Head Ball 2 Guide: 6 Tips and Tricks to win all the matches

Head Ball 2 is developed by Masomo Gaming which was acquired by MiniClip. Head Ball 2 is a fun and a thrilling yet addictive soccer game. You will get the chance to play 1v1 online soccer matches against real opponents from all around the world. The rules are pretty simple, you have 90 seconds of action-packed soccer matches and whoever scores more goals, wins! In this Head Ball 2 Guide, I will try to explain tips to win all the matches. Experience thrilling moments with the voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson.

Head Ball 2 is a simple to follow game but requires lots of skill and practice to advance the levels. To compete well against the worldwide players you will need to master the techniques and work your way through the game to unlock and upgrade the characters and superpowers to give you the edge.

6 Tips to win in Head Ball 2

1. Be Quick

Head Ball 2 requires a combination of sharp instincts and fingers. You have to learn the art of judging the speed and projectile of the Ball. You also need to learn the best timing of jump and kick to have an upper hand against your opponents. This can only be achieved after lots of practice. Try to score goals in the first 10-15 seconds of the game and also defend your side. This will put enormous pressure and make your opponent restless.

Head Ball 2 is all about handling the pressure in adverse conditions. As in pressure, people tend to make mistakes. If you are successful in putting pressure then, believe me, half the game is won. The game will test your patience level and temperament. You have to be quick in order to decide how you want to take the game forward. Be quick in deciding your positions.

2. Strategize your game

There can be three approaches in which you can play to excel at all the level. You can be aggressive, defensive, or choose to have a combination of both. If you decide to be aggressive, then make sure to shatter the defense of your opponent and try for as many goals as possible. For this to happen, most of the time you have to be away from your goal post. This can allow the opponent to score against you, so decide judiciously.

Head Ball 2 Guide

If you decide to go for the defensive approach, you should defend your side every time the opponent tries to score a goal. But by this approach, you will not be able to win matches at higher levels. Our suggestion is to use the third one and that is the combination of both aggressive and defensive approaches. Try to be aggressive during the first 15 seconds and score as many goals as possible then be quick in adjusting your positions. Be near to your goal post, defend, and block every shot of your opponent. Your opponent will be restless and will make errors if you are able to successfully pull this off. Also, be quick to change your gameplay as and when required. 

3. Keep checking the time

Checking the time in Head Ball 2 is of utmost importance as you have only 90 seconds. Most of the players keep on playing their pre-decided game without looking at the time left. You have to be flexible enough to understand when you have to be aggressive and defensive.

4. Confuse the opponent with your strategy

In order to block your shots, the opponent will try to understand your strategy. Here, your flexibility to adapt to changes will help you overcome the issue. Don’t let the opponent understand your strategy. In this Head Ball 2 Guide, we recommend choosing between being defensive and aggressive as per the flow of the game to level up.

On the other hand, you should try to understand your opponent’s strategy. It is important to know how he/she will respond to the goals and then you can easily counter them. This is indeed very difficult to find but after regular practice, you will be able to grasp it.

Head Ball 2 Guide

5. Stick close to the goal

In between attacking and scoring, learning the art of defending your goal post becomes very important. If you are able to stop the goal of the opponent then they will become restless and then you will get a chance for the counter-attack. If you want to win the game, you need to try not to give your opponent any chances to score.

Just look then for the opportunity to put one past them when they are wrong-footed.

6. Be Calm

Remember that this is just a game and you are playing to enjoy. So go and enjoy the game and don’t let anyone snatch this 90 seconds from you. Respect your opponent if you can’t block the header because that shot deserves respect. Be calm and compose but not casual and you will definitely succeed.

The game will give you a feeling of aggression but will test your temperament. Stay cool stay focussed!

What do you feel about this Head Ball 2 Guide? Please let us know in the comments below.

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