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HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse: The complete Team Composition Guide and Tips

Know the best ways to form a perfect team!

HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse is a fantastic strategy RPG where the players get to witness many characters under several other classes as well. As so many characters from different classes are seen in the game, players get confused while making the best set of teams as the game comes up with six classes and most of them are frontline attackers. Players need to know how they need to balance out the team and then make it the best one. Thus, let us now discuss the team composition guide from our HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse Team Composition Guide which will help out the amateurs to maintain a perfectly balanced team throughout their journey. 

How team roles work in HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse 

A perfectly balanced team requires a proper balance of both attacker, defender, and supporter as well. A properly balanced team with all those important classes and characters will only help the players to form the best possible team and claim victories at every stage. Thus, here are the full details of all the roles players can witness in the game.

  • Morning Star: Morning Stars are considered one of the best frontline attackers in the entire game. The characters in this class are just marvelous with their weapon and enjoy slashing away enemies easily.
  • Dark Blood: Dark Blood class servants are best with the power of black magic and thus they can easily overpower their opponents with their magics only.
  • Purifier: The Purifiers are the characters that play somewhat with a defensive stance but have great ATK abilities. These characters jump into the battleground with their weapons and then smash away all the enemies in just a few seconds.
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  • Dominator: Dominators are yet another class of warriors who just love to fight at the frontline. These characters come up with great ATK and DEF stats that showcase their true power.
  • Protector: Protectors are support class servants who tend to fight at the backline but provide the best set of support to their teammates.
  • Immortal: Immortals are another set of frontline attackers who are meant to be brutal fighters out of all of the classes present in the game. These servants have faith in their physique and thus jump in front of the enemies and wipe them out.

Best Examples of Team Composition in HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse 

As now we know about all the different classes in the game, let us now discuss an actual example so that the players get to know about the team composition in more depth. From the beginner’s guide, we are now sure about one thing Players can create a team of 5 characters; 2 at the front and 3 at the back. So the best possible formation can be; Morning Star and Immortal at the front, along with Dark Blood, Protector, and Purifier at the back

This is so because of the fact that Morning Star and Immortal are the best frontline fighters players can ever witness in the game and thus it will be the best decision to keep them at the front. On the other hand, Dark Blood, Protector, and a Purifier will provide the best support from the backline. Dark Blood and Protector are long and mid-range fighters, so the frontline characters will get the necessary support from them. Alongside Purifier, they are a defensive style player and they move to the frontline to support the frontline attackers, so they will move forward and fight side by side with the frontline attackers to set a balanced team. 

HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse Team Composition Guide: Tips and Tricks 

In this section of the Team Composition Guide, here are some of the best tips for the amateurs in HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse:

  • Players need to balance out the team perfectly with all the classes of characters in the game. Players need to set up the frontline and the backline properly with the best-suited character in the line, This will help the players to come up with the best possible strategy and hence it will help the players to claim lots and lots of victories.
  • Players need to continuously keep upgrading the characters so that all the characters are leveled up at a particular level respectively This will help the team to be perfectly balanced in terms of power as well. 
Heir of Light Eclipse Game Gacha Characters Guide Cover
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  • In the beginning, players need to compare and try out the basic characters and try to form the best team with all those characters. This will help the players to learn about the roles of the classes and all the characters so that they can further make a perfectly balanced team for the future. 

Final Thoughts

HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse is full of interesting features and thus this is one of the primary aspects, i.e.; team composition. So follow up on our detailed HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse Team Composition Guide and Tips article to know about all the roles in detail along with the best possible team formation tips for the amateurs.

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