Haydos 380 Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience cricket with Hayden like never before

From the house of Creative Monkey, Haydos 380 is the first-ever Australian Cricket themed mobile game. It is centralized on Cricket Australia’s aggressive left-handed batsman turned commentator Matthew Hayden. Fans can now relive the days of this legend’s cricketing career and listen to him commentate on those innings at the same time. if you are a beginner in this vast world of mobile cricket games. Here is our Haydos 380 beginners guide to help you along the way.

Getting started with Haydos 380

1. Daily Login Deals

The game rewards us with 2.5k in-game coins and 25 tokens as a jump-start. Pre-Registered users also received a Special Bat. While in-game coins are used to customize your avatar and for entering a match, tokens are used to unlock various tournaments and rent the India stadium. They can also be used to revive an innings when your player gets out depending on what stage the match is in. Coin packs can also be purchased using in-game tokens.

Daily rewards
Daily rewards

As far as daily login deals are concerned, unlike any other simulation game, Haydos 380 rewards users with weekly login bonuses. Log in each day to ensure that you do not miss out on them. Mostly in-game coins and tokens are gifted as daily login bonuses.

2. Unique and advanced Gameplay

Haydos 380 gameplay
Haydos 380 gameplay

Haydos 380 is certainly one of the best cricket simulation games ever launched, if not the best.  Realistic in-game visuals add the icing to the cake. Fans can enjoy a 360-degree view around the Sydney Cricket Ground, featuring the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  60+ Batting shots, 10 different bowling actions, unique face-cutting, and physic are bonuses to take away from this game.    

3. From the Horse’s Mouth  

The game brings us full-fledged commentary from the man himself, Matthew Hayden. Certainly a thing of joy for every cricket fan.  Rewind and re-live those tales from the past and listen to praises about his batting from the Man himself.

Haydos 380 Game Modes

1. Ready for the 380 challenge

The title of this mobile cricket game might sound insane but has a cricketing reference behind it. The number 380, refers to Matthew Hayden’s highest ever score in Red ball cricket. The innings being referred to, came at Perth against Zimbabwe, when the Aussies hosted them back in 2003. The same innings inspired this Indian Based Studio to develop a cricket simulation game revolving around the Aussie Legend.

Play as Hayden

Well, records are meant to be broken, isn’t it? Haydos 380 has an interesting game mode titled “The 380 Challenge”, where users are asked to take up the challenge and beat this mammoth score. You are free to choose your opposition team though. You can play as the legend himself, or choose your own avatar to beat his score.

Play as Hayden   

You can just choose to play in the legend’s avatar. Your team will be set to Australia in this scenario. The playing 11 constitutes players from the invincible Aussie side under Ricky Ponting and is guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic.  However, you can only play as Matthew Hayden. Even when you take a single and rotate the strike, it is Matthew Hayden who would be on strike all the time. The only way to send your non-striker back to the pavilion is by running him out. You have to beat the score within 90 overs to complete the challenge.

Create Your own Avatar


You can also choose to create your own avatar. He can be from any cricketing nation that you support.  You can customize your avatar from the in-game Customize section. Decide the looks hairstyle, hair color, jawline, and beard from the options available to make your avatar look like your cricketing idol. Customization requires spending of 500 in-game coins. The team that your avatar belongs to would be your default team then to complete this challenge.

Phases in the 380 Challenge

The 380 challenge would test you in 4 phases:

 360 Challenge
360 Challenge
  • The Easy Phase:  Perhaps the easiest phase to get through as the name suggests. It lasts till you complete a century. Bowling is of an amateur level. Moreover, you get 3 revivals. That is, you are allowed to get out, up to 3 times during this phase. You can revive your innings by watching in-game advertisements or spending in-game tickets.
  • The Medium Phase: The game transits from the Easy Phase to the Medium Phase once you complete your century. This phase lasts till you score a double hundred. Revivals are cut down to 2 in this case thereby gradually making it challenging.
  • The Hard Phase:   This phase lasts from 200-300. The game gets a lot more challenging from here on. You are allowed only one revive, and hence need to check your shots properly. Boling starts getting tough from here.
  • The Expert Phase: The final and most challenging phase starts once you reach the 300-run mark and continues till you get out. You are not gifted with any revives in this phase. You can keep on batting even on crossing the 380 mark to etch a new record to your name. If you get out before 380, you fail the challenge. Once you get out, your position globally is displayed on the leader board.

