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Hexapolis: Turn-based strategy Beginners Guide and Tips

Make your civilization stronger and unbreakable

Hexapolis is a Civilization-based, turn-based RPG game, where the player and the opponent start in the separate corners of the map. And then, they try to increase the level of their cities while conquering new ones, and defeating the enemy units, and finally capturing the enemy capital city to win the game. It is a game that relies on strategy and unit placement. The name is based on the movement tiles which are shaped like hexagons. The game has a story mode where you compete with the CPU in order to earn these story rewards which provide you with new units of that area and give you coins to upgrade them. If you are new to this game, we have compiled a guide of essential beginners guide that will come in handy as you progress through Hexapolis.

Hexapolis Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Introducing the Basics

The game straight up opens to a battle sequence, where you will be taught about the basics of the mechanics on how to progress and level up your city how to move around and reach new areas which can be conquered how the fighting mechanics work and what you can do to defeat the enemy. You win the game by generally capturing the opponent’s city!

The up-gradation of your city relies on the basic tasks which can be performed by a unit within the bounds of your city. Once the unit leaves the city, it can no longer perform those tasks to level up your city.

Hexapolis game basics Hexapolis Beginners Guide
Hexapolis Beginners Guide: The basics of gameplay

Simultaneously, once your first unit moves out of the city you can spawn another unit that takes up your coins. Coins are the currency that you earn in battle by capturing more cities and finishing your turn. The more turns the game takes the higher the turn income will be and the better units you will be able to spawn in the game.

As you progress further into the game, with each new area you unlock the game board becomes larger in size, and the game takes longer to finish. So, the game design also includes a limit on the turns, to ensure that the game does not go on for too long.

The game board also contains different kinds of terrains which provide different kinds of advantages to the units- for example, if the unit is in the water, no matter which unit is that their range is extended and they are able to move in the water while exploring the ruins in water and, they are also able to attacks the units on land!

 Questboard Hexapolis Beginners Guide

The starting screen also includes tabs to manage your units, to upgrade your talents, (which are basically upgrades that allow you to gain an advantage, A slight advantage over your opponents. But, this is only when they do not have those talents! So, All in all, the playing fields are pretty leveled), The event tab, the heroes tab, and the shop. The home screen also accommodates up to 4 chests, which can be won by playing matches. There is a quest board, which has daily, weekly, monthly, and achievements sections.

2. Know and Upgrade your army

You can create a basic army with the units you find in the chests and in the shop did you can buy. The units are divided into eight sections, depending on the terrain and the uses and advantages they have. The units are as follows:

  • Archers
  • Warrior
  • Pikemen
  • Defender
  • Knight Rider
  • Priest
  • Sailor
  • Catapult, and
  • Nation unit or hero

As you progress further into the game, or when you open the chests, you can obtain various units which have certain differences from the base unit in the type of abilities they have you can also obtain and unlock new nation units or heroes and can equip them to fight for your capital city.

Going to the new areas, as you progress further into the game, unlocks special kinds of units that you can acquire while playing that level. These are the units that you can replace your base units with.

Hexapolis Rarities

Once you have equipped all the units you need to make sure that they are properly upgraded. You can upgrade the units or even increase their rarities! This is one of the remarkable features Here. You can jump from common to grand rarity by sacrificing two common duplicate cards and using some gold. After that each level up in your rarity requires you to star up your units according to their rarity; for example, once you have upgraded your warrior to grand rarity, if you Want to upgrade it further, You will need to add three stars first by using the same method, and then you will be able to sacrifice to cards of grand rarity to increase its rank to rare.

You will need 3 stars going from grand to rare, 4 stars going from rare to epic, and 5* going from epic to legendary.

 upgrading heroes Hexapolis Beginners Guide

To increase their stats, you will require materials, which are scrolls you can find in the shop battle chests or by completing the Win missions of the game.  These upgrades require gold and will increase hit point, defense, attack, counter-attack, range of movement according to the specialty of the unit. The heroes can also be upgraded by accumulating the hero card and the nation unit scroll.

