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Harvest Town: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve played the likes of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, Harvest Town is very much similar to them. Here in this Harvest Town Guide, we’ll have a look at all the stuff a beginner should know beforehand and also some tips and tricks for the intermediate user.

Harvest Town: Overview

Going by textbook, Harvest Town is a farming simulator that has a role-playing feel to it. It’s like the love child of Hay Day and Pokemon Nintendo games. It has a wonderful calming soundtrack which goes great with the colorful setting of the environment and is hard to put down once you get good in it. But, unlike the other simulators, Harvest Town has a keen back story that the player experiences as they progress.


Harvest Town Guide
Beginning your journey in Harvest Town

The game begins with our introduction to the protagonist of the game who’s name and gender is to be chosen by you. Your character is shown as another hater of the hustle of the big city and dreams of returning back to the farm he grew up on.

We are provided with a small restricted farm in Harvest Town and our guide John Gray. After that, we are ordered by him to harvest the already grown crops to make space for more. The game has a simple and short introduction which will get you through all the controls.


harvest town guide
Harvesting your way in the town

Gathering and harvesting crops are your main targets throughout the game and are the primal way of making coins or diamonds. To grow crops you need seeds that can be found at the nearby Grocery. Many wild-crops can also be found all around your farm which is already grown and can be harvested for production.

Once you’ve bought the desired seeds from the Grocery you need to find an empty soil space to grow it. This can be found by either harvesting a wild-crop or clearing more land by removing restrictions like wood or stones.

After planting the seeds one needs to water them with the help of the pot or by crafting (explained later) a sprinkler that automates the process. And if you’re lucky enough, the rain will water all your products free of cost.

Once the crops have fully grown, they can be harvested with the help of the sickle. The harvest period for each type of crop differs.

Finally, once you’ve harvested the crop, the delivery truck provides you with an order to be fulfilled in exchange for coins or diamonds.


Animals in Harvest Town

Buying baby animals from the Ranch and making them grow to sell them is an economical way of making easy money.

There is an array of animals available to purchase which can be stored in the Poultry Farm or the Barn. These animals are to be fed with their specific fodder to help them grow quicker.

Another factor to consider is fondness. The increasing fondness with animals allows them to produce better quality products (milk, eggs, etc.). Clicking on them counts as petting them or showing them affection, which thus increases fondness. They can be gifted Love Dough which is available in the Bait Workshop, to increase fondness.


Crafting in Harvest Town

Just like any other RPG, this has the same Crafting procedure. Therefore collect a certain amount of items and fuse them together to produce something useful.

The crafting menu can be found inside your Bag, under the Crafting tab. More items get unlocked for crafting the further you progress in the game.

Harvest Town: Activities

Other than the regular task of growing crops and sending them to the market place, you are also offered other activities to spend your time in, like fishing, cooking, exploring the ancient mines or the infamous Occult Cave.

1. Fishing

fishing in harvest town
Fishing in Harvest Town

Catching fish provides you with food for some animals or for yourself. A thing to be kept in mind while fishing is that, the species of fish available depends upon the landscape where you are fishing and also the weather.

For example, the Pomfret can only be found near the beach whereas the Salmon is only available during the rainy weather.

2. Cooking

Cooking in Harvest Town

The game has different cuisines to choose from as per your liking which is unlocked as you increase your Manor’s level. You can cook food in the Manor’s kitchen and the recipes are unlocked once you upgrade the Manor to Level 3.

Recipes can also be unlocked by completing some quests or by increasing fondness towards a certain character in the game. Also gifting these recipes to these characters increases your fondness too.

3. Ancient Mines

Ancient Mines in Harvest Town

Inspired from a fellow mobile version of Minecraft, these Mines allow you to mine rocks and other precious rocks and metals. Also known as the Bizarre Space, one can visit here only if they have a pickaxe handy.

The further you go into this endless mine, the possibility of getting a rare crystal increase. One must leave the mine via the Transport Scroll which is available on the bottom left of the screen.

Although this seems a great place to spend your time exploring, you may encounter some dangerous monster once you get deeper into the cave.

4. Occult Cave

Harvest Town tips
Occult Cave in Harvest Town

The Occult Cave is unlocked once you upgrade your Manor to Level 20. In our opinion though, if you’re a beginner you need not worry about this just yet. There’s so much to this cave in Harvest Town that it requires a whole different article and guide of its own.

If you want us to write one, do let us know in the comment section below.

Harvest Town: Tips & Tricks

  • Always collect the daily reward. As there’s usually something rare and useful on the seventh day.
  • For the first few days, complete the main objectives given to you by the game rather than exploring.
  • Always use the Local Save option in the settings menu to make sure you don’t lose your progress when playing offline.
  • Craft only the items that are necessary rather than wasting essential items on something that’s not required at the moment.
  • Don’t spend your diamonds on useless things like changing your haircut or buying clothes.
  • Press and hold the interact button to automate the process of cutting.
  • Make fulfilling the delivery truck as your top priority for the first week.
  • Complete the daily task in exchange for coins.
  • Plant your trees far away from water as this will prevent the risk of the fruits to fall into the water.
  • Make friends from the friend list option and send them gifts daily and ask them to send one to you too in return.
  • Always try to upgrade your tools first.
  • Don’t bother about rebuilding the bridge until you’ve reached Manor level 20.


Being a huge fan of the farming simulator and games like Stardew Valley, this game seems to me as a brilliant successor to them. Adding the RPG mechanics into the game along with a back story adds to the enjoyment.

Entering the game as someone who has never tried any other simulator before might seem like a bad idea. But giving it a day or two will surely change your mind and make you want to binge play Harvest Town.

We hope that you’ll find this Harvest Town Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news, updates and discussion, make sure to join our Discord server today!

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