopes of acquiring desirable cards.

Magical Studies Season Limited

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the game features a Gacha system that includes a component called the Season Limited, located in the Magical Studies section. To participate in Gacha pulls, players are required to use Ruby Keys as the main currency. The Season Limited focuses on showcasing specific Legendary Cards, and these cards are refreshed at the start of each new season.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Season Limited
Image via Warner Bros

Players have the opportunity to obtain these Legendary Cards with a guaranteed chance after making 50 draws. Additionally, as a bonus, players can also acquire a card skin when they reach a total of 100 draws in the Season Limited.

Magical Studies: Basic Study

Basic Study is one of the more common parts of the Gacha System in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. The currency needed is a Silver Key which is the most common type of key that players can obtain throughout their journey in the game.

Because it is more common, the best type of card rarity that players can obtain is only the Epic type. There are no Legendary or Dark cards available in this Gacha system. Despite having no stronger types of cards, it is still a nice addition and area for players to obtain more cards to add to their overall deck.

Magical Studies: Advanced Study

In contrast to the Basic Study, the Advanced Study is a much better type of Gacha System. The Advanced Study features certain one-of-a-kind cards that are much harder to obtain with lesser drop rates. The Advanced Study also uses Golden Keys as its currency which is one of the harder types of Keys to obtain as they are only given when players reach a certain milestone or finish major contents of the game.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Advanced Study
Image via Warner Bros

This Gacha system also has a pity system where players need to reach 20 draws if they have not gotten any Dark, Legendary, or Mythic Cards. Reaching this much amount without getting these types of cards will reward players with a guaranteed card from the mentioned rarities.

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