3. Managing the Shop, Joker cards and free Gems

Gems are their rarer currency in this game and can be used for a variety of purposes including unlocking the legendary chests buying the scrolls or joker cards to upgrade your units and unlocking your battle chests quickly. You can earn gems by watching ads, doing the quests, and also completing some tasks given out by the third-party sponsor in the game. That last route is really not recommended as the registering system for the completion of the tasks in these kinds of situations is not very accurate.

Shop, advertisements, joker cards and free gems

You can also unlock chests in the shop tab using gems, which contain random cards, Including different rarities of cards, different unit scrolls, experience, gold, and joker cards.

Joker cards are a replacement that can be used as a replacement of video ads that you can watch to get some currency or to revive your units when in a game. You can either buy these with gems or you can get them by watching ads. You can also find some premium units and bundles, which can be bought with real money.

4. Keep note of your Energy and manage out your Chests

The chests can be open or earned in this game. There are two rarities of chests available in the shop – Rare and Legendary, and battle chests that come in as supplies- small, medium, and large, etc. Depending on the type and rarity of the chest, there is a bigger chance to pull better rarity units and more miscellaneous supplies that can help you power up your cards.

There is the battle pass, which gives out free goodies, and better goodies in the paid version, which can be leveled up by doing quests! The battle chests take time to open, which increases along with the rarity of the chest! So, if you don’t play that often, you can fill up your chest slots, set one up to open, and come back when that is opened. The game also accumulates the currency, experience, and scrolls while you are away as idle rewards, to make up for the time that goes into unlocking the chests.

Daily rewards Hexapolis Beginners Guide

The game also offers the new plays, a seven-day reward system to get them started in the game and give them some units, chests, and gems. Energy is required to take part in battles, and you are also provided with enough energy to take on 4 battles at a time, with a total of 20 energy available and 5 required per battle! This amount of usage changes accordingly in the events, where you can be required to use 10, 15, or even 20 at once.

5. Understanding the Talents tab

The Talents tab contains upgrades that directly or indirectly make your troops, city, and economy stronger so that you can make faster progress using lesser turns. There is a random system allotted to the unlocking of the talents, where you draw the talents in a slot style, using gold!


These talents include an increase in city income, defense increase, attack increase, more currency when starting, lucky wheel when starting, reduced research cost, etc. Which can be helpful in many different ways! They can be leveled up further, to increase their effectiveness.

6. Don’t froget to play the Events

Hexapolis Events Hexapolis Beginners Guide

This tab contains events that have been introduced in the game, to give players access to certain resources that they may need now or in the future! It also gives out gold, which is consumed faster than the speed by which you can get gold in this game. The events usually take up a major section of the game energy, so make sure you are dividing the energy, and using it up efficiently so that you are having full 4 slots of the chest at all times, with one in the process of unlocking! These events can be played using the energy you have, or by using the gems, though the latter is not recommended.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

Here are some of our additional tips that will aid you in advancing through the game in the fantasy world of Hexapolis.

  1. Players can fast skip a few starting levels after just spawning units and upgrading the city! This will effectively create an army, which can be ready to move out after turn 8 or 9.
  2. Keep increasing the level of your cities, even after reaching the max level, as it gives out perks, which can be used to clear out fogged up zones, or get new random units for free!
  3. Keep high health and ranged units near each of the city to keep them protected, and keep them moving by facing them to the direction from which the enemies are trying to push in!
  4. You can watch ads to acquire various goodies in the game which can make your progress easier! Although it depends on you, at least try and get more gems by watching videos for the gem rewards.
  5. At the starting, the best unit is the warriors, and in the mid game, it is better to switch to defenders and archers (or wizards)!
  6. Try and use the water bodies to your advantage for attacking the others in the game, as it gives you an extended range to attack.
  7. Exploring relics and chests gives you various stuff for free which can save you some resources! So, dedicate some units for exploring from the start.
  8. Make sure you update your cards regularly, and collect the completed chests and line up the next chest for opening!

This game is way better than what you can see from the graphics, and is surprisingly fun to play! It gives you so many choices and tactical decisions to make so that you can enjoy a very intense game, on a very simple platform! The only thing that one can want maybe is a better turns system and the unit’s management. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Hexapolis Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Hexapolis beginners guide. Did you find our Hexapolis beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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