2. Quest Challenges


The Quest Challenges section represents 10 iconic moments from the legend’s limited-overs career. Complete each challenge sequentially to unlock the next. From his maiden 50 in ODI against New Zealand to some quick-fire innings played by him at the Australian Big Bash League, get a chance to re-create 10 such moments that the cricketing world remembers to date. You can choose the difficulty level you want to play in. Choose to play in Easy Mode if you are a rookie. Remember to complete the target set to you within the allotted quota of overs else you lose the challenge even if you stay not out.

3. Tournaments


Haydos 380 has a variety of tournaments to play including the ICC ODI World Cup, the T20 World Cup, the Indian Premier League, and the Australian Big Bash League. While the ODI World Cup has to be purchased through in-app purchases, the T20 World Cup and League games can be rented using in-game tokens which you can earn through daily login rewards and by playing the game.

4. Quick Match

A mode that allows you to play a modern version of the limited over fixtures. Take on your arch-rivals with your favorite side in quick 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 over contests. The squads of each nation are updated to the current day here. You can either choose to play in Australia stadium for free or rent the India stadium by spending in-game tokens.

5. Multiplayer Mode

A feature that is going to be added soon in the coming updates. Users can try their skills against opponents online once they have mastered how to defeat the bot.

6. Social

A special section in the game, which grants users access to all the Social media handles of this Aussie legend. You can access his YouTube channel; Official Facebook page and Official Instagram handle with a single tap. The game would automatically redirect you to all his social media handles. 

7. The Store

A section in the game, where you get special offers on in-app purchases. You can buy exciting coin packs by spending in-game tokens and purchasing in-game tokens here at a fairly discounted price. New Offers are to be added soon in the coming updates.

8. Kits

A section that would probably give you dressing room feels. Here you can choose the bat you want to play with. This section contains a varied range of special bats that unlock as you rise up the levels. You can also purchase them by making in-app purchases.

Master the art of stroke-making

Batting controls though easy-to-learn, are much more realistic as compared to other cricket simulation games. Unlike most other mobile cricket games, you cannot hit a 6 on each delivery against the AI. Here are some tips from our side to make it an absolute batting feast. Let us take you through the batting controls.

1. Adjust your batsman and time the perfect shot

  • Firstly, you have to align the batsman according to the pitch of the ball. To do so, just keep an eye on the pitch indicator to see where the bowler is looking to pitch the ball. The pitch indicator would be visible on the pitch itself. Accordingly adjust your batter by swiping left or right along the body of the batsman.
Haydos 380 beginners guide
  • Once you have adjusted him according to the line of the ball, it is now important to see the length at which the AI would be pitching the ball. If it is on a shorter length, it is suggested that you play of the back-foot for better results.  There is no rocket science involved here though. You just have to play your shot a tad late.

2. Timing is always the key

To make a grounded hit, you need to swipe the bat in the direction you want to place the ball. Timing is the key factor here. Just like any other cricket simulation game, a shot quality bar on the top of the batsman would indicate how well you have timed the ball. The green zone on the Timing bar indicates a Good/Perfect stroke.

Haydos 380 beginners guide

When to time your swipe depends on the length of the delivery. When it is pitched on a shorter length, you have to make the swipe just moments after the ball hits the pitch. If the ball’s pitched on a Good length/Yorker length you need to make the swipe just as the ball is about to hit the pitch. Hence we suggest you make the swipe a little earlier as opposed to the former scenario.

Now that you have learned how to time the ball, it is important that you place it in the gap as well to score runs. A field map would be present on the top left corner of your playing screen. See where the AI has set fielders for you and just place the ball in between those fielders.

Modes of Batting in Haydos 380

1. The Loft Mode

Just as we stated moments back, to make this game realistic, you cannot loft every ball out of the park here. There would be a Loft meter to the right of the pitch that would be set at 50% at the start of the innings (90% in case of a 2 over encounter). It is basically a confidence meter. As you keep scoring runs with the help of grounded shots, the loft-meter percentage keeps on increasing. Once it reaches 100, you get the license to play a lofted shot.

Loft mode

To play a lofted shot, you just need to tap on that loft meter when it touches 100%. Rests of the controls are the same. Just swipe in the direction you want to make the lofted hit. Once again timing and placement are the key factors else you get caught out. Once you execute a lofted shot, you cannot loft the next ball again. The loft meter gets reset to the default value.

2. The Beast Mode

There is another confidence meter, The Beast Mode Meter, which users can find to the left of their pitch. It is a unique addition to this game. Like the Loft meter, it is set to default 50 %( 90% in case of a 2 over encounter). When on Beast Mode, the batsman would be unstoppable. Timing and placement do not have a role to play in this scenario. Even if you play a late/early swipe, the ball would clear the ropes.

To use the Beast Mode, just tap on the Beast Mode meter once it reaches 100%. The rest of the controls, as usual, are the same. Just swipe in the direction (doesn’t matter which) you want to make a hit and the ball would go sailing over the ropes. Once executed, it is reset to default 50%. 

Keep it Tight for the Batsmen

Now that we are familiar with the batting controls, let’s head straight to exploring the fielding mechanics.

1. Set the perfect field to trap the Batsman

  • First and foremost thing is to set the right field. Users can find the field radar on the top left corner of their screens. Tap on that to see the fielding options. There would be field-restrictions that you might have to adhere to based on the format.
Manual field
  • You can find the Manual Field Set option here.  Tap on that and move the fielders in locations you want to place them by just tapping on them and dragging them to the desired position. Setting the right field is important before you load the run-up.

2. Choose the perfect Delivery

  • Next up, you need to choose the kind of delivery you want to bowl. The variations available at the bowler’s disposal would be available on the right of the screen. Tap on the kind of Delivery (Swingers, Cutters in case of pacers and Doosras, Turners in case of the spinners) you wish to bowl. We suggest you to vary the kind of delivery each time to make it difficult for the AI to read them.
 bowl delivery
Haydos 380 Beginners Guide: Bowl delivery
  • Once the delivery is chosen, you need to set the line and length of the same by dragging the pitch indicator along the pitch. We suggest you to keep it just around off-stump or anywhere along the line of the three stumps. Pitch it on a Fuller or Good Length to keep things tight for the batsman. Vary your length accordingly but it is important to pitch it along the three stump line so as to deny the batter any room to hit those deliveries. Once the line and length are set, tap on the pitch indicator to confirm the same.
speed tracker
speed tracker
  • Now the final step is to load the delivery at the ideal speed. To do so, you need to stop the cursor on the pitch tracker just when it crosses the green zone. The speed tracker would appear to the right of the pitch. Once the cursor on the speed tracker is stopped, the bowler starts his run-up and loads the delivery.

3. Good Fielding can decide the outcome of the match

 Next up, when the batsman hits the ball towards a fielder, you have to decide on the end you want to throw it back. Unlike other mobile cricket simulation games, there is no concept of auto-fielding. Once the ball is chased and collected, you have to decide whether to throw it at the keeper’s end or the bowler’s end.

Haydos 380 beginners guide 4
Haydos 380 beginners guide

The decision is not a tough one to take though. The running between the wickets of your opposition team would be reflected at the bottom of your end screen. You need to see who is farthest from the crease and throw at his end. Since the game relies on manual fielding, a run-out is always on the cards. You will often see batsmen taking risky runs and hence get the opportunity to run him out.

If the AI plays a miscued shot straight to your fielder, like the throw, the catch has to be completed manually. A ring-like structure appears above the bowler’s head consisting of two regions, the Red and Green region, along with a moving cursor. You need to stop the cursor while it crosses the green zone to complete the catch. You need to be quick but careful here.

Haydos 380 has announced its arrival with a bang with over 100K downloads within 10 days. With the new Multiplayer mode added, the game is going to be real fun. Though there are some in-game glitches the creators have assured to fix them soon. Overall, if you are looking for a near-to real-life and unique cricket simulation experience, Haydos 380 is definitely the one to go for.

That’s all for today’s Haydos 380 beginners guide. Did you find our Haydos 380 beginners guide helpful? 

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